NC (vo): Even as they wrap up the entire episode, Gene still pushes it hard. She kills him with her bare hands. In their final battle, Nancy deals out some serious punishment for her crispy stalker. If these films were meant to showcase strong female leads, what purpose does the body count beforehand serve? NC: (shrugging) I guess it's not funny, but I've yet to see social media attack it, and they'll go after anything. ''Extremities'' makes no sense. Her appeals to the police get no satisfaction. For having seen this movie, I want months and months and months in a beautiful valley with honey and nectar and zephyr-like breezes. Doesn’t this mean the body count is pure exploitation and completely unnecessary? R. (STAR)(STAR)(STAR) 1/2, TOP GUN (Water Tower and outlying). NC (vo): Maybe the best moment is when Siskel wants to describe the awkward positioning of the Buddha in this movie, but both of them find it so funny that they can't find the best way to say it without cracking up. She fights back, subdues and cripples the attacker, only to have to justify her actions to her two dumb-bunny roommates who think she`s nuts for being so angry. Its message to young women is that trying to be somebody is what keeps you alive. Films like, and others are often labelled as misogynistic morality tales that punish those living their lives freely, and only reward the so-called “good girls” with their lives. They also brush off Laurie’s fears that she’s being stalked, learning far too late that those fears are real. Sometime, maybe in the 21st century. That's below the minimum wage, the new minimum wage. (NC acts like he gets punched with a punch sound effect playing in the background). No, I'll tell you what, I'm gonna see this picture again, I'll laugh just as hard. Though the slasher genre was heavily influential on such films as. Unfortunately at this time, there's no video available of that episode, but (Cut to a transcript of the episode on IMDb) IMDb does have the episode transcribed and it's pretty damn funny, including Siskel saying, "The only thing more unnerving than this picture is my esteemed colleague across the aisle, so wise, so often, is the only major film critic in America who actually recommended Cop and a Half." I brought up before that they take their reviews of children's films very seriously, so it only makes sense that they would call this one one of the worst films they have ever seen in their entire lives. This scene really does capture the greatness of the film and Reeve’s embodiment of the character. Siskel: It'll be like, you know, getting some of his Jell-O products that he sells and finding out that there's nothing in the box. VAGABOND (Fine Arts). . Ebert: Bill Cosby, the richest man in show business, $67.5 million income last year, reduced to holding a Coca-Cola bottle next to his face in order to get a picture made at Columbia.

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