JH: Nothing. Even though I am a person who looks at this and that qualifications, would I be comparing relative positions in society with Joon Hee? The ladies see the boys, but they ignore SH and run up to JH. Mom walks off. Then he tells his wife that she didn’t even listen to her daughter! Joon Hee knows Jin Ah will be incredibly upset if she knows her mother’s come to his house, so he tries to shield her from it by absorbing Mom’s fury alone. How did you pick JH? She can raise his arms and legs….just joking….. they start to talk about JA and JH. For doing this without even talking to you about it first. It’s strange we know, but we like it. He will let her leave right away, I beg you. argh!! Father: Dad was being sincere. It looks like this might be the same hotel that KS is going to in order to meet her father. She says it is nothing. —————– JH jokes and tells SH to call him brother in law. KS hits him and tells him to cook for his noona! —————– Mother: Shouldn’t do or not, there’s nothing else. Father: You should have been born a daughter. JA: He’s my boyfriend! Joon Hee? What would you like? They talk about how much they know their own sisters. KS is pretty upset about the blind date and tells JA to finish it with JH. I don’t think Mom has much of a reason here other than she’s a control freak and social climber. JH: You’re sleeping already? A gorgeous song plays as JA turns out the light. YE runs off smiling. Home > Something in the Rain > Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 11. If I weren’t the focus, I don’t think I would have any other wishes. I can endure anything. JH: There can’t be any others. JA: So? Siiigghh…. Was so happy that he kept yelling at her in this episode!! I love you. The Game: Towards Zero (Jan) She waits outside and thinks for a moment. SH: Mom! This… this thing doesn’t even know to be ashamed. Appa mentions that they like eah other, love is like that. SH: That’s what I say. Do you think that? JH walks her all the way to her car. SH: Brother-in-law? This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. he gets a text from JA, JA: do you have time? It won’t do if you’re hurt. JH: Should I call you brother-in-law? Okay. JH: You left the store awhile ago, so what have you been doing instead of going home? Umma says she doesn’t regret, ever. OMG!!! Hm? You are not good enough for my standard. it looks like he might be crying, but we only see his back. So I think they may not be dating but just very comfortable with each other. It’s because I don’t want you to go through difficulties when I’m not here. Hm? Netflix does not having it on their scheduled shows for May and didn’t see it on any MORNING Mother: You’ll probably be saddened at my words. they joke a lot about being the best. This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. JM thinks CG should think about surviving (but he presses the button on his recording pen). He is putting all of his caring heart to me. All the stories are based on truth. Not that. —————– Which is obviously insane, because EITHER WAY she’s going to get hurt, so what was the point? Shes old and independent enough to do so or is this a Korean thing? Umma checks JA’s room and sees that she is gone. JM is all like, what is going on? Meanwhile, JM meets with some of the other men in the company. Her mother has the same question. But I thought the above for a moment….! So that his life can be right and proper, you have to correct each thing that happens. (to SH) And, you’re the same as well. Some parents intrinsically associate their child’s success with their own. Parents should tell kids to grow. JA goes back inside her home. But they may date after the drama? So, please be understanding of me today. I thought Mom’s act with Joon Hee was pretty enlightening. JA tells him not to fight against Umma too. Thank you so much! JH: Then what are the limits? the CEO tells him to keep doing it. He opens it and sees her running to his place. I know exactly the kind of person Yoon Jin Ah is, but because of me, you’re talking trash about yourself. JA runs to her building, puts in the code, and goes inside. Don’t we always agree? If you like what you see then consider whitelisting us from your adblocking software so we can keep doing what we do! So annoying. SY says she is not excluding herself, she leaves. Understand? In dictum, turpis vel luctus tristique, leo nibh vestibulum nunc, at placerat nibh dolor sit amet mi. PREVIEW Why? JH looks at his phone. From what we’ve seen she browbeats her family into obeying her whims and is overly conscious of her social standing with regards to marriage. However, there are men and women who do not take after their Mother or Father, so this opinion does not apply to everyone but it is something to think about especially with a prospective mother-in-law