The first member of this breed was born in 1919 in a village called Louché-Pringé. As a breed, Rex rabbits are calm, affectionate and maternal, often mothering other rabbits. They love to play and to move, so you must grant them many hours of freedom outside the cage to play and explore all the corners. Their ears are proportional and are kept upright. This instinct allows them to wear down their teeth, which never stop growing. Rex Rabbits live between 9 to 12 years, but dwarf types like the Mini Rex can maybe hope for a maximum of 6 years. You can also train your rabbit to use a litter box. A Rex rabbit’s diet should consist of hay, leafy vegetables, and some fruit. Three varieties of rex fur now exist: standard rex fur, short curly rex fur (as in the Astrex), and long curly rex fur (as in the Opossum). All rabbit breeds need somewhere to eat, sleep, and relax, and the Mini Rex is no different. Rex rabbits have a medium build, a solid-looking, rounded body with strong legs, a broad head and upright ears. The Mini Rex is one of the softest and velvetiest rabbits in the world. Google+. While the average lifespan of a pet rabbit is, according to the House Rabbit Society, about eight to 14 years old, certain breeds of pet rabbits are known to live longer than others. A Mini Rex has a life expectancy that is half that of the larger breeds but neutering your pet will add several years to their life span. Your pet may need a quick brushing about once a week to prevent it from shedding too much. Like all other domesticated animals, a Rex rabbit will become attached to the family member who feeds them and spends the most time with them. If you cannot cover up all your electric cords, lift them off the floor and place them high up so that your rabbit cannot reach them. at adulthood. Rex Rabbit – Discovery of Rabbit Lifespan. The recessive gene that is responsible for this layer causes the hair to grow upwards instead of backward. The breed made its first appearance in France in the early part of the 20th century – 1919 to be precise. Thus, as a result, the breeders produced a rabbit with all the Rex qualities similar to the little furball. Here are the Mini Rex Rabbit Colors accepted by American Rabbit Breeders Association: There are so many pet shops as well pages that offer mini rex rabbits for sale. Always keep an eye out for any abnormalities in your rabbit’s feces. Rex Rabbits are low-maintenance, so they’re suited for new bunny parents as well as seniors. If your rabbit’s teeth are not wearing down, the teeth may grow into the face and jaws, causing serious pain. It was not until 1925 that expert breeders from France and Germany were able to overcome birth defects and perfect the breed. They were selectively bred into a domestic breed and shown in an international rabbit show in Paris in 1924, where there was great interest among breeders because of the recessive rex gene.Following its first … It is the maximum weight of a Mini Rex Rabbit. Most rabbits like to have their coat groomed, and this breed is no different, but you only need to groom this rabbit once a week (less frequently will also work). [9] Each hair in a rex coat is evenly short in length and, because of the density of those hairs,[9] rex fur is often described as plush or velvety. Looking for. The breed has been around since the early 1900s and originated in France. The mini rex rabbit has a well rounded back with the wholly developed midsection, hindquarters, and the shoulders. This is extremely common in rabbits, particularly outdoor rabbits. A Rex rabbit’s diet should be 70% high-quality hay (such as orchard hay) and the remaining should be a healthy mix of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and pellets. The term rex rabbit (without capitalization) refers informally to one of at least nine breeds of domestic rabbit (or a specimen thereof or similar thereto). You can make a hiding place for your rabbit by cutting out an opening out of a small cardboard box and placing it in your rabbit’s hutch. Now, let’s see what colours your Rex rabbit can be. The Rex is also a moody type of rabbit. Their back is fully rounded with a wholly developed shoulder. Mini Rex rabbits are famed for their soft and velvet-like coats. They enjoy company, care, and love. Just like dogs, miniature or dwarf breeds of rabbits tend to live longer than giant breeds. They are also social creatures who love interaction with people. Dawn. Leaves of lettuce (never iceberg), chard, turnips, thistles will enchant. If you need to, you can wipe the coat of your rabbit with a slightly damp cloth but leave most of the bathing to the rabbit. See: Production of Rabbit Skins and Hair for Textiles[10], This article is about the variety of domestic rabbit. Breed: Rex Rabbit Temperament: quiet, intelligent Cost: from $50 for pets to $75 Lifespan: 8 years Recommended for: children over 8 years, older people Maintenance: low Appearance. Unknown to the laws of genetics, Father Gillet faced many problems such as malformations and high mortality due to inbreeding. A pen is probably a better idea for extra security. Although rabbits get most of their water intake from hay, it’s also a good idea to give them unlimited access to clean water. In the wild, rabbits live in large groups with ample living space. Mini Rex Size is small, with 3-4 pounds of weight. Care must be taken to distinguish the rex rabbit breeds from the three types