Compared with most of the junk being made these days, 13 Days is practically Thucydides." "Let's hope appeasement doesn't run in the family." Thirteen Days is more suspenseful than the car crashes and breathless chases of most run-of-the-mill action movies. Everything depends on what they decide. 3/5 - Good. The film Thirteen Days, a Hollywood account of the Cuban Missile Crisis, purports to take audiences “behind the scenes” at the White House during the tense and critical period when nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union seemed not only possible but likely. Government issues pertaining to John F. Kennedy and bad epics about a post-apocalyptic civilization; these are the things that attract Kevin Costner. Cinemark This movie is about The Cuban Missile Crisis which also known as The October Crisis in Cuba and the Caribbean Crisis in USSR. The movie shows men in unknotted ties and shirt-sleeves, grasping coffee cups or whiskey glasses and trying to sound rational while they are at some level terrified. Their relationship is delightful and marvelous to each other. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. Be the first to contribute! | Rotten (21). Taglines These weapons have the capability of wiping out most of the Eastern and Southern United States in minutes if they become operational. Kennedy told him to remove them, or else. After seeing the movie McNamara remarked that while he still thought the filmmakers took some creative liberties with certain characters, he ultimately thought that it was a reasonable historical portrayal of the crisis: I think it's an absolutely fascinating portrayal and a very constructive and responsible portrayal of a very, very serious crisis not only in the history of this nation but in the history of the world. The world waited. The F-5 was retired in 2005.

There are several mis-steps during the crisis: the defense readiness level of Strategic Air Command (SAC) is raised to DEFCON 2 (one step shy of maximum readiness for imminent war), without informing the President; a nuclear weapon test proceeds (Bluegill Triple Prime) and a routine test launch of a U.S. offensive missile is also carried out without the President's knowledge. Clay Jensen is the next person to get the tapes. It received generally positive reviews from critics who praised the screenplay and performances of the cast but was a box office bomb grossing $66.6 million against its $80 million budget. He has deep roots with the Kennedys. A nuclear showdown appears to be almost inevitable. The website's consensus states: "Thirteen Days offers a compelling look at the Cuban Missile Crisis, and its talented cast deftly portrays the real-life people who were involved. Summary We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. All rights reserved.

But it's a good thing somebody blinked. By Fred Harvey The History Place 1/12/01. |, April 16, 2001 While there is widespread agreement that the missiles must not be allowed, there is no clear way to ensure that.

|, July 21, 2020 "JFK" alone actually runs thirteen days, and don't even get me started on "Dances With Wolves". This film follows a recognizable story, and one dramatized with so much unrelenting intrigue to the point of only losing steam here and there, yet when effective intrigue does finally bleed through, an event fairly frequent, it's rather hard to turn away and not find yourself wondering just what is to happen next, even though history has made things quite clear, as far as telling us where this story goes, and for that generally effective and ultimately triumphant compellingness, credit not only goes out to Donaldson for his periodically inspired moments, but his performers for their consistently inspired moments, even if the miscasting it pretty embarassing. Thirteen Reasons Why follows the story of Clay Jensen, as he returns home from school to find a mysterious package on his bed.When he opens it, he finds seven cassette tapes. Cinemark Aircraft (both a preserved F-8 Crusader and Lockheed U-2 spyplane were featured) that still exist from the period were refurbished to appear operational as well. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. | The Department of Defense co-operated to some extent by allowing the producers to film on several bases. For thirteen extraordinary days in October of 1962, the world stood on the brink of an unthinkable catastrophe. Thirteen Days. Costner plays O'Donnell as a White House jack-of-all-trades, a close adviser whose office adjoins the Oval Office.
These weapons have the capability of wiping out most of the Eastern and Southern United States in minutes if they become operational. An Air Force U-2 reconnaissance plane is sent over Cuba to gather intelligence for the attack, but is shot down, killing the pilot. The movie Thirteen Days is based off of the real life situation of the Cuban Missile Crisis that occurred back in 1962. In the movie 13 Going On 30, vulnerability is accurately portrayed as the main character comes to realize the decisions she made when she was 13 have an impact on her life at 30. The Chiefs of Staff warn President Kennedy and his cabinet that the missiles have the potential to kill up to 80 million Americans, and destroy a large number of USAF bomber bases - thus crippling the Americans' ability to retaliate and leaving the country an easy target for Soviet invasion.

It dramatizes the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, seen from the perspective of the US political leadership. The next day she wakes up as a successful thirty-year-old, realistic fiction because it talks about Salamanca 's and Phoebe 's moms missing. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy The air base scene was taken at Clark Air Base, Philippines, a former American facility, which substituted for NAS Key West, Florida, where the actual RF-8As of Light Photographic Squadron SIX TWO (VFP-62) launched from on their Cuban overflight missions. Scream Queen Showdown: Who Is the Ultimate Final Girl? As Soviet ships with more missiles moved toward Cuba, a U.S. naval blockade was set up to stop them. Thirteen days captures the urgency, suspense and paralyzing chaos of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy is determined to show that the United States will not allow a missile threat. Parents Guide. While the film carries the same title as the 1969 book Thirteen Days by former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, it is in fact based on the 1997 book, The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis, by Ernest R. May and Philip D. Zelikow. | Rating: 5/5 ), good directing -- and lots of historical drama.

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