Here’s How to Get Your Feature Idea Noticed by Alec Baldwin, Like…, Our Long National Nightmare Is Over, Netflix Now Allows You to Turn…. Retelling the incendiary story of an immigrant, a small-time hood, who comes to America to rise to the top of his local drug trade was always going to be a tricky proposition, but remaking the 1983 Al Pacino-starring classic (which is itself a remake of the 1932 original) has proven to be more complicated than expected. Keep reading to know more about it: The remake of Scarface was announced by Universal back in 2011. Director behind the upcoming Scarface, Luca Guadagnino has offered some insight into what he hopes to achieve with his remake. He smiled sheepishly, almost as if he himself was still unsure whether the news was out there, and said “no, no I’m not.”. Scarface is an open world action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective, in which the player controls Tony Montana as he attempts to regain control of Miami's drug trade, destroy rival gangs, and restore his own reputation in the criminal underworld.. Scarface premiered in New York City on December 1, 1983, and was released on December 9, 1983. Scarface - 20th Anniversary Re-release Celebration (21) "Scarface" Blu-Ray Release (16) Al Pacino Through the Years (3) Remembering Robert Loggia: 1930–2015 (3) Posters We Love: Dorm Edition (2) Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses in Movies and TV (1) Top-Rated Novels-to-Big-Screen Movies (1) Tribeca 2018: On the Scene (1) Movie and TV Reboots and Remakes (1) Tribeca Stars Through the … F. Murray Abraham, Robert Loggia, and Paul Shenar are some of Tony's sleazy business partners and potential killers. Another interesting possibility: Gael García Bernal, star of The Motorcycle Diaries and the Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle. But still, there is no official confirmation from Universal regarding the casting of Michael B. Jordan for the remake movie. © 2020 Collider Cryptomedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Well, several months earlier, the Mexican actor signed on to join the fourth season of Narcos, which at the time, was not yet called Narcos: Mexico. (...) J'ai étudié l'original d'Howard Hawks et le remake de De Palma et j'y ai trouvé des thèmes universels. Facebook. Luca Guadagnino is the latest director attached to the Scarface reboot, which has been talked about for years now. Were Those ‘Mandalorian’ Season 2 Casting Rumors True? Our product reviews and analysis are always deep, well researched and detailed which helps our extended audience to make better decisions. Al Pacino stars as Tony Montana, whose intelligence, guts, and ambition help him skyrocket from dishwasher to the top of a criminal empire but whose eventual paranoia and incestuous desire for his kid sister (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) prove his undoing. But while it will certainly hit some of the same beats as both previous versions, we can also expect Guadagnino to offer something of a fresh take on the material, like he did with his excellent remake of the horror classic Suspiria. En attendant, retrouvez le magnifique trailer du Blu-Ray de Scarface, disponible depuis peu et que nous vous conseillons, bien sûr, très chaudement : Films Actu - Toute l'actualité du film : Cinéma, DVD, Blu-Ray et Série TV. De Palma dedicated this version of Scarface to the writers of the original, Howard Hawks and Ben Hecht. In the original 1932 film, this was an Italian immigrant named Tony Camonte who rose through the ranks of the Chicago underworld. Aujourd'hui, le site annonce que le projet ne sera ni une suite ni un remake des deux films Scarface mais reprendrait plutôt des 'éléments communs': un étranger, immigrant qui, poussé par une ambition dévorante, recherche sa propre version du rêve américain, dans la violence et le crime. Rappelons qu'après le film d'Howard Hawks en 1932, celui de Brian De Palma en 1983 a, depuis, atteint le statut de film culte. Mort de Geno Silva, acteur dans Scarface, Mulholland Drive, Jurassic Park 2, La Passion du Christ 2 : Mel Gibson prêt pour "le plus gros film de l'histoire", Jacky : "C'est grâce à Isabelle Adjani que je suis dans Subway de Luc Besson", LA MISSION Bande Annonce VF (2021) Tom Hanks, Western. Director Antoine Fuqua has entered talks with Universal Pictures to direct their long-gestating Scarface remake. News du 22/09/2011: On s'en souvient, Oliver Stone avait déjà annoncé l'année dernière sa volonté de se lancer dans le scénario d'un Son of Scarface (sic! Jonathan Herman will rewrite the Scarface remake script previously worked on by David Ayer and Paul Attanasio. Et si ce n'est dans nos salles obscures, ce sera au moins en direct-to-dvd. The Next Alert is a news media company founded in 2019, aim’s to help its readers with the right technology solution. For the new film, the story will be transposed to Los Angeles, and its main character will be Mexican (but presumably still named Tony Montana). We think the studio could do a lot worse than to bring in Pedro Pascal, he of Game of Thrones, Narcos, and The Mandalorian. Then, the