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Help your students get the most out of poetry with these six practical steps.

We're kicking things off with a few tips for helping your students unpack all that poetry has to offer. However, keep in mind this is not about skipping lines or condensing. You can think along these questions: What are the connotations associated with the title? Does the poem’s title paint a picture that gives a specific time frame, setting or action? Happy National Poetry Month! Does the poem give any clues about the speaker’s personality, the point of view, age, or gender?

Afterward, talk to your class about their first impression and immediate responses, both positive and negative. This is the theme of the poem. Furthermore, the hypocrisy of the church and the indifference of the nobility are also highlighted in this section. Questions to consider are: After talking about the speaker, it’s important to address the attitude or mood the poem is attempting to convey. The poem begins on the streets of London. And marks emphasize the fact that everyone is marked by woe and weakness. Here, we will be introducing a step by step guide to analyze a poem. You should also look at the title of the poem. It can give you a clue about the poem. What is the Difference Between Flash Forward and... What is the Difference Between Antigone and Creon. Also, we have presented you an example to show how to analyze a poem. The narrator is walking through the streets of London. Is the poet defining something, such as parenthood, risking a life, curiosity, marriage, religious faith, or aging, as in Denise Levertov's "A Woman Alone"? (Repetition, imagery, paradox, alliteration), (Four quatrains with alternate lines rhyming. Or, does the poem move fast, and if so, why? Have your students read the poem once to themselves and then aloud, all the way through, at LEAST twice. Share Out: This is a great time to talk about the idea of metaphor -- the speaker reveals his fear (being exposed and vulnerable) by telling us a story about something different (hermit crabs). Look at the form of the poem; what form does the poem take? First, let’s look at the title of the poem ‘London’. What does he want to convey through the poem? What story does the speaker connect with this secret? Keeping these thoughts in mind, let’s look at the poem. If there are unfamiliar names or concepts mentioned, search them in an encyclopedia. By

Are there any repetitive words? Explore what we do, and how to join.

Here’s how we did it in about 10 minutes of class time: Read the poem aloud (project it or give a copy to students so they can see the words on the page, too. Does the title reflect the content of the poem? Take the next step and join the corps today. Instead you should lead students line-by-line and translate figurative language or unclear phrases into simpler terms that will not get in the way of analyzing the poem later on. Make notes in the margins, underline important words, place question marks where you are confused by something. What is the Difference Between Shakespearean Comedy... What is the Difference Between Russian Formalism and... What is the Difference Between Bru and Nescafe, What is the Difference Between Roll On and Stick Deodorant, What is the Difference Between Thread and Yarn, What is the Difference Between Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia, What is the Difference Between Downhill and Enduro, What is the Difference Between Cause and Reason. The poet uses repetition again to drive home the fact that people are physically and mentally confined and oppressed. In 2020, we celebrate our fourth year of Go Poems, a collection of brief ideas to share a #poemaday in your classroom during National Poetry... Read the poem aloud (project it or give a copy to students so they can see the words on the page, too. They’ll love seeing the trick at the beginning with the title flowing into the first line!).

What are the literary devices used in this poem ? In this stanza, the narrator criticizes the religion and the nobles for exploiting the poor. Naturally, the poem I chose to introduce Smith is his brilliant “Something You Should Know. In an antiwar poem, you may feel protest or moral indignation. Also, the oxymoron of marriage hearse implies the destruction of marriage. Do you feel like reading and analyzing poetry is like trying to decipher an ancient, lost art? Copyright 2020 Teach For America, Inc. All rights reserved. How has the poet used imagery and symbols? Tone can be playful, humorous, regretful, anything — and it can change as the poem … Paraphrasing may seem pretty self-explanatory.

To determine the theme, look over all of your analysis and connect the dots: Interested in learning more about Teach For America? Discuss the attitude each speaker or characters give off. Does he use other literary devices such as paradox, hyperbole, antithesis, etc.? The narrator hears the people’s voice everywhere. He also subtly brings in the word ‘ban’ to emphasize the suppression of people. Hasa has a BA degree in English, French and Translation studies. Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food.

People have no freedom to think or imagine. They look tired, weak, unhappy, and defeated. Also, discuss the poem's structure and rhythm. What is the writer trying to convey through the poem? How are the ideas arranged in the poem? Check out these six ways to analyze a poem. But if you know how to analyze a poem properly, you’ll start loving new poems. Teach For America logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Teach For America, Inc. You'll find great content in your inbox soon. The narrator reflects on and emphasizes the chimney sweepers and soldiers.

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