Sustainability and Micro-enterprise development, Teen Challenge Indianapolis - Female Adolescent Study 1992, Teen Challenge Principles and Projections, OPENING A TEEN CHALLENGE PROGRAM OUTSIDE OF THE USA, Global Reach Courses - for staff and student training, Moments That Matter – Conflict Resolution, The leader as a Coach - Building an Effective Team, Leadership and Relationships -They Make Me or Break Me, The Leader’s Time: Tick Tock, Manage the Clock, Principles of Leadership/The Five Levels of Leadership, Strategic Planning - Equip - John Maxwell Course, Introduction to Counseling in Teen Challenge, Articles on the Work program at Teen Challenge, A Discipleship Ministry -- The Work Program, Basic Intro to TC Residential Program Part 3: Re-entry, Basic Intro to TC Residential Program Part 3: Reentry, Basic Intro to TC Residential Program Part 2: Training, 49E Teaching students with low reading levels-, 48E Intro. “When preparing to cast vision, ask: What do I want them to know, and what do I want them to do?” 7 Walk slowly through the halls. However, we can better our organizations and help fulfill a grander vision by serving as a 360-Degree Leader.

While this may seem like a tall order, Maxwell provides some helpful guidelines in the book on how to lead in all three directions: up, across and down. When you develop them, you are helping them to improve as individuals.”.

The 360-Degree Leader Section V- The Principles 360-Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Down 5-7.doc - The 360-Degree Leader Section V The Principles, 1 out of 1 people found this document helpful, Section V- The Principles 360-Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Down, Principle 5: Model the Behavior You Desire. Transfer the vision. These are provided for reflection and inspiration. 2. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

He 7. #4: Place People in Their Strength Zones They, adopt their working methods. John C. Maxwell, author of The 360-Degree Leader, explains the principles leaders can use to bring value and influence to and from anywhere in the organization, enabling them to lead up, lead across, and lead down. In this post, we will discuss the principles 360° Leaders Practice to Lead-Down.

EQUIP - Are We Willing to Invest in Others? Learn how your comment data is processed. This post is the sixth in a series about leadership based on John Maxwell’s book The 360 Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization. You don’t have to be the main leader, asserts John Maxwell, to make significant impact in your organisation. Be a friend. 360-Degree Leaders can lead effectively, regardless of their position in an organisation.

�z�� d��@9��e�gy=�F��I]��:(�&l?��99��ee�P�e�׏ �܃��. The Principles 360° Leaders Practice to Lead Down “Follow me; I’ll add value to you.” “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 Because effective 360° Leaders lead through influence, not position, they invest time and effort to earn influence with their followers just as they do with those over them and beside them. EQUIP - Managing My Generosity, Values and Growth, EQUIP - Managing My Finances, Faith and Relationships, EQUIP - Managing My Family, Thinking and Commitment, EQUIP - Managing My Attitude, Priorities and Health, An Introduction to basic problem solving skills, What to do when Christian discipleship does not work, An Introduction to Christian Character Development, Basic Elements of Christian Discipleship Training, An Introduction to the DNA of Teen Challenge, Introduction to Leadership Development in TC, Focus on the Family - Sex Before Marriage, A Healthy Marriage - 17 articles from Focus on the Family, Accepting Personal Responsibility 1 Co 9:24-27, Outreach and Evangelism in Teen Challenge, Giving Men Hope in the Face of Overwhelming Bondage. Maxwell challenges the leader to see everyone as “10” because people will rise to the leader’s level of expectation. 229

The 360-Degree Leader Section IV-The Principles 360-Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Across 1-4.doc, The 360-Degree Leader Section VI - The Value of 360-Degree Leaders 1-3.doc, The 360-Degree Leader-Section 1 The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization 1-4.docx, The 360-Degree Leader-Section III -The Principles 360-Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Up 6-9.doc, The 360-Degree Leader Section V- The Principles 360-Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Down 1-4.doc, The 360 degrees Leader -Section II. Expand your circle of acquaintances. Leadership isn’t about position. 3 The 360 Degree Leader, pg. 4 The 360 Degree Leader, pg. 1 The 360 Degree Leader, pg. While the heart and soul of leadership is people, Maxwell (2005) contends most leaders are agenda driven, task focused and action oriented who spend very little time with people. When you see the best in someone, they will want to rise to the expectations set of them – not out of obligation, but out of motivation and excitement. you don’t like what your people are doing, first take a look at yourself. 4. h�b```f``Je`e`�md`@ �(G�3ۉ���Pqמ=� 2. Format: Text.

Giving praise publicly and privately for things you’d like to see again will guarantee that team members continue to strive for success.

Through their actions, the 360° Leader not only grows other leaders but also themselves.
The 360° Leaders understand the ebbs and flows of the organization; therefore, they know when to push and when to back off. Take note of how your team members respond, as well as the impact on your organization.

Transfer the vision.

While you may not be transferring your own vision, you are certainly the interpreter.

Download details: EQUIP - The Principles 360° Leaders Practice to Lead Down - answer key . Once you filter the results, you can download all of the results in a zip file by clicking "Download All".

But taking the time to get the right people in the right places results in greater success.
Develop each team member as a person. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.


I want to become a Christian. The Challenges 360 - Degree Leaders Face 1-4.docx, 12 Areas of Maintenance Management Principle- Discipline 2.doc, 12 Areas of Maintenance Management Principle- Discipline 5.doc. 2. 5. See everyone as a “10”. In contrast, 360-Degree Leaders have influence in all directions, with their superiors, with their peers and with their subordinates. Avoid office politics. “Whatever actions leaders reward will be repeated.” 8 Their development will ultimately prepare them for future leadership positions.

[shareable cite=”Kim D. Moore”]The development of individuals is a long-term process which begins with modeling the desired behavior, because the behavior of the leader determines the culture.”[/shareable], Maxwell believes many leaders equip their people instead of developing their people.

6. 3. %PDF-1.6 %���� This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 3 pages.

How do I start to become an expert on Christian discipleship? Teams need 360-Degree Leaders. @���2�!Hp[ ��@B}5�(/a`bd�20҆��P� � \EN The next post will examine the Principles 360-Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Down. If you don’t like what your team members do, first take a look at yourself and then take action. “360-Degree Leaders get more out of their people because they think more of their people. 6 The 360 Degree Leader, pg. Find out what motivates each individual. The Lead Down Principles 1. 3.

Walk slowly through the halls. Developing a Biblical mindset of Christian discipleship, Disciplining students in the Teen Challenge program, An introduction to disciplining students in the Teen Challenge program, Demon Possession: The Believer's Safety - Video, Sustainability and Micro-enterprise development - Video, Change in Christian Organizations - Resource. These cookies do not store any personal information. When you develop others, they become better, they do the job better, and both you and the organization benefit.” 4 Develop each team member as a person. Until then, give some thought to how you can show authentic care to those you lead.

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