We use a secret ProModal fabric blend that feels great against your skin, provides all-day comfort all day and is built to last. We firmly believe that finding high-quality undershirts should be a lot simpler. This Men's sweat proof undershirt white (crew-neck) slim fit by TR+O represents an innovation in sweat proof technology and comfort. We spent 5 years perfecting the fit and feel of our undershirts.

Lasting durability What good is an undershirt if it tears or has holes after only a few uses? A nice, colored shirt can also serve as a straightforward crew T-shirt without really looking like you’re sporting your undershirt, should happy hour happen on some sunny porch.

The Responsive V-Neck is almost like wearing a science experiment (but in a good way). This means that your undershirt will help you stay cool when things start heating up. But let’s face it – the vast majority of men’s undershirts sold at the big box stores just don’t cut it. Go with something more tailored or even opt for snug-fitting stretch undershirts which hug your torso like a glove. This Men's sweat proof undershirt Black (round-neck) by TR+O represents an innovation in sweat proof technology and comfort. We’re confident that you’re going to love everything about your UnderFit products. Hola! Custom tailored T-Shirts with perfect fit guarantee. ", "I never thought I needed custom underwear until I came across these Nic Tailors. As far as fabrics, you’ve basically got three options.

We use only the highest quality materials. Their polyester/rayon fabric provides four-way stretch, with a proprietary anti-smell treatment that fights the growth of odor-causing microbes, and fits with next-to-skin comfort without feeling like you’re in a synthetic fabric vice. If your typical uniform is a suit and tie, stick with basic white or light gray (which actually makes your white dress shirt look even whiter), but if you’re a business-casual office environment, feel free to branch out into a few different colors that play against other parts of your attire. Fitted Undershirts Check out our Fitted Undershirts below. Uncategorized. "No rising, No billowing. They look terrible … even when they’re hidden under other clothes. © 2020 TR+O Undershirts ", "If there is a better purpose-built undershirt out there, we have yet to find it.". When choosing the right undershirt, consider both your workplace and your professional wardrobe. Beginning today, we are here to announce our latest sales going on!

Check out our Fitted Undershirts below.

Subscribe below for more exclusive offers. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. For years TR+O has been developing the perfect undershirts for professionals suffering from excessive underarm sweating.

Unlike cotton, it has an exceptionally high tensile strength, making it harder to rip and tear. Buying an undershirt isn’t rocket science. Spanish Kit. ", "Gotta tell you, it’s a very nice product. (With underwear, we accept unopened/non-worn returns.). tailored undershirts.

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Men's Sweat Proof Undershirt Black - V-Neck - Slim Fit by TR+O. Our fabric is mainly composed of beech wood pulp that is made into cellulosic (or plant-based) fibers.

Super-soft fabric The secret to UnderFit’s superior comfort starts with the fabric. 20% Off First Purchase | Free ShippingLearn More. We won’t ask questions. It also comes with a reinforced back, neck and shoulder seams, so it should outlast lesser versions of the typical cotton undershirt. Our ProModal fabric helps to regulate temperature to let your body breathe when the heat goes up. We won’t ask questions. 2x as soft as cotton The secret to UnderFit’s superior comfort starts with the fabric.

We use only the highest quality materials. The soft fabric, combined with our unique cut, ensure this will be the best-fitting undershirt you’ve ever worn. Advanced moisture absorption Just because you’re perspiring doesn’t mean others need to know about it. 0 .

Rejecting the less-than-ideal performance characteristics of cotton (which doesn’t wick sweat or dry quickly, and can’t keep you warm when it wets out), the Mr. Davis Tailored-Cut undershirt is made of 96 percent buttery-soft bamboo, along with four percent spandex to help it retain its shape. And at only $35, you get a lot of tech for a refreshingly low price point. ", "Wonderful custom undershirts. Stay tucked all day, anti-odor, and incredibly soft. All rights reserved. Want some help picking out the best one to wear to the office? Subscribe to receive updates, access to exclusive deals, and more. Our cuts are such that your undershirt will always stay tucked-in.

Experience mind-blowing softness or get your money back.

Men's Sweat Proof Undershirt Black - Crew Neck - Slim Fit by TR+O. It’s comfortable, for certain. Men's Sweat Proof Undershirt - White - Crew Neck - Relaxed Fit by TR+O. Now, we bring them to you. It also has a silky feel and it includes elastane – known as Spandex in the U.S. – that helps provide a stretchy fit. And then there’s merino wool, an unlikely suspect for an undershirt — save that in many situations it’s kind of perfect. We managed to get through a whole day without a single untuck from under our made-to-measure shirts. Smartwool’s 150 line is the company’s lightest, most versatile layer and employs merino fibers that are wrapped around a nylon core for added durability, with an overall slim fit that pairs nicely with looser button-downs, but can be worn solo while hiking, biking, traveling or hitting the gym. by October 11, 2020. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. tailored undershirts. This Men's sweat proof undershirt Black (V-neck) Slim Fit by TR+O represents an innovation in sweat proof technology and comfort.

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