© 2020 PS Audio - Boulder, Colorado, USA, Steve Waksman, Rock Musicologist: Part Two, Ohm Acoustics’ John Strohbeen: Audiophile Engineering, Brooklyn Style, Lou Reed’s Berlin – Its Music from a Fresh Perspective, On the Beach In Puerto Vallarta, February 2019. Once it had been sold for $695 in the later 70ies and early 80ies, nowadays you can get them for about $20-50 dollars in generally "ok" condition. Great articles of music and audio without ads.

J.Strohbeen: Yes, we have found differences in sonic balance preferences and occasionally [we’ve done] custom drivers for consumers that need to fit [their speakers to] a specific room/placement problem. Passive or active, ground stack or hang. Note: Most Ohm upgrades require no specialized knowledge and are easily completed completed by any person. the liquid cooled voice coil offers greater transient ability which handles the dynamic range of CD's and DVD's, the SubBass Activator reduces distortion, extends deepest bass, increases dynamic range and provides a self-resetting protection circuit to allow 200 watt amplifiers, and. If it's bad it will tear, I have a pair of Ohm C2 speakers I have had since 1980. Now they are all black (except on some current white speakers, we have white as an option). As a longtime Brooklyn based company, has Ohm ever been approached by or been involved with the Brooklyn independent music scene? BRS-12A3 System. Ohm speakers at the recent New York Audio Show. Would it need an expensive stand to sound right? Still excellent shape - had woofers refoamed in early 90s. 3. We will see/hear the results soon. J.Strohbeen: I am not familiar with Tomita’s Sound Cloud; but, if your description “…with music coming simultaneously from everywhere and nowhere.” is accurate – no. Over $650.00 - apply Price filter. John Strohbeen graciously took the time to take some questions from John Seetoo for Copper.

Replies to my comments

Especially with out grills on. When I returned, Sandy told me he wanted to do this full time and be the permanent manager.

The woofer is generally the largest driver in the system which covers the bass and mid-range frequency.

Check out the issue Table of Contents here... New York City’s Brooklyn is famous for a number of things. This was the most popular of Ohm’s large bookshelf designs and it was known for being detailed and properly balanced at both soft and high listening levels. My room acoustics could be better which limits my ability to give you more indepth review. Photo courtesy of Ohm Acoustics Corp. John Seetoo: I am old enough to remember Tech HiFi, which you founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. the poly-cone gives a smoother transition to the tweeter for more natural vocal reproduction. They also provide music instruction classes.). We made and sold a few systems together, but eventually realized that DSP work was going to cost as much as the hardware. I offered him a partnership and we made the best decision of our careers: We opened a second store, but hired two store managers and devoted our personal time to growing the business. The low tweeter is generally the midsize driver in the system which covers the upper mid-range and low treble. The crossover is the electrical circuit that protects the tweeters from the low frequency energy that is reproduced by the main drivers. I do have one miner criticism about your comment that the C2 was Ohm's most successful speaker. Actually, for a couple of years this century I worked closely with one of America’s leading pro sound consultants on developing a Walsh based studio monitor. New York-based John Seetoo has been a musician, producer and writer for several decades, including his solo work, his seminal Chinese-American rock band Nekron 99, and session work for a variety of artists.

$300.00 to $650.00 - apply Price filter. Was thinking of upgrading to the current 10s if it means the cone/driver is messed up. Use an oil finish, ideally "natural" to maintain the original wood color, such as, set of soft brushes and other cleaning utensils, very fine sandpaper (1000 Grit and finer), Acoustic Research AR-3a Speaker Review, Specs and Price, JBL L100 / L-100 Century Speaker Review, Specs and Price, Acoustic Research AR-2ax and AR-2x Speaker Review, Specs and Price, Acoustic Research AR-4, AR-4x and AR-4xa Speaker Review, Specs and Price, Speaker Repairs - Part 2: Sealing and Protecting, Dynaco A-25 Speaker Review, Specs and Price, Pioneer HPM 150 (HPM 1500) Speaker Review, Specs and Price. They are a nice warm sounding speaker. Cost about $300/pair, and worth every penny. Tung oil on veneer make them shine like new. It is the ONLY full range speaker that didn’t need a woofer and tweeter. But they still suffer imaging problems that come with fully omni designs: The center-channel image moves with you as you go from speaker to speaker. Personally I think they sound better in the low end. Still sound great but I am downsizing to a condo so won't have room for them. This can only fail, in rare instances, from overdriving the speakers.