director's chair refused to stay filled. Watch actors and filmmakers discuss the importance of the 'dinner scene' in this Al Pacino classic which debuts on Blu-ray today, September 6. The synth-heavy Giorgio Moroder score expertly evokes the drug-fueled decadence of 1980s Miami, and De Palma provides several of his elaborate set pieces, including a horrific showstopper in a motel room with a chain saw. est édité par Mixicom, société du groupe Webedia. With Diego Luna having departed, we now have no idea who could possibly be taking on the iconic role of Tony Montana, and there has been absolutely no word as of yet as to who else Guadagnino and Universal might be eyeing for the cast. "C'est un rêve pour moi. For more from our Sundance interview with Luna and his Wander Darkly co-star Sienna Miller, click here. Did you guys like Scarface (1983), the Al Pacino one. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Tony's neglected coke-addicted trophy wife, and Steven Bauer is his concerned friend. Not only is a Scarface remake coming to movie theaters, we now know when it will hit the scene. Universal Pictures has been keen on getting a new version of Scarface before cameras for some time now, but it hasn't been an easy road. Indeed, a recent Google search turns up nothing regarding Luna’s exit. Al Pacino delivers a legendary performance as Tony Montana in Brian De Palma's gangster epic. Jordan is the great choice to play this character as we already saw him in the negative role of Killmonger in MCU movie Black Panther, and the star also received praise for his performance. Though the film is no longer on Universal’s release schedule, Fuqua is still attached to direct, and the project remains a priority for the studio, which according to a recent Inclusionists study, is releasing way more movies with underrepresented leads than its counterparts. September 22, 2020 12:53 PM EDT. Despite this lovefest with the dialogue, the film's brutal violence and lack of positive characters still make it controversial and disliked by certain critics. The film's soundtrack was composed by Giorgio Moroder. While we don't yet have an official release date for Scarface, we can probably expect to get one sooner rather than later now that Guadagnino has been hired. Even though excessive violence and profanity led to criticism of the movie, it is one of the classics, starring legendary Al Pacino. See, in March 2018, Variety reported that Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer had been tapped to rewrite Universal’s script, which heavy hitters such as David Ayer, Jonathan Herman and the Coen brothers all had a hand in shaping. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. The Variety story didn’t mention Luna by name, though the trade reported that director Antoine Fuqua “will now search for his star,” hinting at Luna’s exit. The remake of Scarface is still in the early stage of development. At Sundance, the actor took the opportunity to clear up any lingering confusion, confirming to Collider that he’s no longer attached to star in the project. ), une suite au film culte de Brian De Palma. Release Dates USA 1 December 1983 (New York City, New York) (premiere) Canada 9 December 1983: USA 9 December 1983: UK 3 February 1984 (London) Argentina 9 February 1984: UK 10 February 1984: Ireland 17 February 1984: Italy 24 February 1984: Norway 2 March 1984: France 7 March 1984: Hong Kong 8 March 1984: Finland 9 March 1984: West Germany 9 March 1984: Spain 12 March 1984: … Scarface Returns to the Big Screen for One Night Event! Cookies help us deliver our Services. As far as casting goes, you’ll have to stay tuned. A release date is still not confirmed by Universal for the new Scarface movie. It was directed b Brian De Palma and cast actor Al Pacino in the lead role. Be it about trending news, games, software, computers, smartphones, gadgets and everything running in the world of technology. The film received criticism from the critics as it contains a lot of violence. Scarface Reboot : Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Important Updates That You Want To Know! And for those Luna fans who prefer to see him play the hero instead of the villain, the Disney+ series centered around his Rogue One character Cassian Andor is expected to begin shooting this year. Taking all of that into account, we wouldn't expect to see Scarface hit theaters anytime before the spring or summer of 2022, and it wouldn't necessarily shock us if it ended up taking even longer than that for the flick to reach the screen. Michael B. Jordan Reportedly In Talks To Feature In Scarface Remake There are reports that actor Michael B. Jordan is in talks with Universal to play the lead role of Tony Montana that was played by Al Pacino earlier. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. The scripting and finding a perfect director reportedly took a long time. Stars Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia, F. Murray Abraham, and producer Martin Bregman reunite for a special event for the Blu-ray release on September 6.

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