According to Mike, his internship period can be characterised in 3 words; How do we work in Semco Maritime, Offshore Wind? Click on the job title to learn more about the opening. The trend is that our project timeline gets squeezed for each project completed. Even during busy and hectic times, we always manage to navigate through the challenges together - and at the end of the day, we stand united and get the job done. The reason why I find this so important is that sometimes the “road” from a piece of paper to the real world may seem a little long. In addition to working as a link between Semco Maritime and the client, I also provide support to our foremen and electricians. There are many roles within Semcon and the opportunity to both deepen your specialist skills and work in international teams. We select students based on their line of study - but also very much based on their mindset and attitude.Apart from your theoretical skills we also look for: How do we work in Semco Maritime, Offshore Wind? We have a strong focus on developing the individual employee through continuous open dialogue and through half-yearly personal development dialogues. In our "paperless job packages" initiative, we took our own customized construction tool, SemCompletion, and built a simple but smart app on top of it. During the construction and installation process, we hire in foremen and electricians to support our Construction and Site Managers. Andreas invited Maria for a cup of coffee and a talk about her daily work and especially a recent project, which changes the way we are work during construction and installation of our EPC contracts. Weitere interessante Jobs. So far, the feedback has been 100% positive. In 2016, we won the price as the best internship company in Southern Denmark. Their passion and dedication really inspires me! For this reason, we need to be innovative and consider smarter solutions for our engineering solutions. This was only possible because our engineers and external partners are developing innovative solutions together. Apply unsolicited. The combined effort and synergy in the group is important, especially during hectic periods. Denn das ist klar: Der Erfolg jedes Unternehmens hängt von seinen Mitarbeitern ab. Mike is the perfect example of a successful internship from which both parties benefit. Especially communication between ourselves and our external partners, (red. Die Semco-Gruppe setzt auf dynamisches Wachstum, Flexibilität und innovative Produkte. Commitment, inspiration, reliability and responsiveness are the foundation of our company culture. A last question, what potential do you see in the offshore wind industry? We look for independent, well-qualified people with experience from the Offshore wind and Oil & Gas industry to support offshore operations. What is important to you when putting together a good team and creating an exciting working culture? Resources; Welcome to SEMCO Energy! What other challenges are you facing in your daily work? You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. I am a Mechanical Lead and responsible for the overall layout of substation, where I work closely together with internal and external stakeholders. On previous projects, we printed out our job packages. 1026655 Westerstede, Mitarbeiter für Wartung und Instandhaltung (m/w/d), Mitarbeiter für die Wartung/Instandhaltung (m/w/d), Mitarbeiter in der IT für Anwendungsentwicklung und Systeme (m/w/d), Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik/Fachlagerist (m/w/d), Maschinen- und Anlagenführer oder Produktionsmitarbeiter (m/w/d), Mitarbeiter im Vertriebsinnendienst (m/w/d), Mitarbeiter im technischen Vertrieb (m/w/d), Mitarbeiter im Bereich Instandhaltung/Energiemanagement (m/w/d), Mitarbeiter in der EDV/Arbeitsvorbereitung (m/w/d), Verkäufer Glasdesign/Sicherheitsglas (m/w/d), Schichtführer für Isolierglasproduktion (m/w/d), Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration (m/w/d). To some extend this works OK, but for sure we need to improve this process along this and other projects. We provide consultants for our customers  in the energy sector; mostly engineers, construction supervisors and technicians. Our very own Mike Seider nominated us for this fine award because of his great experience as an intern! Besides, the project has also taught me how many tasks I am able to keep in the air at the same time. During the interview, I felt the spirit of Semco Maritime and I really got the impression of a united department where we stand together – and I must say, that is what Semco Maritime is like. 2 or 3 days later, a project manager from Semco Maritime called me, and suddenly, on 2 January, I found myself in a permanent job with Semco Maritime again – now on site in Aalborg :). This means that I am responsible for the day-to-day planning of tasks. When I am selecting a team, it is important that the foremen who will be responsible for the installation of the systems will be relatively capable of independent action and not be afraid of questioning a given design. This means that the foremen have been using tablets for almost two months - what is the feedback so far? Hi Maria, tell me about your position within Semco Maritime? However, I was so determined and eager to make this transition and digitize our job packages. 