This is not what we try to achieve with Ohm speakers. If so, would such a speaker be something like the Ohm L? J.Strohbeen: Being box speakers, the L and C2 suffer from the same problems with imaging and narrow listening “sweet spots” that are eliminated with the Walsh driver.

Any ideas? You can also subscribe without commenting. You can also GENTLY squeeze or tug at the foam. Play any songs that include ample bass and the foam will disintegrate. J.Strohbeen: Is an Ohm L “small” by today’s standards? Installation Touring. Ohm claims they will take up to 200 watt amp now. And, you don’t have to sit in one spot to enjoy the music; almost anywhere they sound natural – even the next room listening through an open door! © 2001-2020 Ohm Speakers All Rights Reserved. How did you go from studying engineering at MIT to becoming a retail audio entrepreneur? Ohm president John Strohbeen. Also have Ads880's which I like about as well. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Save ohm c2 speakers to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. I only got four people to order; but it got me started. We ship the upgrade to your door with clear, easy instructions. US ones. His writing on finance, music, film and other topics have appeared in a variety of periodicals and websites. Brand New Walsh 2000s Available to Audition in Germany, Hear the Walsh 3000 at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019. The Ohm C2 is a decent vintage speaker. Neither of us had the expertise to do the job right. (1) With the return of the original part for recycling within 60 days. J.Strohbeen: I don’t like the presentation of headphones; the sound should not come from the center of your head. Can recommend them. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. J.Strohbeen: The woofers for the C2s and L benefited from Marty’s experience with the full range Walsh drivers. The Vietnam War was hot at the time and veterans were bringing back Japanese audio products that outperformed the American-made products we could buy; so we wrote to the companies in Japan and became early promoters. I agreed [to carry Ohm] if he agreed to make less expensive speakers for us to sell under the TDC brand (our private label Transducer Design Corporation). The cabinet is finished on five sides in real walnut veneer and black Formica on the rear.

I have a pair of C 2's I purchased in 1977. As Ohm continues to service them, would a reissue production of these or even the later model CAM 32 and 42 ever be in the cards for the future? Ohm allows up to $695 for the return of a complete undamaged pair of Ohm C2's toward 25% of the purchase price of new Ohm speakers. Photo courtesy of Harris Fogel. It was not, that recognition should go to the Ohm model L. It was THE most sold speaker that Ohm produced in those days. J.Seetoo: Given the current generation’s standard of listening through earbuds, would Ohm consider producing a small bookshelf speaker to capitalize on the resurgence of interest in vinyl records? There are two (sometimes only one) controls on the back for the tweeters. We also experienced this problem with the Ohm A and Ohm F. The current generation of Ohm Walsh speakers has nearly eliminated this problem. Anyway you could put that back up? Why fight old battles? All Now that I had a store, I wanted to keep it open, so I hired other students to cover most of the time.

We do take any Ohm speaker in trade and give up to the full original selling price as a trade-in value.

While the Walsh omnidirectional speakers are clearly the product that sets Ohm apart from its rivals, the C2 and L speakers were big sellers during their production time. For our 50th Anniversary, we expect to claim top-ranking in a couple of other sonic dimensions. While you mention the engineering work that went into modifying the voicing of Ohm speakers for the Japanese market while retaining Ohm’s characteristic imaging, is this cultural preference differential something that you have found in other countries also? I recently purchased a pair of C2's that need refoaming. Find out more. What circumstances led to the halt in production of Ohm’s conventional loudspeakers? Pre-Owned. When you move your head, you should get more imaging clues – not have the source move. I don’t think I am ready to go backwards. It was one of the first stereo specialty stores to feature Japanese hi-fi brands like Sony, Pioneer, Teac/Tascam, Kenwood, Technics/Panasonic, Onkyo and Sansui. J.Seetoo: One of the things that had attracted me to the Ohm C2 speakers at the time was a sense of realism in the music that, to my ear at the time, was comparable to what I had heard in professional recording studios, which often had the large UREI or JBL 4311 monitors.

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