Mando refuses to have anything to do with the droid, prompting Kuiil to offer some words of wisdom about droids in how they’re neither inherently good nor bad, rather the neutral imprint on their programmer. MandalorianWay rating: 9.5/10. It begins five years after the events of Return of the Jedi (1983) and stars Pedro Pascal as the title character, a lone bounty hunter who is hired to retrieve "The Child". Naturally, as Baby Yoda just saved his life, Greef had a change of heart. He accepts Mando’s offer, but IG-11 will join him. He comes to the front of the troops and starts talking to Mando’s group, telling them they have something he wants. The previous 3 episodes were mainly filler episodes, still very enjoyable (and we got Cara Dune out of one of those episodes), but the main storyline is what I’m most interested in. The season’s penultimate episode reveals The Mandalorian’s self-contained chapters haven’t been that self-contained after all. We can see from the montage just how IG-11 struggled at first but then continued to progress and get better. But Mando still doesn’t trust IG-11 and asks Kuiil if it’s still a hunter. When he walks, it’s not the same sound that the mysterious figure made when he walked. The scan completes, and they are allowed in. He is asking Mando for help and offers a proposition: Mando comes to Nevarro with the child as bait. But one look outside reveals they’re surrounded by a squad of shadow troopers and legions of stormtroopers ready to attack. Did The Mandalorian just resurrect Star Wars icon? The story in this episode was a continuation of the main storyline, with Mando finally having to stop running and face those who want baby Yoda. Director: Deborah Chow. Mando breaks the tension by asking Kuiil to make a new bed for the child. Kuiil makes an observation that baby Yoda doesn’t look like a strandcast (a clone) because he appears to be evolved and too ugly! Cara observes that Mando really hates droids, Mando says he doesn’t trust that particular droid because it was programmed to kill the child. The Ugnaught examines the child, noting how little he’s grown since their last meeting. Greef then asks to see the little one, so Mando floats the capsule to him and opens it. The next morning, they are up early and walking towards the town. We then see that outside are 6 Deathtroopers (in black) and a large number of Stormtroopers arriving to surround the cantina exit. The consequences are shown later in the episode when baby Yoda tries to Force choke Cara Dune because he misunderstands that Cara and Mando are only having some fun arm wrestling. Things are slowly coming together for The Mandalorian. The pop culture we're thankful for this holiday season, 14 action-packed shows that deserve a spot on your must-watch list, 15 alien babies that could join Baby Yoda at our imaginary daycare. The Client (Werner Herzog) is sitting in Greef’s old seat, with 4 Stormtroopers keeping guard, as Greef said. Having worked in gene farms, Kuiil may not know Baby Yoda’s species but he knows the child hasn’t been engineered because he’s too evolved and too… ugly. Nothing could go wrong. Especially because he knows that something bad is right behind him and catching up quickly. 6. Amazing episode! Mando admits that from what he has seen, yes. Suddenly IG-11 (Taika Waititi) walks into Kuiil’s home, and Mando and Cara react fast, getting their blasters out. As the Empire continues its attempts to find Baby Yoda, Kuiil reveals that the beloved baby is not a product of genetic engineering, confirming that his abilities in the Force are innate rather than as a result of cloning. Cara Dune is fighting (4:08) a Zabrak/Dathomirian (same species as Darth Maul). Kuiil gives Mando a commlink so they can stay in contact directly. They plan to camp out at the riverbed and then make their way into town at first light. Lucasfilm. This causes Greef to have a change of heart and the next morning, he kills the 2 remaining bounty hunters and confesses to Mando that he was going to kill him and take baby Yoda to the Client. Unfortunately, their communications link is intercepted by a pair of stormtroopers on speeders, who overhear the message and take off after the Ugnaught. I guess we will find out what happened with the droid in the season finale, as I expect him to come and help rescue Mando and baby Yoda. Kuiil says that it’s not a hunter, but “it will protect”. Mando gets a message from Greef Karga, asking him to come and help kill the Client, who has taken over the town with his Imperials. Cara tries to help him, but Greef gets dramatic when she says the poison is spreading quickly, assuming this is how he will die. While they are talking things through, we see that baby Yoda has been listening in. Eventually, the droid got better at performing tasks such as carrying objects, picking up delicate objects, pouring drinks and feeding the Blurrg’s. The conversation soon moves to talk of war, in which Cara and Kuiil, an indentured servant to the Empire, fought on opposing sides. He also wants the Blurrg’s to join him. Over a campfire, they discuss the plan once more. The Client now goes into a monologue, saying it’s a shame that Mando’s people suffered so much and questioning why Mandalore resisted the Empire’s expansion, then explaining that the Empire improves everything when it takes over a system. Even Mando gets attacked but manages to save himself using his flamethrower. With Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Gina Carano, Nick Nolte. 1. Mando is adamant that Cara is coming with him. Your email address will not be published. She accepts, but having been filled in on Mando and Greef’s tense history, she doesn’t understand why he’s accepting the mission at all, considering the likelihood they’ll be double-crossed. It’s quite evident that Greef wants to double-cross Mando, just by how he lays things out, and Mando realizes this. Mando races up to the cockpit and stops him from causing any more trouble, but both he and Cara seem just to think that baby Yoda was just playing. At first, Mando is confused as to what is happening, then quickly realizes that the child is causing this. We see a montage of IG-11 being rebuilt, then learning everything from scratch. Things become testy as Cara is not pleased with the child for trying to kill — or at the very least, harm — her. Mando, Cara and Greef take the closed and empty capsule and head to town. The live-action Star Wars series follows a lone Mandalorian gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy. Solid acting from the supporting cast. Mando walks her through Greef’s plan and offers her a job; he needs help protecting his young charge. But he can reprogram IG-11 for nursing and protocol though. As Mando desperately pleads for the Ugnaught to respond, we discover the stormtroopers have killed the Ugnaught and his ride, kidnapping the child. Kuiil heads back to the Razor Crest with baby Yoda, while Mando (now cuffed), Cara and Greef head to town with the empty baby Yoda capsule as bait, to meet the Client. The town is overrun with Imperials. Greef greets them, seemingly a bit annoyed that Mando brought friends, and he tries to get Mando to leave Cara with the ship, saying the lava fields are full of Jawa’s and also that the town is crawling with ex-Imperials who would love to get their hands on a Rebel dropper.

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