Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Sunderland had Linda’s body exhumed, and discovered that while she was contaminated with the formula, it hadn’t affected her at all.

All Rights Reserved. She asks where she can find Dr. Woodrue so that she can prevent him from hurting Alec, but Caroline is too far gone to be of much hope, but she tells Abby that the doctor isn’t bad, but too good.

…and while I’m loving Moore’s dialogue and the pacing of the story, all of this is aided by the magnificent art of Stephen Bissette and inker John Totleben.

And if somebody turns off the freezer and lets not-Holland thaw out, then not-Holland is going to bloom. And believe me when I say that that was a hard part to watch.. Daniel must make a decision. Abby catches up to Alec/Swamp Thing in time to see him come out of the swamp with the bones of Alec Holland in his arms, thus confirming Dr. Woodrue’s dreadful truth.

Now, if you’re like us, you were so psyched about the Blue Devil finally getting some shine time! Abby notes her medication on the counter.

On the face of it, Swampy does seem an odd choice for a TV show, but compared to Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing is almost mainstream. She reveals everything she knows and how deep in she is trying to help Alec/Swamp Thing. Simply speaking it was a game changer. Regardless, he gets back to his office…. Later portrayed by the most excellent Keanu Reeves.

All the while, Sunderland holds the threat of prison over Woodrue’s head if he doesn’t get results. “The Anatomy Lesson” shows us what is really inside a Swamp Thing and a lot of other stuff happens (seriously this was a rather packed episode). August 2nd, 2019.

Those were mistakes two and three. Alec/Swamp Thing is barely alive. Alec/Swamp Thing goes back to the scene where he died, the cove where Alec was shot and his boat blown up.

Caroline, his wife, hates that he’s been out in the swamp. That night, Delroy’s is busy.

While Abby and Liz track down the secret Conclave facility, Jason Woodrue conducts experiments on Swamp Thing and makes an incredible discovery.
And now Woodrue’s job is to find out how Holland became a plant monster. DC Universe’s ‘Titans’ 2×09 Recap: “Atonement”, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ 5×10 Recap: “210 Words Per Minute”, ‘Orange Is The New Black’: The Best Memes From Season Six, ‘Life Itself’ Review: A Predictable, Dull, And Cliche Tragedy, TSR Week Of Ships | Clexa Thursday: Fan Art Showcase, DC Universe's 'Titans' 2×09 Recap: "Atonement", ‘Swamp Thing’ 1x06 Recap: “The Price You Pay”. If anyone’s qualified to parse this puzzle, it’s him. He places his palm to the ID scanner to escape, only the ID scanner doesn’t recognize him: Woodrue has sabotaged the security system. Delroy finds Matt Cable (Henderson Wade) a few drinks in. He’s sedated and locked down on a table. He had also, along with the brilliant artist Alan Davis, delivered some of the greatest Captain Britain stories ever.

By the time he heads home, he’s completely drunk and barely awake. View production, box office, & company info, 2020 Hugo Awards - Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form). Moore’s first issue was #20, cover-dated January 1984, where he had begun to wrap up old storylines, remove old supporting characters, and redirect new ones to future plots.


I wish it renews for another season soon.

So did Alec/Swamp Thing create these organs in an attempt to feel closer to his human self? Liz and Abby visit Dr. Woodrue but find Caroline instead. This is Jason Woodrue, Doctor Jason Woodrue, and he’ll be our guide. It’s possible that part of the reason for Swamp Thing’s success was that fans were ready for something different. Was this review helpful to you? But before he can begin, Jason has to show off his credentials, and he pulls out an aerosol sprayer.

The episode begins with Dr. Woodrue getting home after capturing Alec/Swamp Thing. Sunderland cuts off Woodrue and basically tells him fine, whatever, I know what I need to know, you’re fired. The Green tells him that this is only one future. Sunderland loves control… and an audience. …and discovers somebody’s been doing some reading.

Likewise, all his organs are in places where organs should be, but none of them actually seem to do anything. She’s driven away. We weren’t used to the deconstruction of our heroes or the concept of what a superhero was. It changed everything else that came after it. All goes dark except for the lab which keeps running on the backup generators.

This FAQ is empty. And I can understand that. Meanwhile, Maria Sunderland (Virginia Madsen) is on the phone when Avery finds her in town. Honest.

So Swamp Thing is not Alec Holland, but a creature who all this time thought he was. She dies in his arms, making this the breaking point for the doctor.

Next Up. Avery has brought some people with him and they take her away to an asylum.
And that’s not me. All are just plant creations. the agony booth © 2020. Liz is stunned to see Alec/Swamp Thing in the flesh. The experiment was sabotaged and a bomb blew up in Alec’s face.

Or he knows, but isn’t in a position to say. Woodrue gets inspiration from accidentally reading a different chapter in a book, containing information regarding planarian worms. From Coraline to ParaNorman check out some of our favorite family-friendly movie picks to watch this Halloween. Tags: Alec Hollanddc comicsFloronic ManJason WoodrueSunderland CorporationSwamp Thing, The Si-Wens of Titan: Star Trek: Discovery “People of Earth”, Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), a recap (part 4 of 6), For a few dilithium crystals more: Star Trek: Discovery “Far from Home”, The 32nd century isn’t so tough: Star Trek: Discovery “That Hope is You, Part 1”, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, ranked, Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), a recap (part 5 of 6), A rare case of Olsen-dickery: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #121, Star Trek: Discovery "Will You Take My Hand? He knows him as the studio guy who got him his gig as the Blue Devil but who we believe is The Green, the spirit of the swamp. The pain Alec was going through this episode was hard and I felt it.Maria gets trolled by Avery in the best way possible. At the hospital, Daniel finally wakes up from his coma and he has a visitor. Mistake number one was not letting Woodrue finish his dissertation, because if not-Holland is a plant, then not-Holland wasn’t killed by a bullet to the head. But back to Swamp Thing. Because only fossilized dinosaurs still have cable. This is simply one of the greatest single issues in the history of comics.

There could be legalities we’re unaware of, or Wan doesn’t want to tweet something somebody can use against him ten years from now. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? YES!

Over the next few weeks, Jason proceeds to cut open Holland’s botanistic body and remove organs; what he discovers are lungs that aren’t lungs, and a spongy mass that bears a slight resemblance to a brain… only, it ain’t one. Only, he finds that it’s gone. It tried to recreate Holland’s body from local material, forming a parody of a human being from plant stuff. The two find the lab. The Green lays the Blue Devil mask on the end of the hospital bed. June 17, 2019.

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