I find myself using the vintage verb more than the room, but they're both fantastic. Covers all my delay needs, for both bass guitar and synths. The Big Sky is cool; that’s why everyone owns one, but it’s overwhelming in the amount of options it has and the menu dive, etc. If you already have a delay, BigSky is fantastic. Already have an account? I have all the Valhalla reverb plugs as well as the Big Sky and I can tell you that Valhalla will get you a lot of what the Big Sky does but not all. However, my plugins aren't currently running in a robust stomp box, painted a beautiful metallic blue. Reverb, typically placed last in a pedal effects chain, often comes bottom of the list of priorities when setting up a guitar rig — and in many cases doesn't make the cut at all! I don't think I would happily part with either one now that I have them. I probably wouldn't reccomend either based on your requirements. However, Strymon have responded with sonics to satisfy tone-obsessed guitarists and golden-eared producers alike, and by making their system more user friendly — there isn't a single push-this-while-pressing-that operation in sight.

It sounds great. Is it dependent upon the high and low filter? i am really happy with my flint. Strymon - Big Sky vs. Blue Sky. Hit a selected preset to activate bypass, and the LED turns off. On the BigSky, try setting the MODE parameter in the PARAMS menu to REGEN and using either just +Octave or +Octave & 5th settings. The LED above a selected preset glows green and becomes amber once the preset has been edited.

It's expensive but its also one of the best sounding 'normal' reverbs available imo. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. And I never use the Shimmer algo. There's no USB socket, or any other form of digital connectivity, however (more on this later). The Strymon Big Sky was designed from the ground up as a successor to their earlier reverb pedal, the Blue Sky, with more versatility and Strymon’s famous quality packed into every detail. The Reflections machine brings us back to reality, allowing both left/right and front/back placement of a source signal within a stereo reverb space. I have all three pedals you mentioned. 13 comments. Cured my GAS for an Eventide. Major editing functions are served by dedicated knobs for decay time, pre-delay, mix, tone and modulation. Other functions can be found in a menu accessed by pressing the Value encoder: the list is mercifully short, with six parameters common to all presets, and between two and six unique parameters, depending on the reverb type. Okay, after some experimenting (admittedly with somewhat interesting results) I think bolting on the filter afterwards does not result in the kind of effect that the Chorale demo demonstrated. As such, it's much more useful in the studio than as a live tool — its spatial subtleties would be lost in a concert environment. blueSky even delivers an extremely versatile plate reverb, a rarity for a stompbox pedal. Easy to use and sounds amazing.

But I see your dilemma. To see the prizes and rules: I have been on the same quest recently and believe I may simply go with Strymon's Timeline in order to have reverb and delay in the same boat. I am not sure if you could get Magneto that easily either. Presets, edited or otherwise, can be saved to any of the 300 locations that are arranged in 100 banks, with A, B and C variations. The thing is crying out to be used in a studio, but as it stands, a fully wired device necessitates a clutter of no less than seven leads (eight with an expression pedal), plus a USB-to-MIDI converter to load updates, and awkward workarounds for integrating with a DAW. I have a Blue Sky. Not sure if you’ve taken a look at it, but it’s the ultimate reverb pedal. Love ALL the Valhalla plugs, everyone should have them IMHO. It's not perfect but its a hell of a pedal for $100. A blinking LED would be a much better way to indicate a selected-but-bypassed preset, and I hope that Strymon will address this soon. So, returning to the Big Sky's primary function as a guitar pedal, it's worth mentioning that when switching patches or hitting bypass, the Spillover and Persist functions allow reverb tails to fade naturally, rather than end abruptly. This imperfect situation is further undermined by the fact that a 50/50 dry/wet mix is achieved at the three o'clock position, something one wouldn't know without having had a good read through the manual. The only negative is I wish they had a better method of paging through the presets with your foot. Shimmer and Room are everything you'll want. -if shimmer is important to you - the big sky allows you to select two separate intervals in the shimmer mode. Wet/dry blend saveable on a per-patch basis. The H9 seems to sound more like a natural reverb, but doesn't sound as transparent about the original source signal staying unchanged compared to the strymon. --弹幕-- -- -- -- 稿件投诉. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Dismiss.

