Coming in seventh place with a $3.9 billion net worth, Tanjung’s CT Corp is today best known for operating hypermarkets, issuing credit cards, and managing television stations. Panama Papers? That means that beyond his company being linked with names like AccorHotels of France, and Wendy’s franchise, he also turns a blind eye while rainforests are hacked to the ground. Apart from cigarettes, they are also the largest shareholder of Bank BCA. That’s it guys, the 7 richest people in Indonesia. Robert Budi Hartono (and family) was ranked in the 664th with total net worth of US$1.5 billion. According to Forbes (2007),[1] there were only two Indonesians who were listed among world's billionaires. What makes it more trilled is that the rupiah coffers they obtained came from various businesses that were run. Currently, in fifth place with a net worth of $6.8 billion, Lohia isn’t a native of Indonesia. With a heritage of wealthy predecessors, these Chinee Indonesian brothers are well-known as tobacco crop billionaires, inheriting the cigarette making company Djarum from their father. But thanks to his enthusiasm and hard work, He became the owner of the largest business octopus throughout Indonesia, and oil palm, banking, paper and others. Not only that, also became the leader of the company Pariarti Shindutama and Investama Partners. He’s also personally named as a key culprit for destroying Indonesia’s rainforests.

The company, which was pioneered since 1958, delivered Susilo to be ranked second on the list of Indonesia’s richest people with assets reaching US $ 9.2 billion or equivalent to Rp 132.2 trillion.

Below is the list of Indonesia's richest state officials and their net worth.

So there you go, your complete list of the top 10 richest people in Indonesia. If you are curious who are the richest of them all, here are top 5 richest people in Indonesia~. That deserves a prize in itself. The rich people even managed to dominate the different fields of business in Indonesia. For updated news and opinions please visit CCN - Capital & Celeb News. Despite the slowdown, the country’s 50 richest added $5.6 billion to their combined wealth, which touched a record $134.6 billion this year. He’s got plenty of interests outside these areas and one of his main ones is palm oil. Anthoni Salim, who is in the 5th position of a wealthy person in Indonesia, is known to have assets of US $ 5.3 billion or equivalent to Rp.77.3 trillion. The reason is, Eka started his business from scratch and even worked odd jobs since graduating from elementary school.

Robert Budi & Michael Hartono – US $ 35 billion The position of the first richest person in Indonesia is occupied by Robert Budi Hartono and Michael Budi Hartono, the two brothers who own the tobacco company of Indonesia PT Djarum. He is the founder of the Sinar Mas Group company. Second of the richest people in Indonesia is Eka Tjipta Widjaja with a net worth of $9.1 billion, up from $5.3 billion in 2016. He has a full formal education, studying a doctorate in pharmacology and founded his firm Kalbe Farma in a garage in the 60s. And his company is active in more than 90 countries. Corruption charges?

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