On The Clone Wars, fans learned that the Zabrak live under a matriarchy, with the powerful Zabrak women serving as something akin to dark side witches. What species do you suppose tastes more like bacon, Gamorreans or Ugnaughts? Ahsoka was one of the few Jedi to fight in both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. The bantha was actually a female Asian elephant wearing a head mask, palm fronds and tubing to stand in for the curved horns, according to "The Moviemaking Magic of Star Wars: Creatures + Aliens." Assisting Oz with puppeting Yoda, Chapman realized how real the creature's legacy became for him. It was only the careful planning of a Jedi Knight and one pissed off Princess that brought down Jabba, but knowing the Hutts, Jabba won’t be the only slimy member of this putrid race that spreads greed and terror throughout the galaxy. In "A New Hope," the bantha was actually an elephant wearing a head mask, palm fronds and tubing. Jedi Master Yoda is just one of many intriguing creatures we encounter in the Star Wars universe. The Sears’ Snaggs was a tall alien in a blue jumpsuit and silver moon boots. The alien species on the screen intrigue but don't overwhelm the human imagination because they're rooted in familiar animals we know on Earth. According to Expanded Universe lore, Ishi Tib love to succeed and are perfectionists by nature, so members of this species often rise to high levels of prominence around the galaxy. Sound designer Ben Burtt was tasked with creating the signature sounds of Chewbacca as one of his first assignments. But when anyone hears these pudgy, sloth-like aliens play a tune, even the hardest heart in the galaxy could be softened. Banthas are beasts of burden used by the sand people on Tatooine and other desert planets. They all freakin’ died because the universe is a harsh place. So before you disparage the Ewoks, remember they’re a race of killers bred for war that use the severed heads of their foes as musical instruments. The Geonosians and their ingenious weaponry really gave the Jedi and the Clones a run for their money. Herring was in charge of the head and body, while Chapman controlled the wings. The Bith design has become one of the of the most familiar alien designs of the entire saga. Max could be seen laughing through all the devouring, killings, and executions in Jabba’s Palace. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker introduced new creatures to the Star Wars universe, and some were featured more prominently than others. The Twi'lek are similarly visually striking, with many having bright skin in colors like blue, green, and orange. There would be no Boba Fett or Empire. You never see this race in the films, but the Bothan legacy is felt throughout Return of the Jedi. I looked down at him in my arms, and in that moment, it was so surreal.". A number of Klatooinian Jedi were introduced in the prequels, showing that Klatooinians can be more than just scumbag cannon fodder. The Bothans in the Thrawn novels were foils to the heroes of the Rebellion, but the Bothans mentioned in the films were held in the highest regards as martyrs and heroes. The dewback was a puppet made from the body of a stuffed rhinoceros, fitted with a reptilian head and tail. The Snaggletooth figure is an especially notable part of Star Wars lore because of the error in the first wave of the toy that was only available as a Sears exclusive. They want it to be grounded in biology and obeying the laws of nature, to a degree. The first Clawdite fans ever encountered (that we know of because, you know, Changelings) is Zam Wessel, the female bounty hunter that tried to kill Senator Padme Amidala in Attack of the Clones. Not bad for a species never seen onscreen. Keep gluing on those horns and rocking that face paint, cosplayers! Star Wars fans got to meet a number of Neimoidians during the prequels, and each one was a bigger sycophant than the last. You might recognize them as the aliens who greeted Obi-Wan when he was on the hunt for General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith. Star Wars: The Mandalorian: The Art & Imagery Collector's Edition Vol. The design also needs to be simple and recognizable. This Amanin (also known as Amanaman, thanks to Kenner) is not only an unrepentant killer, he drags around dead body just because he can. This mysterious race hails from the plant Csilla in the Unknown Regions, an unmapped sector of space yet to be fully explored by the rest of the galaxy.

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