Vache Manukyan is a British businessperson of Armenian origin - one of the most authoritative persons all over on our planet. Russia Rank World Rank Name Citizenship Net worth (billions of USD) Source of wealth 1: 41: Vladimir Potanin Government officials listed ranged from Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Energy Minister Alexander Novak to the heads of state companies and Kremlin representatives in Russia’s regions.

Alexander Bozhko. Currently, it will be difficult to find a country where there isn’t any rich Armenian. But in the weeks ahead of the release, Russian tycoons and officials had shown growing concern about the possibility they’d be included. The resulting lists were more sweeping and less targeted than some former officials who’d advised on the process had called for.

Mkrtchyan is also a shareholder of “Banants” - an Armenian football club in Yerevan.

Currently, Samvel owns “Tashir Group” is the most extended association in the territory of Armenia and the Russian Federation. U.S. Australian Government Minister Paul Fletcher raises Nagorno Karabakh ethnic cleansing concerns in Parliament, Peaceful Armenian demonstration attacked in Fresno, 3 hospitalized with stab wounds, Nagorno-Karabakh battles | Bodies of 25 Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries arrive in northern Aleppo, Since September has risen to at least 217 dead, Armenians attacked by Turkish Terrorist at France rally, Heavy casualties among Artsakh civilians in latest Azeri bombardment of residential areas, BREAKING: Azerbaijani armed forces establish bases for terrorist groups – Defense Army of Artsakh, Putin, Turkish Dictator Erdoğan discuss situation in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), CONSUL GENERAL ARMEN BAIBOURTIAN MET WITH THE ARMENIAN DEMOCRATIC  LIBERAL PARTY’S DELEGATION, France urges EU to adopt measures against Turkey at next summit, Fallen Armenian soldier’s father donates his car to army, Pakistani military helped Azeri troops in attack on Artsakh, says Azerbaijani serviceman Video, Mel Gibson expresses solidarity with Armenians amid Azerbaijan’s aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), Azeri Soldiers Wearing Armenian Uniforms May Be Shot by Their Own Troops, Russian airstrikes kill Turkish-backed rebels in Syria, Erdogan’s and Aliyev’s policy a direct blow to image of Putin, Trump and Macron– political scientist, Austrian Rotax suspends supplies of engines used in Turkish Bayraktar drones, Heavy battles in Artsakh’s south-east as Azeri forces continue breaching ceasefire. If you check the record of Forbes billionaires, you may see that he takes 613th place, while in 200 Russian businessmen’s record, he takes the 40th place. The entrepreneur likes to have an investment in this sport. It’s Not So Little.

The Richest Armenian #6 Steven Kandarian.

He is the person who not only founded but also owns the WiMax agency and a stakeholder in Yota.

So, come on! Another rich Armenian living in the Russian Federation is Samvel Karapetyan.

He regularly sponsors the leading US lobbying groups. Sergey Galitsky, who owns one of Russia’s biggest supermarket chains Magnit, comes next with $3.5 billion. Karapetyan’s fortune is $3.7 billion. If you are interested in learning whօ are these rich people and how they reached this fame then follow your reading as, for this time, I am going to introduce the list of the richest Armenians in the world below. And today, Sarkisov brothers are successful businessmen. Kerkorian began his business processes in Las Vegas in 1962. 2020 billionaires list. He owns the company “Corporation America”, that operates in the fields of air travel, agriculture, and energy. His wealth is estimated at $6.4 billion.

Armenian American Steven Kandarian is the chief executive of “MetLife” International Corporation for insurance and financial management. He owns the “Royal Adelphi Hotel of London” in Central London. Working working together with Sergey their brand was growing very fast. He is also the person who founded “MagicLab”, “Mamba”, etc. However, he has always been glad of his Armenian origin.

Oleg Mkrtchyan is a big fan of football. Merely being publicly identified on the list could dissuade banks and other institutions in the U.S. and Europe from doing business with them. Although the Armenian Gambler passed, he was one of the richest Armenian people in the world. Hiss net worth is $13.4 billion, putting him high on the list as being one of the richest Russian billionaires. He is a stockholder of the highly-known Russian “Troika Dialog”.

NA Deputy Speaker.

You may also like to read one of our articles related to this great Armenian Ruben Vardanyan. Thanks to Manukyan's funding, four schools, and numerous churches and monasteries have been restored and improved. Is Turkish gov’t incitement lead to the Nice terror attack? The Russian businessman of Armenian origin is professionalized in the sphere of telecommunication.

Russian-Armenian businessman Samval Karapetyan, with an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion, is perceived to be the most successful among them.The owner of Tashir Group of Companies ranks the 568th on the list.. Sergey Galitsky, who owns one of Russia’s biggest supermarket chains Magnit, …

The massive #earthquake has even collapsed buildings in Izmir, Turkey and Greece hit by severe earthquake, Armenian forces confidently carry out their task on front line – Tonoyan meets with US Ambassador, Artsakh forces capture Turkish backed Syrian mercenary. Andrey Andreev (Andrey Henrikhovich Ohanjanyan), is a Russian Armenian living in the UK. However, he was not particularly interested in the oil business, so the entrepreneur moved into the security industry.

