For true safes and gun safes, buy from a safe technician or safe dealer. And with various color options for our safe doors and handles, you’ll be proud to display Zanotti in your home, office, or business. Keep in mind that most bedside gun safes have cheap unrated electronic locks. It is finely made, and the level of security gives me great peace of mind. Clever design, top quality components and hand assembly make these gun safes a great investment. Any under-seat gun safe should be secured to the floor so that it doesn’t slide out and interfere with the pedals during hard braking and cause an accident. Unless you come across a cheap used double-door gun safe (RSC-I), two smaller gun safes will offer better protection and more flexibility than a double-door gun safe. A wall firesafe with a UL 72 Fire Endurance rating is a better and cheaper choice for storing sensitive documents and media than a RSC-I gun safe. The ConsoleBunker is even large enough to fit an AR-15 carbine with the stock collapsed. If you have time to wait for a bargain, a used gun safe, or true safe, can usually be found for less than $1,000. They make all of their gun safes in the USA. Wall safes look impressive but have an Achilles heel. I bought a Zanotti Armor RSC when I lived in an apartment after I lost a number of guns in a theft. As a result, SUVs give more flexibility for gun safes. Many of those cartridges will go through 1/2″ plate steel like butter. See Best Gun Safe for some options for gun sized commercial safes. Wasn’t cheap then and prob not cheap now if they’re still in business. They make all of their gun safes in the USA. Concealment Cherry Hutch by Any other safe would have required the enlistment of a moving crew. Zanotti Armor Company. Zanotti Armor. If you want the convenience of an electronic keypad combination lock and the reliability of a mechanical dial combination lock, you might be able to have your cake and eat it too. If you have a truck, a number of companies make gun safes that fit into the bed, or a bed rail. After all, throwing out a cheap unserviceable wall-mounted gun safe because the lock went bad means an empty hole in your wall.
If all you want is a long gun for home defense, you don’t necessarily have to enclose the whole thing. They also try to source only American materials, from steel to interior carpeting. Gun cabinet and gun locker mechanical dial and electronic keypad combination locks will not carry a proper UL 768 rating at this price point so avoid them, especially electronic keypad and biometric locks. Disappointing. We will wipe... Our area experienced some heavy storms two nights ago and we are still without phone and internet service. Most models are not hardened by reinforcing them with steel, they’re all wood. With all do respect sir, I've not lied here, once. Titan’s version also has an optional piggyback ammo box compartment to lock your magazine or speed loader separately if your state requires it. We apologize... We appreciate the nice article written about Zanotti Armor by A Man and His Gear. make true safes large enough for long guns.
Not having installers also means 2 to 4 fewer people that know you have a gun safe and what’s inside your house.

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