Therefore it is clear from the formula that the resistance should be directly proportional to the length. As the resistance of a material increases so to must the force required to drive the same amount of current. Connect the crocodile clips to the resistance wire, 100 centimetres (cm) apart. (Find a price that suits your requirements), The Coursework on Free Electrons Wire Resistance Length, The Coursework on Length Of The Wire Resistance Electrons Atoms, The Coursework on How the Length of a Wire Affects its Resistance. Due to this increased space between the atoms there will be fewer collisions. Such as: Set up the equipment in the following way: Choose a thickness of wire and connect it to the circuit.
Prediction. The current through the wire. This again supports my prediction. A circuit where the resistance of each part is not the same. There doesn’t seem to be any anonymous results. or Another reason for the slightly dodgy results could be the fact that the equipment was not up to scratch the ammeter or the voltmeter may have been faulty this would have caused an error in my results. Length Average Resistance Percentage increase (%) 10 1.15 0.00 20 2.31 100.80 40 4.67 102.00 80 9.29 98.93 30 3.51 0.00 60 7.18 104.56 I can see from these results that all the percentage increases are around that of a hundred percent. The voltage is the force that is exerted onto the electrons to allow them to flow through the circuit. A wire has electrons colliding with the Atoms If ... keep this the same by not changing the wire throughout the whole experiment.

When electrons travel through wires or other external circuits, they travel in a zigzag pattern that results in a collision between the electrons and the ions in the conductor, and this is known as resistance. Aim: My aim in this experiment is to investigate how the electrical resistance of a wire is affected in relationship to the length of that wire Factors affecting resistance these include: . In addition to this there is the general things such as equipment which may be dangerous such as the crocodile clips where someone’s fingers could get trapped or the variable resistor which could trap someone’s hair or a power pack falling and breaking someone’s toes. An atom consists of a nucleus and orbiting electrons. Although the points on my graph do not form a straight line my best-fit line (being straight and through the origin) suggests that the resistance is proportional to the length. The concentration gradient will be the same in both wires.

Ammeter. Power supply. The resistance of a wire causes difficulty for the flow of the electrical current of a wire to move and is typically measured in Ohms (Ω). The material and cross sectional area of the wire is constant throughout the experiment. I am aware that there are other things that affect the resistance.

Aim. Resistance and thickness of wire (cross-sectional area). Evaluation: As I have pointed out in my conclusion there are a few anomalous results. Method Apparatus. This is why it is important to put a board underneath the wire so that it does not burn the table and also not to touch the wire whilst it is hot. Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. Factors which affect the resistance of a wire. If the tests are fair then the results wont be manipulated in any way and therefore accurate results will be obtained. o Both wires ... electrons are carrying into heat. Repeat this 3 times for each thickness of wire, so that it will be a fair test. Now work out the resistance for each, by dividing the voltage by the current, using the formula: R = V    R= Resistance V= Voltage. I will then plot a graph showing average resistance against length. gradient is the same. Create one now! Connect the first length of wire you plan to use.

JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Ohms law also shows that resistance can be calculated using the following formula: Resistance = Potential difference / Current Resistance occurs when a large amount of electrons are pushed through a conductor and so they collide with positive ions in the lattice. This is because in a thicker wire there are more pathways for the electrons to pass thorough so they don’t bounce off of eachother so much as they would in a thin wire. Resistance and thickness of wire (cross-sectional area). Investigate the effect the thickness of wire has on it's resistance. The graph shows that as the length of the wire increases, so does the resistance of the wire. Repeat this 3 times for each thickness of wire, so that it will be a fair test. Record the reading on the ammeter and on the voltmeter . Most are either on the line or very close to it. The type of electricity commonly used is alternating current or AC electricity. Graph to show the relation ship between length of the wire and resistance. A higher current for a given voltage means a lower resistance. © 2003 - 2015 Marked by Teachers. Connecting wires. This relationship is better known as Ohms law. Set up apparatus as shown on diagram 1 2. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section. Investigating how thickness and length affect the resistance of a wire. Free Samples and Examples of Essays, Homeworks and any Papers. o Starting temperature of wire. What is A.C and D.C? Voltage supplied (V) Voltage across the wire (V) Current in circuit (A) State of wire 5 3.70 100 Rad and very hot 3 0.40 6.80 Normal Nickel Chrome (length 40 cm) Voltage supplied (V) Voltage across the wire (V) Current in circuit (A) State of wire 5 8.100 3.20 Normal 6 9.400 3.60 Normal Bare copper (length 5 cm), Safety Precautions In order to prevent accidents during my experiments I will follow the following safety precautions: - I will tuck all bags, coats and stools under my table so that people don't trip on them when walking past - I will take precaution when cutting the wire with the. After doing this will move the variable resistor so that the ammeter reads 0. Voltmeter. Compare two circuits with batteries of the same voltage, with the same length

