You can do this manually or by using the 'Extract Method' functionality of your IDE. always execute. Making repeated changes to duplicate code in this way is one of the leading causes of bugs, since it's easy to miss out one of the usages. Sourcery refactors your whole repo on installation and every Pull Request thereafter. Replacing them with a constant means that the literal is stored in one place and only needs to change in that place. In my mind. So maybe you could give us a couple of refactorings out of there that you like code, 23:53 hoisting is like, one of the best things because anytime you got duplicate code, you've got a way can introduce mistakes real easily. So it's cool to have like extensions for the ID that will sort of not quite be a paired programming partner, but someone to sort of sit there. And then I realized, you know, reading what he was talking about, like, oh, there's this way to take the bad stuff you've already put down as like sediment in the crystal and like, turn that into something that can be improved and grown over time. 04:17 Like why I can't read this or symbols all over what it's trying to tell me. You also talks about just applying it to open source libraries. Write better code faster using the power of AI. involve multiple lines. nesting is a bad idea. If you'd like a tool which can perform these sorts of refactorings automatically, try Sourcery. Let's take a look at some code to get an idea of how to proceed: Here we can see that the calls split into three groups - those that call methods on the kettle, the teapot and then the cup. Let's extract this method, and call it next_player, since it moves the current_player on to the next valid value. And yeah, try to use hotkeys rather than mouse a lot. Yeah, with the type annotations. I mean, where is there as developers, and I think we're finding it really hard ourselves. What do you do in day to day? It doesn't have you know, a for a numerical for loop. We're planning on expanding this blog series out and linking them in as additional documentation, Yeah, that's a really good point. And I remember reading a book about complex numbers being super proud of getting my calculator to a fractal. I was always trying to get the graduate, Neil computer worked out to read it. But it's like, oh, cool. And it was between JVM languages.

Right, it kind of deodorizes the code smell a little bit. Just follow this link and select your repos. Very cool. Let's extract this method, and call it next_player, since it moves the current_player on to the next valid value. It also gets in the way of genuine comments, which can become lost in a sea of out of date code lines. Doing things this way has the added advantage of being a nice little performance improvement. We got you. And I just remember, it really changed my way of thinking about programming, like digging into refactoring. Looking at the top-level make_tea function you can now read the three top-level stages of making tea like a little story. And if it finds any improvements to the code or to any other files that have been touched by the pull request, then it will create a pull request on top of that saying, here's the changes that you can make an improvement to it, yeah, then you can just merge that pull request in straight away, 23:53 when you first install it. And it looks for the patterns like you say.

If the call to any() A common pattern is that we need to find if some condition holds for one or all I ended up with wrist injuries from refactoring code using Ctrl. At this stage we have a mixture of levels of abstraction in our make_tea function - switching on a kettle is a simpler operation than the multiple steps involved in our pour_tea function. And like, right, we will make mistakes. Yeah. And as you're coding away, it sits there reading your code and analyzing it. generate a range of numbers that can be iterated over. 23:53 This portion of talk Python to me is brought to you by linode. So nowadays, I don't do crazy refactor, crazy rewrites like that i incrementally improve through small changes. From our domain knowledge (being British may help here) these also correspond to the three stages of making a cup of tea - boiling the kettle, brewing the tea and then pouring it into a cup and serving it.

I know computers now. 19:44 you convert it and they stole your book. To achieve this let's go ahead and extract out the other two functions as well. 23:53 where you guys charge money for something. Yeah, I mean, it seems to me really useful to have it just built into GitHub, automatically, looking over the code, because I know you all have worked with different groups of people at different companies, different languages, my experience has been that people don't care about code quality, and refactoring and testing, and maintainability, and patterns and all that kind of stuff. Cool. to maybe you don't necessarily know that idioms. And then it says. 23:53 So I totally expected to hear automation from you guys, and applying sorcery back unto itself and things like this. Opinions vary on how long they should be, but in general the shorter the better. Commented out code is confusing. The focus of this series is on why these changes are good ideas, not just on how to do them.

Cool. And I guess it's one of the things we're trying to kind of achieve a sorcery is sort of, if there's a machine that can do the refactoring for you, it can be less worried about it being under test, because you know, it's done proper analysis. And it reads all the inputs the workout, which bits of the code it needs to compile, it compiles the whole thing down. This code is easier to understand, and a lot less cluttered. 23:53 gonna look at say the tool set is good. Yeah, indeed. So we think, yeah, if you're reading the code from top to bottom, by the time you've got to the 10th line of code, if you've got seven variables in your head, then you don't understand the you don't understand the function anymore. So. Is that was a really fun project as well. And then they just go write code in it, right?

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