from hell like Jin-ah’s Mother. Mother: Hurry up and come in! As the Foreign Press Conference was conducted probably in China, I guessed the drama will make JH to go to China for work and cause JH and JA to be apart. She doenst’ want to think about this too much. (besides her greed). SH: Oh, really. Mother: Do you want to go home in a taxi? She puts on her shoes and a long shall and heads out into the rain. Like this. COFFEE COMPANY SY leaves. I hope all the websites which reflect it is airing on Netflix in USA and Canada on May 26th are correct. Both leads do an excellent job, and the whole cast is good. Mom! JA: Are you leaving? But then KS gets a phone call and tells JH to leave. Thanks so much for the hard work putting this together! Mom rings the doorbell again. The ladies look at all the perverted text mesages from the director about how they have nice lipstick today and they look good today. JH: I won’t do it. He keeps singing like a drunken man and goes to his bedroom. I couldn’t live. Umma says other people….JH is not like that. So tell me, what is love? © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In the office, BR looks at JA, she looks at bit concerned. Jun-hui is more concerned about Jin-a's feelings than his own, and refuses to give up his relationship with Jin-a despite her mom's hurtful words. JA asks her how she can just ignore someone like that? Drama Milk contains ads and affiliate links that keep the lights on over here. She is dressed up so he wonders why she is going to work like that. Can’t wait, losing sleep over this drama and Netflix is one week behind. Money Game (Jan) KS tells her that she likes this too much. Someone came back from Incheon airport. Listen to me, you should only think about JA, her life is dependent on this. He stays in a very expensive hotel. She pulls out and waves. Not evil, or intentionally selfish, just stupid, ignorant, and bullheaded.If she were just “evil” it would be a cheap character. They’re completely ignoring your existence. JH goes outside, it looks like he might have left JA’s shoes at the door though? Then his eyes grow wide. Noona is the one who couldn’t live without me. My parents did it when i was younger. JA: I’ll call you back. (Father goes into the BR singing.) Umma asks how she can say that, they are like family. Than you V for the recap!! You should consult my mother and make ti seem like you need her. her mother is basically waiting at the door for her. That’s so great of you. KS: What? Appa – You should be the daughter, you are not useful at home, being born as man is a sin. I have that kind of caring heart now. I’ll call you. A parent that loses touch with their child’s individuality from themselves. This isn’t inherently bad, but when the parent loses touch with the emotions of their child, they can begin to lose touch with what is actually best for their child. JA: What Mom is imagining. She asked him if he knew who the boyfriend was and he said, it is me. Today is for JH, she is going there for JH. Umma goes to her kitchen and makes her self a drink. JA goes to her room and her Umma mumbles that she is an ungrateful child. Umma asks appa if he would like to ride in a taxi. KS: I am also father’s child. They asks JH if he is still not going. then she tells SH that he didn’t do anything, why did he come to the hospital. JA apologizes. He knows what kind of person she is, but she says bad things for him and misbehaves at home, dont’ do that, it makes me uncomfortable. JH AND KS JA: Please teach me what love is. That I won’t receive any attention. This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. He asks JA what they should do. Wait a second…..you two….it’s not, right?….not happening……. He runs up there and lets her in. He gets up and she tells him, if you step on me! YE says she heard it from….JH. She is at home and doing all the washing, possibly for her mother? Still once you start giving in to pacify the rage you’re setting up a precedent that’ll be hard to escape from. SH shoots his gun at him. If you know that then you shouldnt’ do this! Mother: You can’t reach my standards. —————–. The smile JH had goes away. KS thought JA went there to see KS’s father, but JA says it is a blind date. JA: Are you saying that’s how you saw me? JH: Because I want to see you, darling. JA tells her mother that she is really childish. So, because of that, today is… KS looks like she feels what this conversation might be about. Enough so that I wonder if I’m good enough for him, he’s a wonderful person. Shorthand (Shorthand character chart) Okay, fine. JH goes to his sisters place and wonders what she is doing. JA: Dad, I’ve come to know it for the first time. What?! I’m very disappointed to hear you say that. A good place (with women).

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