Shake is the bit of extra leaves and keef that have brushed off the buds and sit in the bottom of the bag. Shake is NOT similar to reggieor shwag.

Saying "not to be confused with keef" is like saying "I don't actually know what keef is" This perception that shake is bad or cheap shit, has got to stop. V: To jiggle one's buttocks, typically used as a pick-up line. Get a shake that mokey mug … some dealers try to sell it by calling it "pre-grinded", but don't fall for, The small bits of bud that settle to the bottom of your broken-up stash; it should not be confused with, "It was mostly shake, but it still got me. Urban Dictionary: shake that monkey to Shakin' Cubas. also a song sung my mariah carey - "shake it off" Browse A Saiyans find this offensive because it suggests their uncivilized nature, which non saiyans are expected to ignore. Girl, you gots to shake that monkey, it's been two damn years since The Bartlett.
In a political context - In favor of large, intrusive government that violates or suppresses individual rights; characterized by a "law and order" approach; failing to support civil liberties and/or economic freedom in society; undemocratic In a non-political context - Bossy, controlling, domineering Shake is very good for rolling joints and blunts, because it burns very evenly, slowly, and consistently if you roll it well. shake that mokeyunknown. shake the bird. shake that monkey. a slang used as not to care about something. by c. obscura December 07, 2004 Of course if you get shake from a, weed crumbs. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see.

(verb) to find a way - any damn way - to get rid of that thang that keeps hangin on. not to be confused with shock the monkey. Shake the baby. Also can refer to buds that have been very finely ground. Monkey.
shake that monkey to Shakin' Cubas. To learn more about what data we collect and your privacy options, see our kinda like another word used like "fuck that" "shake that" its the same thing. shake the bishop’s hand. shake the cactus… It is NOT less potent if you get good quality weed. A racial slur often targeted at members of the betailed Saiyan race. by c. obscura December 07, 2004. The small bits of bud that settle to the bottom of your broken-up stash; it should not be confused with keef. (verb) the same as shake the monkey but much much harder Seriously girl, you really gotta shock the monkey before it drags you back to the German jungle.

Shake The Beef.

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