In 2011, Kerkorian left the post of head of the latter and managed to sell his share of about $ 1 billion. If you check the record of Forbes billionaires, you may see that he takes 613th place, while in 200 Russian businessmen’s record, he takes the 40th place.

PanARMENIAN.Net - Three Russia-based Armenian billionaires were among the 210 officials and tycoons who have been identified by the United States as “oligarchs.”.

Maybe that’s why his name is often related to football. Despite the “relative stability” of the financial situation, 95-year-old Kerkorian managed to get engaged and divorced twice in a year.

The owner of Tashir Group of Companies ranks 568th on the list.

His fortune, according to Forbes, is $18.6 billion this year, up from $17.6 billion in 2013. The mediators welcomed the announcement on a ceasefire and called on the sides to execute their commitments in full.

PanARMENIAN.Net - Three Russia-based Armenian billionaires were among the 210 officials and tycoons who have been identified by the United States as “oligarchs.”.

There are many more gifted Armenian people who have their influence in improving any part of the world. Kachaturov’s initial capital was formed while working at the company “Slavneft (Славнефть)”.

He has a fortune of $2.4 billion worth. Trump Admitted Years Ago to a “Little Conflict of Interest” in Turkey. Nikolai Sarkisov began his working career in the 1990s, selling metal as well as importing it. Kandarian is one of these Armenian philanthropists that prefer not to publish their charitable activities. The Treasury said inclusion in the rosters doesn’t mean the individuals will face sanctions or impose any restrictions on dealing with them.

Sergey Sarkisov is a businessperson working in Russian Federation. The Treasury said it used “objective criteria” for the lists, based on net worth of $1 billion or more for the oligarchs and official position for the “senior political figures,” as they’re known in the law.

The Russian officials and billionaires, including Samvel Karapetyan, Danil Khachaturov and Sergey Galitsky, are believed to have close links to president Vladimir Putin, exposing them to scrutiny and potential future sanctions in a move that has angered the Kremlin, Bloomberg says. Releases List of Russian Tycoons, Officials for Potential Sanctions, Armenians block France-Belgium highway to demand Karabakh recognition, ECHR demands Baku to punish Sarafov, end racism against Armenians, Shoygu raises concerns with Turkey over deployment of terrorists in Karabakh front, Karabakh: OSCE envoys seek to turn substantive negotiations into settlement, Azeri troops filmed shooting wounded Armenian serviceman in the head, Key Trump adviser exposes Azeri leader's lies about Karabakh truce, Karabakh displays wreckage of Turkish Bayraktar drone (Video), City of Ryde calls on Australia to recognize Karabakh, Armenia reports record daily rise in coronavirus deaths, Woman tells of inhumane treatment after captivity in Azerbaijan, Pashinyan contacts Putin for urgent Armenia-Russia consultations, Azerbaijan may have used phosphorus munitions to set Karabakh forests on fire. His brother - Nikolai Sarkisov is also a favorable entrepreneur who is mentioned in the next point. “Business Pundit” periodic publication approximately calculated his fortune to be $25 billion. “Tashir Group” includes 200 agencies, especially in the economic sphere. Carolyn Rafaelian is an entrepreneur as well as a businesswoman with Armenian roots who live in America. Besides, he owns the largest Russian company “Magnit”.Sergey began his business career in Krasnodar, founding a small store.

Sergey Harutyunyan is not only the owner but also the football executive of a popular club - “Krasnodar”. Along with history until today there are many rich Armenians all over in the world. PanARMENIAN.Net - Three Russia-based Armenian billionaires were among the 210 officials and tycoons who have been identified by the United States as “oligarchs.”. The ECHR ruled on May 26 that Azerbaijan has failed to enforce prison sentence for an ethnic hate crime.


Once Kirk Kerkorian's fortune was estimated at $ 3.3 billion by Forbes. He is one of the most affluent Armenians in Russia. Besides, Vardanyan is also the person who established the “Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology” in Russia. Carolyn is the number one affluent Armenian woman all over in the world.

Article by Vera Mirzoyan.

He lived and studied in Armenia and later moved to Russia, where he began a working career. Log in, Illegal immigrants in Samos loot shops after devastating earthquake, Meeting of Armenian, Azerbaijani FMs ends in Geneva, I am ashamed that many people in Ukraine give distorted, far from the truth assessments of Artsakh’s struggle for survival and heroism. The Ministry expressed concern over the deployment of mercenaries from terrorist groups in the conflict zone. 50 Turkish youths broke into the church, Vienna-Favoriten shouted “Allahu Akbar” and kicked the confessional. Ruben Vardanyan - who is a businessperson as well as humanitarian, makes a great contribution to the growth of Armenia. Samvel Karapetyan gained a doctorate and he is also the author of about 30 scientific papers.

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