Texas' residential sector retail electricity sales 1990-2015; Per capita disposable personal income in Texas 1990-2019; Texas - nonhighway use of gasoline 2000-2010, by category About 40% of all coal in the United States is mined in Wyoming, and the state is also home to the largest uranium mining operations in the country. The percent change in …

population: 6.1 million (Malaysia: 31.6 million)• Md. One of the nation's leading coal producers, West Virginia's economy is heavily based on resource extraction. Of all the national economies in the world, Romania's is the closest in size to that of Louisiana – despite having a population over four times the size of Louisiana. On a per capita basis, Singapore is wealthier than Tennessee. population: 3.0 million (Angola: 29.8 million)• Miss.

By GDP, however, the two are more closely matched.

Manufacturing provided about 865,000 jobs in Texas that year. Colorado• GDP: $323.3 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Singapore ($310.0 billion)• Colo. population: 5.6 million (Singapore: 5.6 million)• Colo. GDP per capita: $57,654 (Singapore: $55,236). It has a gross state product of $1.887 trillion (2019, the second largest in the U.S. As of 2015, Texas is home to six of the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500 list and 51 overall (third most after New York and California). But beyond those few areas where the Lone Star State lags behind, most statistics related to the place truly are Texas-sized, especially when it comes to its economy. Belgium has a well-developed, diversified economy with several major sectors including services, manufacturing, and technology. Though their economies are roughly the same size, Angola is home to nearly 30 million people, 10 times Mississippi's population. As one of the world's largest oil exporters, the Northern European country, home to about half as many people as North Carolina, has a GDP per capita of more than $91,000, nearly double the per capita economic output of North Carolina. New Jersey has a similar economic output to Iran, even though the Middle Eastern country has about nine times as many residents and 72 times as much land.

Hawaii• GDP: $79.5 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Myanmar ($79.5 billion)• Hawaii population: 1.4 million (Myanmar: 53.4 million)• Hawaii GDP per capita: $55,668 (Myanmar: $1,490). Idaho had a $67.0 billion GDP in 2017, in line with the GDP of Uzbekistan, a country with nearly 19 times more people than Idaho's population of 1.7 million. Kansas• GDP: $148.5 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Hungary ($153.1 billion)• Kan. population: 2.9 million (Hungary: 9.8 million)• Kan. GDP per capita: $50,970 (Hungary: $15,648). Despite a larger population, Hungary and Kansas have similarly sized economies, at $153.1 billion and $148.5 billion, respectively. Nevada• GDP: $142.9 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Kuwait ($138.8 billion)• Nev. population: 3.0 million (Kuwait: 4.1 million)• Nev. GDP per capita: $47,648 (Kuwait: $33,546). The size of North Carolina's economy, like that of Massachusetts and Washington, is closest to that of Norway's. Connecticut's economy generated $238.9 billion in 2017, similar to the GDP of Portugal – a country with nearly three times as many people and a landmass over six times the size of the state. Rhode Island• GDP: $53.5 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Slovenia ($53.0 billion)• R.I. population: 1.1 million (Slovenia: 2.1 million)• R.I. GDP per capita: $50,446 (Slovenia: $25,662). population: 3.0 million (Morocco: 35.7 million)• Ark. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The southeastern European country's GDP is $216.3 billion, and Louisiana's is $226.6 billion. Though Nebraska has a much smaller population than the Slovak Republic, its landmass is more than four times that of the European nation. Montana, home to just over 1 million people, has a $44.4 billion economy – similar in size to the economy of Lebanon, a country of over 6 million people. Not only do Colorado and Singapore have similar GDPs, but also their population size is nearly identical at around 5.6 million. Each state’s GDP is as of 2017 and is chained to 2012 dollars and came from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. This can not be undone. Today, it is one of the most open and developed economies in the world. US Per-Capita GDP: $50,577 +0.84% +4.20% +6.27%: Texas Per-Capita GDP: $53,795-1.15% +3.42% +11.25%: Texas Population: 27,862,596 +1.58% +5.25% +8.64% Massachusetts has a $490.2 billion economy, about the same size as Norway's. Iowa, the second-largest producer, reached just 6,952 megawatts. Texas• GDP: $1.6 trillion• Country w/ similar GDP: Russian Federation ($1.7 trillion)• Texas population: 28.3 million (Russian Federation: 144.5 million)• Texas GDP per capita: $57,077 (Russian Federation: $11,441).