It has everything: presets, banks, cab simulation, a bunch more algorithms, more tweakable features and settings, switchable buffer, and more. Autoswell, destroyer and pattern tremolo are all very cool, but I expected more from traditional modulation.....just set delay time to minimum. Both of these do the basics really well and have a few special tricks going on too. You need an account to post a reply. Definitely not Chorale on its own. Again, the choice of mode is configurable by preset, with Infinity adding newly played notes to the reverb, and Freeze ignoring new notes to allow noodling over a static background wash.

It sounds better, too, with a more dynamic response, and a beautifully smooth, grit-free top end. The BigSky reverb pedal has the three reverb types that are available on the blueSky pedal, however, though they both sound great, they have slight sonic differences. Tempo can be dictated by use of a tap switch plugged into the expression pedal input, or by slaving to MIDI clock. really it comes down to what you want from a reverb. Most of the plug-ins I've tried that are of that type are more "character" and less quality. Who said the BigSky can't do regular verbs? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the guitarpedals community. the blue sky allows an octave, a fifth, and an octave plus fifth. Sounds can be gently tweakedIn addition to the anticipated analogue audio I/O, the Big Sky sports an expression pedal input, a cabinet emulation switch and MIDI I/O. Finally, the dual-mode Sustain function allows a reverb to continue indefinitely, activated by a simple press-and-hold of the current preset footswitch. This, coupled with a saveable-per-patch dry/wet mix control, gives the unit an edge no other reverb pedal can currently match. My advice is to get Valhalla Room and Shimmer. Then use VVV as send with the wet signal run through EQ8 and see if that works.

Valhalla Shimmer is actually better than the Strymon Shimmer. And while it may appear to be a big brother to their highly regarded Blue Sky reverb, the newcomer was in fact designed from the ground up, with all-new algorithms. The Big Sky is a unique reverb pedal, offering studio-quality effects and some unique algorithms that justify its price tag. I have used midi in the past to change the preset simultaneously with other pedals like my Timeline using a midi controller pedal. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. Comment below your own review or any questions you may have regarding this product. It sounds great. Blue sky is cool for when you just need a couple algorithms and a smallish footprint. The Big Sky is piled high with reverb, and although there are many different engines to select, it kind of reads clearly as reverb. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. Sorry to plug them but I live a town over from their headquarters and I fully do believe this pedal to be the best of both worlds of the Strymons in question. The Strymon engineers do something magical to their tone-stack - using high and low-cut filters to temper and smooth out unruly high frequencies and fluttery or distorted bass. What about the swell on the timeline compared with the mobius? $50. Overall, the Big Sky is something of a triumph, producing hyper-realistic rooms, ambient space trips and everything in between with ease and finesse. Look into the Source Audio Ventris...it is programmable like the BlueSky but cheaper, and the reverb quality is on par if not better than Strymon’s. I’ve never owned either, but I’ve put plenty of hours into the ones that friends of mine own. A little bit of macro programming should result in E/A morphs. Also on the blueSky, the Plate reverb with Shimmer has an octave up, and the Spring and Room types have an octave plus a fifth up. Sorry to dig up this old chestnut, but I was looking at Big Skys and I found this thread. In fairness though, inclusion of USB audio would have driven up the cost of a device that's already not cheap, and Strymon's core followers are musicians first, recordists second. Strat-Talk.com is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. If you're not doing either of those things, it's a waste of space and money. The Ventris is listed at $100 more than the Blue Sky on Sweetwater. Of course, depending on the type of music being made, a dash of reverb from the amp may well be sufficient to meet a player's needs, but the splashy, retro charm of the spring reverb does have its limits, and anyone looking to create lush soundscapes and more controlled or extreme 'modern' sounds will need to seek out a dedicated device. What made me choose it over say the blue sky, was the added benefit of multiple presets (three selectable at any time, mind you for all 200 pre-sets).

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