The inflatable tube on a rigid inflatable boat is either glued on or uses some type of mechanical attachment system. Amphibious Assault Vehicles (completed) - Hanwha Defense KAAV-7A1, 6. 5, Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Upgrade Phase 1 - Weapon Systems Upgrade (completed) - QinetiQ Ltd. 14. The hull on rigid inflatable boats is made of fiberglass, aluminum, or plastic (some small boats). Ground-Based Air Defense System (GBADS) - Rafael SPYDER-MR air defense system, 5. Anti-piracy, Coast guard, Riverine, Navy, Special Ops & more, Law Enforcement, SAR, Oil & Gas, Transport, SOLAS, Firefighting & more, For Military, Professional & Recreational mariners. MaxDefense received a copy of the resolution released by the PCG's Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), declaring Pacificfortia - OPI Joint Venture as the Lowest Calculated and Responsive Bidder. Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat. close. It is even possible to get full cabins. What does that mean? Ocean Craft Marine’s continued commitment to support our mission is second to none.”, Sr. Field Ambulance (Phase 3) (completed) - Kia KM451, 5. close. PhilGEPS confirming the award to Pacficfortia-OPI JV as of June 2018. RIB-310 Compact Folding Transom Rigid Inflatable Boat. We are the biggest selling RIB brand across Europe, and the number one brand in Australia, Sweden and Holland. The ultimate family trip can be arranged in this 6 seats inflatable … The last page of the resolution released by the PCG-BAC declaring Pacificforita-OPI JV as lowest calculated and responsive bidder. Sand and pebble beaches can wear away at fiberglass bottoms more quickly. Assault Rifle 5.56mm M4/AR-15 Platform (2019), 1. Every ASIS Boat is built to the highest specifications and standards, whether the requirement calls for USCG Sub Chapter T certification, Military and Naval specifications, SOLAS rescue or a family recreational boat. Photo shared exclusively to MaxDefense by a source. Manufacturer of the finest military, rescue, and recreation Inflatable boats worldwide. Mechanical attachmentThe most common mechanical system is a bolt rope (which is a rope inside a flap of fabric) and a tube or slot on the hull to slide the rope into. MaxDefense received confirmation that Pacificfortia - OPI Joint Venture passed the PQI held last month, and was immediately awarded the contract on 20 June 2018.This was also confirmed by PhilGEPS in its website. 3, 2018.02. (A three or more person job! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. |. Air Surveillance Radar Phase 2 - Mitsubishi Electric J/FPS-3ME fixed radar, and J/TPS-P14ME mobile radar, 4. Air Surveillance Radar Phase 1 (completed) - IAI Elta EL/M-2288ER AD-STAR Air Defense and Surveillance Radar, 2. Combat Engineering Equipment Lot 4 - Armored Combat Engineer Earthmover - FNSS Kunduz AACE, * 12.7. Pohang-class Corvette Transfer Project (1st unit) (completed), 7. Unmanned Aerial Systems Level 3 Lot 2 - Hermes 900, 12. Above photo shows it with one of the, MaxDefense officially consider the 7-meter Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat with Outboard Motor Project of the Philippine Coast Guard as COMPLETED, Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource, __Philippine Defense Discussion (members only), __Israeli Defense (Israeli Defense News Page), Post Comments F/SAA/LIFT Munitions Lot 1 - Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles - Raytheon-Diehl AIM-9L/I1 Sidewinder, 1. Any additional equipment you may want that does not go with your boat, they are willing to work with you on getting it or coming up with a solution to make it work so you have it. An aluminum boat will weigh in at about 75% of the weight of a comparable size fiberglass boat. All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) - Cam-Am Commander Max ATV, 18. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Combat Systems Alignment Phases 3A and 3B (completed), 5. (0) $3,499.99. Fully customized to meet your mission specific and operations needs. MPAC (Batch 4) Combat System and Capability Upgrade, 9. At ASIS we pride ourselves in being an advanced maritime solution provider in Rigid Inflatable Boats.

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