01.09.2020. After only a few days, it was a big relief for me to experience the positive attitude towards the app. We do not have any formal internship programs, BUT we have great experience from taking in interns from various educations. However, it did not last long until I was back in Semco Maritime. Wir suchen Mitarbeiter mit neuen Ideen und mit Visionen. What is the best thing about being a LV power specialist in Semco Maritime? In some of the recent projects, we have worked with a very tight schedule, i.e. Jobs bei SEMCO. I know that you are currently working “on site” with our Northwester 2 Offshore Substation - could you tell me about your role in this project? Our IT department actually rejected our original initiative due to safety issues. Apply to Technician, Electronics Technician, Engineer and more! I am happy and relieved to be able to say that the SemCompletion app is a huge success. We all know our roles and what is necessary in order to be ready for sail-away. This means that I am designing LV systems on offshore substation projects for the wind industry. I know that you are working with our 3D/CAD models - could you tell me a bit more? During the projects we need to do a lot of design in our 3D environment, this to make sure the fabrication, installation and later maintenance of the substation will be as smooth as possible. In addition to working as a link between Semco Maritime and the client, I also provide support to our foremen and electricians. Having said that, I also see an industry that still has great potential for further development as far as the design of offshore substations is concerned. If you dream of working abroad for a few years, we will do our utmost to find opportunities abroad. You can meet Maria both meet both at our office and at our construction sites where she supports the installation process. I am a Senior Mechanical Engineer in Large Projects. Job vacancies at Semcon | Semcon FI N D TH E JOB YOU A RE L O OKING FOR. I already knew the company because my brother used to work there. The environment is informal and friendly - and there is a large degree of freedom with responsibility, flexibility and a great team spirit - "one for all, all for one". I am one of the few who gets the chance to be a part of both the engineering phase and the construction phase of our EPC projects. At that time, I felt that I needed new challenges, so I asked if they could use someone like me. Besides being Mechanical lead, it is my job to coordinate all steel and equipment interfaces towards our steel partners and make sure they have what they need to in order to perform the engineering of the steel for the substation. I act as a link between the Semco Maritime project team and the client. I like the nature of these large, fast-paced and complex projects, and I am motivated by being able to deliver high-quality solutions exactly as planned!". After months of working with the development of the app, I had actually convinced myself that the hardest part would be to introduce it to the end-users. According to Mike, his internship period can be characterised in 3 words; responsibility, confidence and independence. We did all this together with our IT department and an external company. We will post internship openings whenever available - therefore keep an eye on the list of vacancies above! In order to find the right match we look at competences, experience and education.Unsolicited applications:you can also submit an unsolicited application - fill in your information online. "My job is amazing! How does it feel to be part of a dynamic organisation? What do you believe is our unique offering, and what potential do you see in the future? Having completed my apprenticeship, I was briefly employed as a qualified electrician until I found another job. Once we have found a solution it is my job to document the corrections to a given system. This will make the app an even stronger tool for our next project, Vineyard. Having completed my apprenticeship, I was briefly employed as a qualified electrician until I found another job. Customer Accounting Supervisor. We have already received wishes for new features, which I hope to be able to implement during the Northwester project. My history with Semco Maritime goes far back to when I started as an apprentice electrician. Auf erfahrt Ihr, wie Semcoglas als Arbeitgeber abschneidet und bekommt Informationen über Betriebsklima, Benefits, & Co. I love the informal yet serious culture in Semco Maritime and I appreciate the fairness that I experience throughout the entire organization. Your application will be filed in our job database - and every time we have a job opening we check this database to see if we have a match. I am also responsible for the installation of the LV systems. When it was time for an internship during my 6th semester, and for writing my bachelor thesis, I contacted Semco Maritime. Sie haben allgemeine Fragen zu einer Karriere bei Semco, oder möchten sich initiativ bewerben? We listen to your goals and dreams and try to find ways to guide your career in the right direction. Besides, LV is also constantly evolving, especially with a view to doing things smarter and more effectively. Coffee break with Martin Halkjær, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Offshore Wind: Martin, can you tell me about your position within Semco Maritime? This means that I can update documentation in all job packages in only a few seconds. For example, we have saved a lot of time on our 2D drawings, which we normally submit – now we submit most of our design in 3D, then our structural partner extract the input directly to their structural drawings. Das Wertvolle an der Semcoglas sind die Menschen, die für diesen Anspruch arbeiten, und der Geist, in dem sie es tun.

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