The deal means Nike now has golf's two biggest names representing its brand, as Woods has been with the sportswear company since turning pro in 1996. Reeks of class double standards. most lucrative endorsement deal in British sport. "Not many people are suggesting that in a couple of years McIlroy will have peaked. Only the Santander deal has lapsed, meaning part of the £156m will have been set aside to buy him out of those other contracts. After watching him hit a hundred or so balls I can categorically say that this driving and iron play won't be affected. Rory big headed?? But that left one other, the company that dominates the £15bn US golf market: TaylorMade. The event opened with a hologram of McIlroy swinging a club and included a video showing Woods, Roger Federer and Wayne Rooney welcoming him to Nike. Why Rory, rather than any other young sportsman? Why can't you be happy for the guy who has worked hard for it? McIlroy and Woods have already developed a friendly rivalry lately, and they will likely be seen together even more often from now on. I find it crazy to believe this guy is a few months younger than me yet he's earning these ridiculous sums of money. McIlroy asks.

He will be world number one or thereabouts. Just as his abilities on-course and status off-course exceed those of his Tour colleagues, so too does his value to sponsors. And there are more opportunities for golfers to do promotional work. "You get a golfer 100%. Nike get Rory, Ulster Rugby get Dan Carter! He insisted in an interview with The Associated Press that all the attention hasn't rattled him and that he has struck the "right balance," although he acknowledged it took some time getting used to the top ranking. In an uncertain world for sponsors, he is a safe bet.

The biggest problem is distortions of the local economy by well-meaning donors who fail to understand the concepts of relative income and purchasing power. His work with UNICEF in Haiti and his newly founded Rory Foundation helping children with cancer. McIlroy, like no other sportsman, can help turn both issues around. "It's not like we have been playing in the final group of a tournament and we are battling each other. Nike has signed Rory McIlroy, the No. "Rory is an extraordinary athlete who creates enormous excitement with his on-course performance while, at the same time, connecting with fans everywhere. "I'm a major champion and world No. "As soon as I hit it, I knew it was going in the bag straight away," McIlroy said. McIlroy said the two have a mutual respect for each other, but that it's too soon to say they have a real rivalry on the course. My ball speed was up. The golfer from Northern Ireland, who has won four major championships, has won 12 worldwide tournaments (including two majors), the FedEx Cup on the PGA Tour and the Race to Dubai on the European Tour since originally signing with Nike in 2013. "Long-term they are looking for someone to replace Tiger from both a broadcast and fan perspective. Nike as a whole has been hit with successive scandals involving its marquee names - the. Apparel-maker Oakley has sued golfer Rory McIlroy and Nike, saying the world's top-ranked golfer and Nike breached his existing contract with Oakley when he recently signed a new deal with Nike. There is also plenty left for him to do; he has yet to win the Masters or the Open, so his peak is a long way off.
have a word with yourself. McIlroy, say insiders, has not been signed as a like-for-like replacement. To use comments you will need to have JavaScript enabled. Rory is no different, he is the best at his particular well paid sport.

Although he has been practising with them for several weeks, McIlroy will only use his new clubs competitively for the first time in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship later this week.

How is the brand talked about on social media?

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are on the same team now — at least when it comes to sponsorship. "He is up there to be knocked," says an industry source. 1, I felt I handled it a lot better.". If accurate, those estimates mean McIlroy's deal is substantially bigger than both Tiger Woods's most recent 10-year Nike contract - reportedly worth £124m - and David Beckham's lifetime deal with rivals Adidas, estimated to earn the footballer £100m. Watch the BBC NI show from last week on the iplayer. The equipment itself. "I don't know if you can call it a rivalry yet because we haven't battled each other down the stretch of a major," McIlroy told the AP. "If Rory goes four or five tournaments without performing, the questions will start. 1, which I have always dreamed of being, and feel this is a company that can help me sustain that and win even more major titles. My numbers were good.