Here you can order a professional work. The graph is still reliable enough to allow me to come to a reasonable conclusion. The Coursework on Hows Does Changing The Length Of Wire Affect Resistance? However I can see from my graph that there are a few points which do not fit the regular pattern off the graph. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. So if the length doubles the collisions double the resistance doubles. This ... provided to get the current (in amps).
So, wires with a wider diameter have more free electrons, because the cross-section surface area is larger in proportion to the length, so the wider the wires are, the less reactive they would be. These electrons can create a flow of current, so the more free electrons there are, the more conducting capability that material has. There is a higher current A thicker wire simply has more ‘lanes’ on the go Resistance, in ohms (R) is also equal to the resistively of the wire, in ohm-meters (~n) multiplied by the length, in meters (l) divided by the cross sectional area, in square meters (A). The concentration gradient will be the same in both wires. The resistance of a length of wire is calculated by measuring the current present in the circuit (in series) and the voltage across the wire (in ... of wire. Record both results in a table. The resistance increases as a result of the voltage decreasing. However, we must think of electrons moving down each You must cite our web site as your source. If the corridor was narrow the people would find it harder to get from one end of the corridor to the other, however if the corridor was wide the people would have more space and therefore find it easier to go through the corridor. Draw a scatter diagram to represent the results. Any one of the above statements can be taken into consideration to decide what the cause of the errors was. ... the length is double then the electrons are doubles, as well as Atoms and therefore resistance.. +o Voltage across wire. Therefore it is essential not to leave the power pack running for long periods of time. Log in now! ... to each other. From my experiment I have found out that as the length of the wire increases, the resistance of the wire ... that you are taking the readings from a length of exactly 80cm, or 100cm, or whatever the length of wire to be tested is. Students may need to know the conversion between SWG (standard wire gauge) and wire … How is it measured? Table of results: The table shows that as the length decreases the voltage decreases and the resistance increases. I am aware that there are other things that affect the resistance. Now work out the resistance for each, by dividing the voltage by the current, using the formula: R = V R= Resistance V= Voltage I discovered that anything above 7V was very hot and caused the wire to heat up which would affect the resistance, I decided the resistance should be. This means there will be more electrons, in total, This can be clearly said for both wires tested. I feel that I got what I was looking for in this experiment. In a sense, we can think of the electrons moving down in ‘lanes’, From his table of results I will work out the average results of the resistance for each length of wire. 2 amps. There are two in particular, which are straying off the path that the other points have created (60 cm and 70 cm) however this inaccuracy is minimal and despite it the outcome of the experiment is still as it was expected. The temperature of the wire. Meter ruler. This is because of the increase in the space for the electrons to travel through. GCSE resources with teacher and student feedback, AS and A Level resources with teacher and student feedback, International Baccalaureate resources with teacher and student feedback, University resources with teacher and student feedback. thicknesses of the two wires we need to add an extra axis to our graphs: The average speed of the electrons will be the same in both wires – the So as the voltage goes up so does the current. I if was to do the experiment over I think I would definitely include more reliable equipment such as digital meters etc. The more the number of electrons in the wire the more “crowded” the piece of wire becomes. All in all I think that my range of values was good because I was provided with a wide range of values to help me get a better – more all round perspective. ... results are true to ohms law. To show the different Science Investigation:  I will investigate how the thickness of the wire affects the resistance of the wire. past a line. Here you can order a professional work. 6 and repeat the experiments with the 10 different lengths of wire. Don't have an account yet? So therefore it is logical to assume that the resistance is directly proportional to the length. Equipment required: Ammeter Voltmeter 6 connecting wires 2 crocodile clips Variable resistor Power pack 100 cm wire (Nichrome) Board (to place under the wire to prevent burning of table. Then I will change the current to 0. I will investigate the resistance of a wire in relation to its length. The way to calculate the Resistance relies on this formula: Resistance = Voltage / current I will use the Voltmeter ... resistance.

Then I will place my crocodile clips 100 cm apart on the wire after doing this I will take the voltmeter reading. Get Full Access Now After doing this I will use the variable resistor to adjust the ammeter reading to 0. The initial experiment showed how happy mood was able to enhance and the sad mood reduce the dispositional attributions, ... ... an increase in length resulted in an increased resistance. o Current in circuit. This energy is picked up by the ions this results in a reduced current and a increase in temperature.

I predict that the longer the wire, the larger the resistance.

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