The love Of my life @bkbmg ❤️❤️❤️ this man gives me goose bumps!!!!! I always thought he was sexy. Nothing makes me happier!!!!! They look so cute as a couple. Once u get 2 b a certain age u oughta b used 2 the trim by now. LOL so it ain’t just me who sees it? Do better Jill. Tasha Smith Reveals She Is Dating Michael K. Williams. Love her. Congratulations to the new couple?? Child yes!!!!!!!!! Also, they have a more recent show together, called "Hap and Leonard". Is that what you mean? Okay Miss Tasha I see you and your Chocolate Drop. Good for them. Two absolutely beautiful spirits ✨ Love y’all. While Smith doesn’t define their speculated relationship, she states just how much Williams means to her. ????? !” Per walter lee, tyler was called out yrs ago, by being in a gay relationship. I love him as ‘Chalky White’ - congrats to the coupe!!! An hour after the Running Out of Time star, Williams uploaded the same image to his own Instagram and seemingly described speaking love into existence. And I do mean EVERYTHING! Actors Tasha Smith and Michael K. Williams Are Off the Market. He alluded to being bisexual on the breakfast club. Oh no we won't bih. ? they same mouth!!?? I seldom saw him with men or women except his baby mama/wife. She began her career in a starring role on the NBC comedy series Boston Common (1996–97), and she had a recurring role as Cookie Lyon's sister Carol Holloway on the now canceled Fox primetime soap opera series Empire. Michael K. Williams & Marsha Stephanie Blake On New Netflix Series, ‘When They See Us’, Tasha Smith on Never Quitting, Stripping & Always Being Authentic, Ruth Carter Gets Black Women in Hollywood Dancing with Viral Challenge, Michael K. Williams Is a ‘Changed Person’ After ‘Finding Your Roots’. It'll be like a thousand firecrackers heard round the world. "I'm just more interested in a person being on the same level, if not higher, than what I'm on. Auntie can we get a medical minute on yellowish eyes? “Nothing makes me happier!!!!! Terms of Use | Listen honey, I'm too old to be taking care of a grown man, you know?" ? on Keri Hilson “ Cannot Keep A Man”. If celebrities didn't post news about themselves or have paps following them around it would put blogs out of business so you can miss me with that.."stop putting your personal business on SM. Oh, the shade of it all.....Kerry talking about "we'll catch up"! Good for you Tasha, happiness is a beautiful thing. He plays a HELLUVA drag queen! I've often found that older people are more obsessed with social media than the youngins... Facebook is the 40-70 year old's playground. Tasha Smith, 48, posted a poolside photo with fellow actor Michael K. Williams, 52, on Monday. He is always in bitch mode . good for them..maybe she can encourage him to go get his liver checked.. Auntie.. can we get a medical minute on Jaundice and Cirrhosis of the Liver? (2007), its sequel Why Did I Get Married Too? But wasn't it rumored he was gay/bisexual? I re-watched that WHOLE series just for him LOVED how the last season was mostly about Chalky and his life. Tasha Smith, 48, posted a poolside photo with fellow actor Michael K. Williams, 52, on Monday. ? Really likable. I love Sade ?. I wanna say he admitted it in the breakfast club. this man gives me goose bumps!!!!! I'm open to marriage, but it's not on the forefront of what I need to have right now. For the most part Sandra posts news about celebrities. I can’t remember what magazine it was. awww hubby loved Hap and Leonard....good show! These are two of my favorite actors/people!! You come on these blogs to be nosy just like everyone else. I'm not trying to clean nobody up – you gotta be cleaned already. Tasha Smith Says Michael K. Williams Is the Love of Her Life, Right Off Her Historic Turn Hosting the VMAs, Keke Palmer Deserves a Drink “Who’s Making Margs”, Check Out Our Interview with Katori Hall the Brainchild of the Hottest New Show P-Valley, The Storm Stands As a Call to Remember Our Ancestors, Kevin Hart’s Hilarious New Show “Die Hart” Features Game of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel, Pastor Cal Shares What Black Love Looks Like on The New Season of Married at First Sight, THE OLD GUARD: GINA PRINCE-BYETHWOOD’S ACTION FILM DEBUT, WRITER KATORI HALL MAKES THE JUMP FROM THEATER TO TELEVISION WITH HER NEW SHOW “P-VALLEY” PREMIERING 7/12/2020 ON STARZ, SEASON FINALE OF GIRLFRIENDS CHECK IN - TISHA CAMPBELL, HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE, KYM WHITLEY and AJ JOHNSON. She posted a picture of the two along with the caption: "Nothing makes me happier!!!!! They look alike low key. Nice couple.... Everytime l turned around she was talking bout her man 24/7. Blessings to both of yall. A post shared by Michael K Williams (@bkbmg) on May 27, 2019 at 1:23pm PDT. She posted a picture of the two along with the caption: "Nothing makes me happier!!!! Black love is great!! LMAO!!! Actress Tasha Smith, 48, reveals the affection she has for former, ‘The Wire’ actor Michael K. Williams, 52. I’m just dating openly, and I’m probably the perfect person to date because I’m not into putting any pressure on you or myself. I never had a problem aging, long as I still had it going on. However stating "the love of my life" while in the "dating phase" IS putting pressure on the other party sis. She's