of rex rabbit fur for which they are known. Rabbits are not only fond of water, but they may also develop hypothermia if they get too wet. The upright ears and such an adorable physique is making this rabbit a masterpiece. Sipper bottles are a better option for your rabbit’s water supply. The legs are straight with a filled body. All Pets Related Information Available At PetsHoods. Snuffles is a common respiratory disease for rabbits (and not at all cute, as it may sound). The excessive breeding of Rexes for their pelts increased the presence of the rex gene. The Rex is a large rabbit, weighing between 3 and 4.5kg (6-10lbs). Rex rabbits are highly social animals and are best housed in pairs (e.g. Soon after the discovery was made, the Rex Rabbit was deliberately bred to maintain this mutation and perfect its velvety coat. We always recommend natural materials and those which a bunny can chew on. Make it a habit to do some research before offering your Rex rabbit with any kind of food. Thanks to their wonderful personality and fairly easy maintenance, Rex Rabbits make wonderful adoptive children for people who want to adopt their first rabbit and for seniors, though others can certainly provide good homes for the Rexes. Both the males and females live longer (8 – 11 years) after spaying. They have calm, easygoing natures, but some do require more careful handling. However, the ARBA accepts the 9 lbs bunny but suggests growing the smaller version of mini Rex. The Rex breed was crossed with the Netherland Dwarf to add in the dwarf gene, giving us the breed we all know and love. At the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924, the Rex rabbit was first shown publicly. Spend a lot of time with your Mini Rex, and you will see that they are the perfect pet. Unlike cats, rabbits cannot throw up hairballs. The adjective “affectionate” defines the race perfectly. The lifespan of a Rex is quite short in comparison to other breeds, being about 5 to 6 years. It doesn’t have traditional grooming requirements and can be cleaned occasionally with a damp cloth. However, the other way to purchase is by using an online platform. You can allow your Rex to play outside in your garden, but make sure it’s well fenced. I’ve loved rabbits for as long as I can remember, so it felt natural to share my passion for lagomorphs with a much wider audience. If your rabbit is overweight or has issues gaining weight, talk to your vet about how much you should be feeding your rabbit. Make sure to provide adequate care if you want them to live long. Mostly the rabbits live for eight years, but some have longer lives due to good health. In fact, the Rex does are often surrogate mother for other abandoned kits. Rexes need a lot of love, but it’s also easy to give it to them because they’re so affectionate and docile. Bunny teeth never stop growing, but that can be counteracted with a lot of hay. The term rex rabbit (without capitalization) refers informally to one of at least nine breeds of domestic rabbit (or a specimen thereof or similar thereto). Twitter. Keeping Rex rabbits hydrated is critical for their health. The mini rex rabbit has a compact body type with a plush coat and velvety fur. The Rex Rabbit is more active at night and in the morning. There are many varieties of colors of this breed, 17 recognized, but the most popular are the rabbits Rex albino, Rex Beaver and Rex chinchilla. Most bunnies of this breed make wonderful pets, but the temperament of some bunnies can be aggressive. Facebook. So, the Rex rabbit breeds appear to have an average lifespan of about 5 to 6 years in the wild, but it can be increased by providing them with good care. Do your research first and make sure these snacks are safe. The definition of the breed is maintained by ARBA and the British Rabbit Council (BRC). Don’t use clay or cedar-based litters as they can harm your bunny. The upright ears and such an adorable physique is making this rabbit a masterpiece. These rabbits, like other animals, also live for a specific time, which is called their lifespans. This means that you can feel the underfur when you are petting the rabbit. Sipper bottles do not tip over and the water inside them cannot be soiled with feces and hay. Allow your rabbit to roam free in a rabbit-proofed room for at least 2 hours a day. They have quite unique types of... 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The Rex rabbit is a docile breed that is best housed indoors in a hutch with plenty of room. However, a rabbit that isn’t gaining weight properly may need more than this. Did you know that a Rex rabbit is one of the most expressive bunnies you can find? [7] The Rex was first imported to the United States in 1924 following the Paris International Rabbit Show by American rabbit pioneer John C. Fehr and his partner Alfred Zimmerman. Here is some advice on how to take care of them best: As with other rabbit breeds, the Rexes need a good home as well. accepted by American Rabbit Breeders Association: There are so many pet shops as well pages that offer mini rex rabbits for sale. Mini Rex Rabbit Care mini rex also need care like other rabbits 2009. The UK recognises the following additional colours: Rex Rabbits have a pretty good lifespan and reduced infant mortality because they’re born with fur. The Rex Rabbit is a curious reference to the name of this rabbit.

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