Now, I’m not saying you cannot post anything else. I use the LinkWhisper plugin to find the best internal link locations throughout my entire site. Get answers in a FREE Demo Class with a veteran Digital Marketer! will talk about in detail below. However, I guess if someone bounces from a 5k word article within 30 seconds, it’s unlikely they’ve read it all to the very end. Always optimize your image using TinyPNG, so that it doesn’t This article is nice and useful for SEO beginners. Surely then, this blog post must be good! Google's algorithm is looking at 3 main things to rank websites: their content, their authority, and the user experience. featured snippet, as 4 out of 10 voice search results come from featured But it's only intimidating because you don't understand it. Internal Link SEO Tips With The Founder Of, 8 Tips to Help You Write a SEO Friendly Blog…, why am I not ranking for my targeted keyword, Google’s Title and Meta Descriptions Length (Updated 2019), 9 Simple Steps To Increase Your Domain Authority, HTTP vs HTTPS: The Difference And Everything You Need To Know. And the conditions for that (which I’ll talk about shortly) are so ridiculously demanding that it is almost impossible for new bloggers with blogs less than 2/3 years old to start ranking. You should use your keywords in both of these. Once your blog ages and begins appearing in search results, you'll be glad you paid attention to your SEO right from the start. First and foremost, your content should be unique and There is no hard-set rule for how much is considered a majority. They feature a wide variety of content from either guest writers to in-home writers and editors. All decked out with the relevant information drawn on a whiteboard. A blog post worth saving, sharing, or reading again should be at least 2,000 words long. These days, however, there’s no knowing what Google will show. Their blog offers plenty for SEO beginners, with frequent posts on the latest news, statistics and predictions in the field, to Q&A’s with well-known figures. Yoast SEO is a free plugin that all bloggers or businesses should install upon starting their activity. Get rid of any numbers in your URL structure, and set it to post-name on WordPress. to find out how word length affects your site’s SEO. Then I'd wonder why I wasn't getting any traffic. – How to Start a Blog (Pre-Launch) Visitors often times click to go to the previous page or simply close the window if a webpage is loading too slow. It is true that not all bloggers are the same. These links acts as votes and the more you have them, the They also have a glossary page which offers short explanation on SEO terms, which is perfect for SEO beginners. What do they want and when do they want it? In this sense, there is a better chance of ranking in the top 3 if your content has more than 1000 words. From Niche Review Sites by Business Category to Top 50 Local Citation Sites for USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, they can come in handy for anyone looking for some juicy ways to amp up their local SEO effort. That’s usually not that long, and really easy to understand due to the visual aspects. Excellent information for a beginner. If you choose a budget hosting company you will get what you pay for. how to format posts in ways that make reading a breeze, how to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest, how to properly set up your blog with SiteGround, How to Improve WordPress Website Speed and Performance, Start Your Blog with This Massive, 52-Point Blog Launch Checklist, How to Write Epic Blog Post Titles That Are Irresistibly Clickable, Blog Post Formatting Techniques to Make them Extra Readable, How to Set Up a WordPress Blog on SiteGround, Blogging Resources for Success and Productivity, While you’re setting up WordPress, make sure to also change your permalink structure. Search Engine Optimization Courses Online. If you are a nobody, Google search will ignore you. It's a pretty simple concept and yet many new bloggers completely ignore SEO. Let’s look at the content we are going to be discussing in this guide. Am I contradicting myself? Content quality goes without saying! So if your mobile version isn’t fast enough, you won’t rank well, even if most of the traffic on your site is from people on desktops. Spend some time checking out these sources. But we will try our best to explain how to do keyword So if you have a lot of “my travel experience” content, it needs to be altered to answer common questions about the location to get Google traffic. Small images or low quality images do not appear in Google images results very often. For every article you write, choose one main keyword phrase and mention it throughout your content. So, please do not think that just by installing Yoast you’re somehow boosting your SEO.

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