pretty without makeup. A post shared by Tasha4realsmith (@tasha4realsmith) on May 27, 2019 at 12:50pm PDT. I saw his ole azz n l bet he has had several Monster ball moments in his day. Nothing more or less. His azz was tooo lazy 2 pay for her round trip 2 fla on valuejet for 150.00 n she talking bout his azz tooo death. Williams, who has a son named Elijah, was never married. Maybe not the one's she'd want. TV & Film. Tired of the l got a penis announcements. She probably isn't. He did an interview on CBS over the weekend and I was like dude you really wore an Adidas tracksuit? They look alike low key. Doc told me she has the health of someone 45. Let's be realistic. She's mine too. Babyyyy Sade was in LOVE and the lyrics to lots of her songs clearly displayed that. I like them together. Sade is my absolute favorite female recording artist. Smith is best known for playing stereotypical loud, feisty, neck rolling Black women in the Tyler Perry films Why Did I Get Married? The actress/ Tasha Smith Actor’s Workshop owner announced over the weekend that she’s found love with Michael K. Williams and she couldn’t be happier. Hope it works out they look good together. Her friend, Jill Scott needs to take notes and learn how to not get in a relationship or marry THE HELP. discovers breakthrough treatment for Covid-19,,,,,, Hope to see her do more after Empires last season. That would be a very LOUD household where U can hear EVERYTHING that is going on. I got soooo tired l told her u divorced n got 2 grown sons in their 20s u should be used 2 some trim by now. Just live love n keep it moving. Hilarious. The actress did not define their relationship but gushed about her affection for the former The Wire star. I couldn't imagine making millions and marrying a ninja who can't match or surpass me. It looks exactly like it looks. Wow did not know that about him. Keep your business to yourself and quit putting everything on social media. He puttin dat monster down!! Gets to be a bit much. Smith posted an photo that shows her lounging by the pool in Atlanta with Williams, 52, on Memorial Day. You ain’t have to do Keri like that auntie ?? But who knows.? I can’t see 2 alphas making it, but best wishes to them. He did!! The 48-year-old actress announced she is dating actor Michael K. Williams. ______________________ Good for her!! Plus they both are VERY unfiltered, straight forward individuals. While she did not define their relationship, Smith gushed in the caption of the image: “Nothing makes me happier!!!! Text “RICKEY” to 71007 to join the Rickey Smiley Morning Show … As a fellow Capricorn, I know when we finally love somebody, we love hard. By closing this banner, scrolling on this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. She parading him around like a prize cow she won at the county fairs. She was on Wendy not too long ago. I adore them both so congratulations! #Carryon, ", And Keri Hilson wants details, "Happy for you, Tashaaa!!! Love is a part of it, but it there to be compatibility at the same time. That facial scar sexy as hell. Copyright © 2020 Sandra Rose. The actress/ Tasha Smith Actor’s Workshop owner announced over the weekend that she’s found love with Michael K. Williams and she couldn’t be happier. My fave character of his is Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire. Omar was my FAVORITE character on The Wire!!! Yep. ", Her celebrity friends congratulated her, including singer Jill Scott who wrote, "Well alllll right!" He's a choreographer. Actress Tasha Smith has inquiring minds wondering if she and actor Michael K. Smith are boo’ed up after she posted a poolside photo of them together on Monday. He dated Tyra Banks, but the rumors never went away. Has this been confirmed or is this rumor because it sounds like bs frfr. ", Well you have been missed.....all the way. That was hilarious. A post shared by Tasha4realsmith (@tasha4realsmith) on May 27, 2019 at 12:50pm PDT, Tags: celebrity couple, Michael K. Williams, Off the Market, Tasha Smith. Tasha Smith has given hope to women of a particular age who believe they will never find love. Do better dude. When you are young beauty is a given, when older thats amazing. Can’t wait to catch up!". Complexions and features matching up lovely. He could definitely get it. Very believable but Clockable! love both of them. Ever watch an 8-episode show that didn't last called, 'The Philanthropist"? Listen honey, I’m too old to be taking care of a grown man, you know?" “I say word is born cause what I speak I manifest #lawofattraction,” he wrote. Two absolutely beautiful spirits.. Love y’all. The love Of my life @bkbmg ❤️❤️❤️ this man gives me goose bumps!!!!!". Loni got a white man white women dont want n he makes her feel special by saying she is his first black woman. ALWAYS! Maybe jaundice or he loves that brown liquor. That's a mean a@@ scar on him ..but kind of sexy too. Well well, I guess Omar is really coming!! They look good today ! I read an article years ago & he didn’t confirmed or deny so in my mind that = gay. Just because he plays a good gay and isn't afraid to take on those roles, doesn't mean he's gay. She writes, Awww! He had an interesting documentary show called Black Market with Michael K. Williams also.

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