Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Roc Marciano scheduled in 2020. new. But back to “Marcielago”, which I’m confident is his best work since his return in 2017. The Long Island emcee’s more recent work has refined the brand, utilizing drumless, often laid-back production that emphasizes the clean, pimp-like persona Roc embodies in his rhymes. We need to expand this shit and make it bigger and better. Smoke Dza-The Smokers Club Presents: Worldwide Smo... Philaflava Take It Personal (Ep 63: MF DOOM Tribute), Rock Mecca – FE26: The Ironsides EP (2020), Luvjonez & Slang – No Distractions (2020). “God Loves You” is reflective and a rare letting down of the guard, mentioning his pride at how far he has come and addressing how fickle the rap game can be: “Sacrifices I’ve made on this path that I laidShit was bad ’til I cameI ain’t complain I just mastered my gameThe aim was to land with Rakim and KaneThe landscape changed when I went against the grainN—-s wasn’t quick to embrace (No! It was just one of those situations where, when I came into the game, everybody was doing it a certain way and I felt like I tried that. The Reverend Willy Burke-Wonderland (prod. Talk about why you wanted to have that kind of perspective. Did you work on the album entirely by yourself? In your Rap Radar interview, you said that you were the catalyst for this new underground sound. It’s just a constant punching of 10 years, and embracing other artists who are actually good at it. It was an opportunity to do shit my way. The title track “Marcberg,” I had that for a while. He mentions songs like “Thug‘s Prayer” and “Hide My Tears” that have these highs and lows. 2: Th... Tahaj The First-The First Beat Tape(2020). Just that it caught on so fast. You’ve said that people didn’t like some of your tracks at first, because they didn’t have drums. Because if the art is good, it’ll continue to thrive. So it’s not as easy as it might have been eight to 10 years ago. 2nd Generation Wu - New Generation (Remix) feat. So Roc Marci, Marcberg, you know what I’m saying? He is 42 years old and is a Aquarius. That’s what it was about. “We did the 10-year thing, now I’m reinventing myself once again. It’s all a matter of sitting down and doing it and collecting the vibes, because we’ve both grown a lot since our first projects. I can go out and go do albums with niggas that’s 35, 40 years old, but what’s that going to do for the culture? Rakeem Calief Myer, better known by his stage name Roc Marciano… It was a strange time. Yeah, I remember that. I go back and forth. I gather samples and push 'em aside to track the record." Telling somebody they was probably on their Molly Ringwald because they were “a snotty-nosed kid with ringworm” is ridiculous, yet equal parts hilarious. After dropping all these great albums, do you still want to stay independent? That’s not my only bag, but I like minimalist music. It’s a guidebook on how to manipulate the English language and convey ideas and concepts and visuals that will evoke a wide range of emotions in listeners. I'll listen to the records tomorrow, or whenever I feel. I took it back to the basement, to what I was doing as a kid. I know music. With a whole underground movement influenced by his approach and style, “Marcielago” is a statement of self-awareness that embraces the superhero role he has ended up personifying. Support independent artists.Support Long Island's finest. #Halloween2020 #SegaGenesis #GenesisDoes @StarmanNJ @SirKrunch @Pixel66 @ACR_Collection, The thick, delicious grooves are arranged by "Death Certificate" architects @DJPooh and the Boogiemen as well as Del and Cube, keeping the funk in steady supply over the course of "Brother George"'s fourteen tracks. (Spoilers -- I saved the best for last!) Spending much of their time in Los Angeles, The Alchemist, Oh No, and more recently Roc, have fostered a fruitful collaborative relationship, and it seemed only fitting to bring the three together for this release. Roc Marciano is a Aquarius and was born in The Year of the Horse Life. I tried coming in, working with the hot producers at the time. Why did you take that approach? Key selections from Rosebudd's Revenge include the suave, keyboard-laden affair "Better Know," "Killing Time," "Pig Knuckles," and the hard-boiled title-track, and boasts musings that rank among the best of Roc Marci's tenured run.Spilling his fluid flow over production from the likes of Grammy-nominated producer Knxwledge, as well as George Paulin, Animoss, Don C, Modus Op, and himself, Roc Marci reaffirms his placement on the musical avant garde and standing as one of hip-hop's preeminent lyricists on Rosebudd's Revenge, a defining effort that will leave fans salivating for more. However, after two albums that topped year-end lists, and prompted a reported debate between Jay Z and The Roots' ?uestlove over which was better, Roc says he has even more to offer in number three. I did a lot of the recording at my man D.O.A.’s crib [D.O.A. Now, if it’s not good work, then that’s something different. "The only time I really listen to music is when I'm about to do some creating," he says, referring to music beyond the N.W.A., Max B, and Erick Sermon in his current car stash. Do you have a favorite? The rhymes off of “Raw Deal,” the rhymes on “It’s A Crime,” the rhymes on “Don Shit,” fucking “Thug’s Prayer,” they’re classics for a reason. I really don’t have no favorite lines. Roc Marciano's Rap career began before Y2K. The last is Marci's first signing as VP of A&R at Man Bites Dog Records, the same respected imprint responsible for the third album in Roc's solo franchise. I'm rapping crazy all over it. It’s like he dusted off old scriptures and used them as a blueprint to write his own, making the East Coast remember its sound again. But you know I’m the Godfather. I don’t even remember all of them now. The Bitter Dose is nothing more than an American master lecturing a captive audience. Did you feel any pressure to follow it up with something else great? Reloaded is largely self-produced and thematically airtight.The album showcases Roc in his prime, not so much flexing as effortlessly dismissing any question of his prowess as a producer and emcee. to track Roc Marciano and get concert alerts when they play near you. Being the visionary and extracting the highlight's of Roc's endless imagery, Damu embellished his own scene for the meanest Blizzard you'll ever hear. I knew if we could pull this off, it would be something special. 5.0 out of 5 stars Do he miss? Roc Marciano was born in Long Island on Saturday, February 11, 1978 (Generation X). Benny The Butcheρ-Da Mob x Quarantine rFt. So [I was] trying not to fall into that category. And when I finally gave into my curiosity, I was blown away by finally finding what I had been looking for. He was an artist. In your early tracks with Pete Rock and Busta Rhymes, the subject matter was more or less the same, but you were rapping faster. Roc’s 2019 wasn’t as loaded as 2018, but I want to shine the spotlight on a filthy 12″ single with Damu the Fudgemunk that is an absolute must-listen, demonstrating his laconic presence still sounds incredible over beats not dissimilar to the work on “Petestrumentals” and “U N Or U Out”. @VblankGames @ACR_Collection @LordZombieXIII @SirKrunch @StarmanNJ @Pixel66 @corbininjapan, Genesis Does Mary Shelley's Frankenstein https://youtu.be/YWI-3WOAE7s and boy does THIS GAME SUCK. Oh, yeah. Eto - Rusty Stainless Ft. Willie The Kid & Rome St... K.A.A.N. With a whole underground movement influenced by his approach and style, “Marcielago” is a statement of self … It’s not like I’ve got this big, heavy baritone voice. Roc marciano is untouchable he was before griselda and still doesn't get his respect. Do you remember how long it took you to make the album? Weed canceled crack out. "I don't come to people with concepts, unless we have to follow the guidelines of the track," he admits. I'm looking to do a lot more of that. I liken it to Nas' first album and his second album: Illmatic versus It Was Written. “I wanted to make sure that it would measure up next to other shit I felt was classics. With the third LP, Roc looks forward to offering an array of videos. No. I had “Hide My Tears,” too, for a while. I wanted music that would make me the feature. Let's not forget Roc is the same artist that blessed us with the timeless anthem, "Snow," almost a decade ago. “A lot of cats caught bids and died in the streets and stuff like that. Good content. You’re getting into artist development with Stove God Cooks. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was trying to capture those feelings. I don’t have a lifetime to collect these beats now. I kept feeding him more, and there you have it. We always talk about you having these projects just tucked away, like one with [Roc and Ka’s duo] Metal Clergy. I'd imagine it was kind of a struggle, at least early on. I’m listening to what everybody has got to say, I’m taking meetings. Now, I don't have any rules." One of my favorite lines is, “I’m like Tony in the silver Carrera/They don't build them no better.” Do you have any favorite lines from Marcberg? See our COVID policy here. So now the next project was like, how do I collect enough fly beats? You started the album with “Pimptro,” and you’ve run with that theme throughout your music. I rapped crazy on that, even from the gate from [the album’s first song after an intro] “It’s A Crime.” Pick a line. I was watching an interview you did in 2010 with Dallas Penn. I was just kind of surprised at that. I wanna bring a little of that feeling back." I understand that. The Custodian Of Records – Early Autumn (3-5 Years... Earl Sweatshirt - WHOLE WORLD feat. The unconventional approach comes to life on Marci Beaucoup, through Roc's personal highlights, including "Squeeze" with Random Axe's Guilty Simpson, and longtime collaborator, Brownsville's KA.In honing his craft, Roc is deliberately hands-off with artists. Ka is on some total different shit right now. He's a younger artist, so he speaks to a younger crowd. He is 42 years old and is a Aquarius. It was after laying down the beats and thematic scratching, that he dubbed this record, "Two concepts for the 22nd Century". Compilation of previously released singles produced by Arch Druids and featuring Dino Brave (of The UN), and Hus Kingpin & of Tha Connection. I'm trying to do more of that," said Roc, who hopes this project awakens more of his peers in addition to the growing fan-base. It wasn’t no crazy plan.

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