The 17 oil refineries in the state can process up to 3.3 million barrels of crude oil a day and account for about 20% of American refining capacity. One of the smallest states by population, New Hampshire has a $74.4 billion economy – on par with Oman, a Middle Eastern nation with a population more than triple that of New Hampshire. Missouri's $275.6 billion GDP most closely matches that of Chile, though the South American country has nearly three times the population of the Show Me State. Uzbekistan gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, but it still has a state-controlled economy.

A standard Olympic-sized swimming pool holds just over 660,253 gallons of fluid, meaning Texas' oil reserves could fill about 1,013,247 of the pools. Washington• GDP: $480.9 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Norway ($481.8 billion)• Wash. population: 7.4 million (Norway: 5.3 million)• Wash. GDP per capita: $64,937 (Norway: $91,219).

Ghana's major exports include oil, gold, and cocoa.

Releases from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, More

Meat-free fast-food options are growing.

All rights reserved. Nigeria, meanwhile, is one of the world's largest oil producers. More than three-quarters of Saudi Arabia's exports are oil-related – either in crude, refined, or gas form. population: 4.7 million (Romania: 19.6 million)• La. Largely through its chemical, petroleum refining, and highly mechanized agriculture sectors, the country – bordered by Belgium, Germany, and the North Sea – regularly maintains a trade surplus, exporting more than it is importing. Still, their populations closely align, as they are each home to some 5.6 million people. Rhode Island's $53.5 billion GDP is about the same as the GDP of Slovenia, a country with nearly twice as many people. Though the United States is not the largest country in the world – either by landmass or by population – it is by far the world’s largest economy, with a GDP of over $17.3 trillion in 2017, equal to nearly a quarter of the global economy. Hungary has a varied economy, exporting different products like computers, cars, medical equipment, and more. West Virginia's 2017 GDP of $70.6 billion is nearly in line with that of Oman, a Middle Eastern country with a $74.8 billion economy. Wisconsin is nearly eight times the size of Israel by landmass, but it has a smaller population, and the two areas have a similar economic output of more than $290 billion. South Dakota• GDP: $45.4 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Libya ($46.6 billion)• S.D. Iowa• GDP: $169.2 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Qatar ($173.4 billion)• Iowa population: 3.1 million (Qatar: 2.6 million)• Iowa GDP per capita: $53,798 (Qatar: $65,694). Maine's economy generated $55.6 billion in 2017, roughly the same as Azerbaijan, a country with a population more than seven times that of the northern New England state. Louisiana's economy relies heavily on its energy sector. U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, • Texas GDP per capita: $57,077 (Russian Federation: $11,441) The second largest state economy in the country, the GDP of Texas rivals that of world …

In 2017, Texas grossed more than $264.5 billion a year in exports—more than the exports of California ($172 billion) and New York ($77.9 billion) combined. Arizona• GDP: $297.2 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Israel ($297.4 billion)• Ariz. population: 7.0 million (Israel: 8.7 million)• Ariz. GDP per capita: $42,353 (Israel: $34,135). The sixth largest producer of crude oil and fourth largest producer of natural gas, Oklahoma's $190.9 billion economy is heavily dependent on energy production. 24/7 Wall St. identified the country with the GDP that most closely matches the size of the economy of each state. Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased in all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the second quarter of 2020, as real GDP for the nation decreased at an annual rate of 31.4 percent, according to statistics released today by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Here's where to find them. West Virginia• GDP: $70.6 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Oman ($74.8 billion)• W.Va. population: 1.8 million (Oman: 4.6 million)• W.Va. GDP per capita: $38,860 (Oman: $16,144). Source: The percent change in real GDP ranged from 4.4 percent in Texas to 0.6 percent in Nebraska. In order to keep the massive volume of goods produced in and shipped out of Texas, the state has built up the largest transportation network in the United States, with more than 313,200 miles of public roads. Though Iraq is not often considered an economic powerhouse, it has a GDP of over $200 billion – very similar to Oregon's economic output. Total Gross Domestic Product for Texas [TXNGSP], Commerce Policy |

As a result, Singapore is more productive on a per capita basis. About half of the country's exports are petroleum. Annual. Like Arizona, the country that has the closest GDP to Wisconsin is Israel. Nebraska• GDP: $111.5 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Slovak Republic ($108.2 billion)• Neb. And about half of the overall workforce in Texas is female, slightly edging out the national average of 47%. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Visit MarketsInsider.com for more stories. GDP per capita: $58,053 (Slovak Republic: $19,897). October 30, 2020. However, it also shares borders with Israel and Syria and has been involved in armed conflicts. The Netherlands is one of the largest economies in the European Union.

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