Measuring artistic inspiration drawn from ecosystems and biodiversity: A case study of old children’s songs in Japan.

My work disputes the claim that chimpanzee males have an innate tendency to kill outsiders, arguing instead that their most extreme violence can be tied to specific circumstances that result from disruption of their lives by contact with humans. War is hardly ubiquitous and does not go back endlessly in the archaeological record. Korean Journal of Lesure, Recreation & Park. With casualties of that magnitude, evolutionary psychologists argue, war has served as a mechanism of natural selection in which the fittest prevail to acquire both mates and resources.

Scientific American is part of Springer Nature, which owns or has commercial relations with thousands of scientific publications (many of them can be found at. Reincarnation? The two sides separate into what the late anthropologist Keith Otterbein called hawks and doves.

What does it mean that some wouldn't die till they saw the kingdom? But not all these enclosures seem designed for defense. R. Brian Ferguson; January 1992. Did Moses and Elijah go directly to heaven when they died? Washington, DC 20036phone 202-833-8773email: According to May, connections to nature help us strengthen our sense of self and find our meaning in life as well as combat feelings of anxiety and meaninglessness. Subscribers get more award-winning coverage of advances in science & technology. Hell? War is fostered by culturally specific systems of knowledge and values that generate powerful meanings of “us versus them.” These social constructs have no primate analogies. THE INFLUENCE OF INTERACTION WITH NATURE IN CHILDHOOD ON FUTURE PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL BEHAVIOR. With the development of wet rice farming around 300 B.C., violent fatalities became apparent in more than one in 10 remains. A systematic map of research exploring the effect of greenspace on mental health. (This debate also ties into the question of whether instinctive, warlike tendencies can be detected in chimpanzees [see sidebar below].). Some may mark off distinct social groups. Glowing, glowing, gone? All rights reserved. The news items ignore innumerable excavations that yield no signs of violence. The hawks claim that we have indeed found such evidence. For half a century archaeologists have agreed that the multiple violent deaths at Jebel Sahaba along the Nile in northern Sudan occurred even earlier, around 12,000 B.C. As my mother would say: “Just look at history!” But doves have the upper hand when all the evidence is considered. Nearby, the earliest known village fortifications occurred among farming people in the seventh millennium, and the first conquest of an urban center took place between 3800 and 3500 B.C. Naturally Challenged: Contested Perceptions and Practices in Urban Green Spaces. What Is Urban Nature and How Do We Perceive It?. These confrontations were not just driven by conquest and resistance. How often should you visit the grave of your loved ones? Neighbourhood greenspace and smoking prevalence: Results from a nationally representative survey in England. Extinction of experience: The need to be more specific. Natural history films raise species awareness—A big data approach. So what, exactly, happens when we die? And whereas some evolutionary biologists propose that killings are explained as attempts to diminish the number of males in rival groups, those same data show that subtracting internal from external killings of males produces a reduction of outside males of only one every 47 years, fewer than once in a chimpanzee's lifetime. The green care code: How nature connectedness and simple activities help explain pro‐nature conservation behaviours.

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