In addition, we source our products only from trusted suppliers. SGR.require(['countdown'], function(CountdownTimer) { msgPattern: "{hours}:{minutes}:{seconds}", selector: '#countdown-timer-5bcf8a13c91dfac532f93728d89fa346', }); 0 Item £0.00. }); In 2019, Sofar Sounds announced the creation of a Sofar Crew, hired as part-time employees to work alongside Sofar Ambassadors. We’ll have more to share later on this year.” Variety will share that information as well, as it develops. Prenez part à une lutte acharnée pour gravir les échelons des 5-10, un club automobile illégal originaire de Détroit.

Taking a less-is-more approach, the Sofar Crewneck keeps the branding to a minimum as a small embroidered Tri-Ferg logo appears on the left chest. msgPattern: "{hours}:{minutes}:{seconds}", Read more here.

Lucchese deferred to Sofar’s official comment on the investigation: “The New York State Department of Labor has requested information about the Sofar Ambassador program and we’re fully complying with their request. Cart. He added that the plan to hire the paid part-timers was launched nearly a year ago. //

In addition, we source our products only from trusted suppliers. [CDATA[ Learn more about our policies here.

We look forward to answering any questions they have and resolving this matter.”. //

Select Size - Mens. Jan 2020 – Present 6 months. Give your friends $10 off and get $10 off when they make a purchase. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The Palace Sofar Crewneck Ice White is a minimally-designed sweatshirt from the irreverant skate brand’s Spring 2019 collection. dateStart: new Date('2020-10-31T15:24:29.000Z'), In addition, we source our products only from trusted suppliers. We accept returns within 3 business days of receipt. selector: '#countdown-timer-e712c7fb01d40d70f196a36d26dfb9ca', }); You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Nous utilisons des cookies pour comprendre la manière dont vous utilisez notre site et pour améliorer votre expérience de navigation. Sofar Sounds has announced it will begin hiring paid part-time crew members to work its concerts. SGR.require(['countdown'], function(CountdownTimer) {

Sofar Crew SKU: P17CW016T Color: Black SGR.require(['countdown'], function(CountdownTimer) { Pour en savoir plus, consultez notre Politique de confidentialité. Select Size - Mens. //]]>, Regular Price: In addition, we source our products only from trusted suppliers. Wanting to ensure the quality of the experience for everyone, the team was mapping out Crew as a way to support continued growth while also improving the shows.”. The unfussy vibes of the crewneck pairs with any streetwear look. We accept returns within 3 business days of receipt. “With the financing in place, Sofar then ramped up people operations, evaluated and brought on HR systems needed to administer Sofar Crew and spent a lot of time discussing and refining the approach with the local teams,” he says. dateEnd: new Date('2017-05-30T03:59:59.000Z'), selector: '#countdown-timer-a0b9b05a93c42058f9d89803b9511e0e', Buy and sell authentic Palace streetwear on StockX including the Palace Sofar Crew White and thousands of other streetwear clothing and accessories. Celebrate Spring with Stadium Goods! dateStart: new Date('2020-10-31T15:24:31.000Z'), //

Authenticity Guaranteed. Our authenticators are the most experienced and highly trained in the business.

SOFAR CREW. Give your friends $10 off and get $10 off when they make a purchase. 15% off today only 



new CountdownTimer({ dateStart: new Date('2020-10-31T15:24:31.000Z'), The company is being investigated by the Department of Labor regarding these practices, and it confirmed today that it has embarked upon a long-term program to hire part-time crews to work with its ambassadors on shows, CEO Jim Lucchese tells Variety.

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