I had specifically asked for my rolls to be held until after I had my two appetizers. Bad part of town. Chefs are encouraged to show off their creativity and listen to customer’s ideas, creating sushi rolls that can’t be found anywhere else. the rolls were room temp by the time eaten. I don't feel energized by noise, I just don't go back Do not recommend at all! It is NOT a synonym for "Very Noisy," which is what this restaurant is. My friend and I had a lovely and relaxed evening here. Topped with seared beef, crunchy crawfish inside, topped with smoked salmon & onion garlic sauce, soft shell crab, spicy crawfish, and veggies, shrimp tempura and eel inside, seared smoked salmon, jalapenos and spicy mayo on top, spicy crawfish and crunchies inside. Sekisui On my quest for the best sushi in Memphis, I always drive by this little midtown sushi place and always wonder how good is the sushi ???? Always good service. This guy didnt even know how to split the bill 3 ways! I literally spit it out onto the plate in front of my date. Always like warm. 25 South Belvedere Blvd., Memphis, TN 38104. Friendly service! Great food & even greater staff !! Friend’s birthday. Went here for dinner with friends and we pigged out on their sushi. Dine-in only. OpenTable fa parte di Booking Holdings, il leader mondiale di viaggi online e dei servizi correlati. Friendly service! We are a laidback couple so it didn't bother us or ruin our experience at all; we had a very nice dinner! I've visited this gem many times but Friday I was glad to bring some friends. Topped with seared scallops in a spicy roe and mayo sauce, Crunchy crab, mayo and sweet chili sauce, shrimp on top, Crab, shrimp tempura, vegetables, and smelt roe, Blue crab, crunchies and eel sauce inside, seared smoked salmon with spicy mayo on top, Crab, cream cheese, avocado & smelt roe with eel and eel sauce on top, Cucumber, scallions, turnips, pickled burdock root and soft shell crab, Cucumber and octopus inside, hot sauce on top, Cream cheese, crawfish and crabstick, eel sauce on top, Crabstick, cream cheese, avocado, deep fried, sweet chili sauce, Fresh salmon, & cream cheese with eel sauce on top, Tuna and salmon deep fried, smelt roe and spicy mayo, A tempura fried California roll, topped with mayo and sriracha, California roll, 4 pieces of nigiri including tuna, salmon, yellowtail, & shrimp, (7 pieces) tuna, salmon, white fish and four other chef's choice pieces, (8 pieces) tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and five other chef's choice pieces, Tuna, salmon, white fish, and three other chef's choice pieces, Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and five other chef's choice pieces, Spicy crawfish, crunchies and scallions inside, shrimp and spicy mayo on top, Salmon, avocado, and spicy mayo inside, wrapped in soy paper with tuna on top, Tempura sweet potato, tempura asparagus, cucumber, avocado, scallions, radish, wrapped in green soy paper, drizzled with sweet soy reduction, Prime tuna, crunchies and cream inside, avocado, smelt roe and cayenne pepper on top, sweet soy reduction, Spicy crunchy crawfish, avocado and cilantro inside, seared red tuna, scallions, and hot sauce on top (very spicy), Tuna, mayo, crabstick & crunchies inside with shrimp tempura, avocado & eel sauce on top, Chicken teriyaki, cucumber, and avocado inside, sesame seeds on tops, Spicy tuna cream cheese inside, sesame seeds and scallions on top, (Invented by actor DJ Qualls) tempura veggies, (shiitake, bell peppers, sweet potato, and carrot) with rice on the outside, Crab, shrimp, cucumber, and pineapple inside.

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