Rory McIlroy has extended his contract with Nike for a further 10 years in a deal that will see the Northern Irishman earn $100million. "It's a very clever call from Nike," an industry source told BBC Sport. Sir Nick Faldo has already described McIlroy's switch from Titleist clubs and ball as "dangerous". Even when it all went wrong for him, as at the Masters in 2011, he dealt with it brilliantly, in a way that endeared him to as many people as winning it would have done.".

The company announced the agreement on Sunday in a brief statement. Rankings based on marketing potential from 2012-2015. Its all very well having a go at rory mcilroy for not caring about workers in indonesia for £1 but if you could play like him you wouldn't turn that offer down. "(Then) I sort of didn't have a goal. youngest multiple major winner since Seve Ballesteros 32 years ago. Woods's first five-year Nike contract, signed in 1996 when he was still to turn pro, was worth an unprecedented £25m. McIlroy is the current world number one, the youngest multiple major winner since Seve Ballesteros 32 years ago, PGA player of the year, European Tour golfer of the year and winner of both PGA and European tour money lists. ", "Rory has the smile, he has that hair, he has the Irish blarney," says a source close to the deal. We are looking forward to partnering with him to take his remarkable career to the next level.". I don't particularly like him, but he'd be crazy to say no to that amount of money. A t the start of the week in which Rory McIlroy hopes to gain immortality, he has earned himself an estimated $100 million (£80 million) by signing an extension to his Nike contract… Source: SportsPro. AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Rory McIlroy has agreed to a new endorsement deal that extends his contract with Nike Golf.

McIlroy had existing contracts with equipment manufacturer Titleist, Dubai-based hotel group Jumeirah, sunglasses brand Oakley, Santander bank and watchmaker Audemars Piguet.
Watch the majority of comments knocking Rory's achievement... it's amazing what this young man from wee N.Ireland has achieved and I for one will take the American attitude of 'take every dollar off them Rory!' In October, McIlroy cut ties with Acushnet Co., which had supplied him with Titleist and FootJoy gear since he turned pro five years ago. He has deftly avoided most controversies. McIlroy insisted he's not making the switch because of the money. "But there is a feel and sound as well, and there's confidence.". They wanted someone reliable, someone who will be at the top of the game for a significant period. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. I had the pleasure of watching Rory practice at the Els Club, Dubai on Sunday, working on his short game, bunker play and irons with his new Nike clubs. Rory McIlroy and Nike have agreed to a contract extension in which McIlroy will wear Nike shoes and apparel into the future. It ends with McIlroy picking up his water glass to find Woods' golf ball. The partnership with McIlroy was announced in a lavish ceremony in the United Arab Emirates ahead of this week's Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, where he will use the company's equipment for the first time. Well I won't be buying Nike. McIlroy, who dates Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, has found himself in the occasional pickle since turning pro - describing the Ryder Cup as an "exhibition" in 2009,external-link complaining about the weather at the 2011 Open, having a row on Twitter with pundit Jay Townsend. Despite Woods's successes, the company's reputation still lags behind that of specialists like Titleist and TaylorMade. A true role model who deserves every credit. I had to reassess. That he has done so in a deal of this magnitude will only intensify that focus. The announcement cames from a Nike media event at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship where McIlroy will make his tournament debut as a Nike athlete. McIlroy will also aid Nike's boost to be seen as a credible manufacturer of clubs and balls. Watch this comment get knocked down in lieu. "Nike have been stung badly by the fallout from those scandals," says Cushnan. For someone who had just authorised a £156m outlay on a single player yet to win either the Masters or Open, Nike Golf president Cindy Davis spent Monday's news conference wearing a wide smile. "I've loved this company since I was a kid," McIlroy said in the statement. "As far as sponsors are concerned, the key sports for individual athlete endorsement are golf and tennis," says Cushnan. Nike are likely to have retained final approval over any other sponsorship deal McIlroy signs. Works for everyone! I thought I hit it far before but this is taking to new level. They are more in control of their own schedules than a team player like a footballer. ", Cindy Davis, Nike Golf President, on Rory McIlory. According to sources close to the deal, the Adidas-owned equipment brand offered close to £100m for McIlroy's signature. Nike says it has signed a sponsorship deal with No. "It was a big goal of mine going into last year trying to get that. A little context.

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