The notions of what characterizes a virtuous leader, as well as what it means to serve others, are the primary focal points of Hunter’s book. Indeed, the final test of leadership is: Do you leave things better than you found them? One principle I wished I had incorporated more into my decisions…, The Servant The Servant written by James C. Hunter, revolves around what it means to be a good leader. The servant is a novel that depicts the life of a man who has a successful life that is lacking a leadership role, directly correlated with his personal, social, and professional life (Hunter, 1998). Through the story, John Daily attends a seminar and meets a monk. In The Servant, James C. Hunter recalls a turning point in his life where he discovered a new way of leading his employees while a manager at a glass making plant.He argues the essence of leadership is found in relationships, both how they are built and how they are maintained. The focus of this book is servant leadership. Internet Addiction And Its Negative Impact. The Servant was written by James C. Hunter. She is brought in by her great uncle and aunt who are wealthy with servants. Through service one builds authority or influence with people, and once that is established, one earns the right to be a leader.

The only time Florence’s personally changes is when. Several times throughout the book, Hunter reminds us that we cannot always control how we feel about other people, but we can certainly control how we behave towards them. The Servant offers terrific insights for going beyond average to truly fulfill a meaningful, purposeful leadership role. "Death in the Woods" seemingly, A Critical Analysis of Death in the Woods ?Death in the Woods? The oxford dictionary then defines a leader as “leading or commanding a group of people, an organization, or a country”. He did an eloquent job of revealing his theory concerning effective leadership by using an allegorical approach which, made the content easier to digest and much more personable. In this case, however, the creature also mediates between its neurotic creator and societal values, just as the Freudian ego, conditioned by the reality principle, "I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud." It’s only in their actions that the differences show up.” Servant leadership is rooted in love, a topic that makes some leaders uncomfortable outside of their family roles. A major reality that Hunter (1998) expresses in The Servant is that both “agape love and leadership are synonymous” (p 100). Early on in the play, the King of Spain notes the difference in portfolio: With the proper will you chose love, the verb (in this case) that means identifying and meeting the legitimate needs (not wants) of those being lead. Horatio is the son of Hieronimo, the Knight Marshal, functionally a civil servant; Lorenzo is the son of the Jung (Society for Psychical Research) This document contains a summary of key points from each chapter of “The Servant” by James C. Hunter as well as discussion questions. Some managers might say, “I am higher ranked than they are, why should I serve them?” However, one must be willing to sacrifice this way of thinking and find ways of satisfying the needs of those under their management. Here is a brief summary of the story: A businessman, John, a “leader,” is not doing so well. James C. Hunter stated, “It is only when our actions are aligned with our intentions that we become congruent people and congruent leaders” (89). The basis of the “servant leadership” theory is that in order to be a good leader; one must be a servant, first (Hunter, 1998). The role of a leader is not to rule over other people, but to serve them. When it concerns the idea of leadership, as expressed by Hunter, it involves operating in a position of authority, instead of power. On the other hand, authority is the ability to influence others into doing, James C. Hunter explains that service and sacrifice “come from identifying and meeting legitimate needs” (86). A person should have the desire to serve others, in order to be a servant-leader. Having a mission or purpose like that is a reward in and of itself; a vision can begin to define who we are and give excitement to life. Now translated into nine (9) languages, The Servant teaches the time less principles of Servant Leadership and is the text used in many MBA and other higher education curriculum around the world. Commitment. First, I will examine the theory of servant leadership including, Servant Leadership: Characteristics, Application to Nursing Practice, and Personal Growth If…. Through the lives of John Daily and five other struggling leaders on a retreat, Hunter uses Brother Simeon to explain the principles of servant leadership, which causes John and the others to reflect deeply on their character, trust, and commitment. A major reality that Hunter (1998) expresses in The Servant is that both “agape love and leadership are synonymous” (p 100).

Will people be glad you were there? Receive helpful articles, resources, and 5 audios – for free! While the book offers examples and stories to illustrate various principles of servant leadership in action, it raises some questions, too. In this absorbing tale, you watch the timeless principles of servant leadership unfold through the story of John Daily, a businessman whose outwardly successful life is spiraling out of control.

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