HCM is a progressive disease and can result in heart failure, paralysis of the hind legs due to clot embolisation originating in the heart, and sudden death. The breed name is derived from Birmanie, the French form of Burma. The Birman’s silky coat is less prone to matting than that of the Persian or Himalayan, although it does require more attention than the coat of a short-haired cat.

Sacred Birman cats, Albafeles Sacred Birmans, Birman Cat cattery, kitten available of sacred birman, cattery of birmans, photo and pictures Mary plans to show him before we put him to work as a stud male. The Birman cat breed, also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, is a medium to large, semi-longhaired, ivory-colored cat with darker color points on the ears, face, legs and tail and an overall golden sheen. Birmans have a medium-sized, rectangular body with a broad face and distinct Roman nose. Alex is Great Lakes Region's 17th Best Cat, Great Lakes Region's Best Birman and Best Blue Point Birman, 2004-05; and the winner of the Founders Award, for being the highest scoring Birman in Championship at the Sacred Cat Of Burma Fanciers annual show that same year. We do not believe it is necessary to have a large number of cats to produce top quality Birmans, and we believe the health and well-being of the cat comes before everything else. [1][4] Another pair of Birmans (or a pregnant female called Poupée de Maldapour) were said to have been stolen and later imported to France by Thadde Haddisch. Hypoallergenic: NoHealth Problems: Unfortunately, it is known to have a myriad count of illnesses and conditions. This is a happy, trusting and adaptable breed. Unlike a Persian or Himalayan, they have no undercoat, thus are much less prone to matting. Purchasing a quality pedigree Birmans, from well-known breeding farms, cost from $1,200-$2,500 – which may seem a lot, but is a small price to pay for such a beautiful new member of your family!

As former temple cats, Birmans seem to have become accustomed to adoration. They are most often claimed to have originated as the companions of temple priests in northern Burma in the Mount of Lugh. The Birman, also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma",[1] is a domestic cat breed. Birmans need and appreciate human companionship, and are especially fond of children. They will generally greet visitors with curiosity rather than fear. The Birman cat breed, also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, is a medium to large, semi-longhaired, ivory-colored cat with darker color points on the ears, face, legs and tail and an overall golden sheen.Among its most distinctive features are pure white paws on all four feet called “gloves,” which preferably are symmetrical. Timmy is still a young male and has not started breeding, yet. Creatinine is a creatine phosphate and is produced during metabolism of creatine, and is excreted through urination. Birmans also have white, v-shaped areas on the hind legs that come to a point on the back of the hock; these are called “laces.” Only Birmans with near-perfect glove and lace markings are competitive in the show ring. Levels of creatinine and SDMA are found when Birman cats are tested for chronic kidney disease, for which they are at high risk. NBF has members worldwide and publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members. Birman cat doesn’t have the usual cats’ independence. Introduce pets slowly and in controlled circumstances to ensure that they learn to get along together.

They should be smooth and the hind feet should they go up in a wedge. The friendly, laidback Birman  is a perfect choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. Adult chocolate tortie-point female with kittens, showing initial development of points, A 5-month-old chocolate-point Birman kitten. Pictured on the right is the cover of Cat Fancy Magazine featuring the Birman.

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