When there's plenty of green to work with, it's the best percentage play to get the ball close.

Tiger Tips: How you can simplify your chips (May, 2000). Try Tiger’s method on your home course: Make an overall assessment of each green—slope, speed, tiers—and take notes on possible hole locations. You don't want to ruin two good shots up to the green by hitting a bad chip.

“Take notes on hole locations, paying attention to breaks and direction of grain," Tiger says. Do I have the hands up or down, do I have the hands forward or back? Enjoy the entire “My Game: Tiger Woods” series by clicking here for Golf Digest Schools (in the U.S., China and Korea) or here (for everywhere else). “I grip the club a little more in my fingers to get more flip in my release.

Developing a full-fledged short game is a good idea for any golfer, but how you do it is up to you. As Tiger says, the ball will come out high and soft.
© 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Greenside gems from the 15-time major champion, taken from decades of Golf Digest content, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. So I really fire the club through with my right hand.”.

Playing a golf course with penal rough doesn't mean your score has to suffer. Tiger says the secret is self-discovery.

Do I lean the shaft, not lean the shaft?

Find some time to practice with a lighter grip pressure than you're used to—think about Tiger’s 5. Tiger Tips: Prepare to putt better (March, 2008). The pros examine the lie, the green, the slope—a variety of factors—before they plan to hit a shot.

“I’m good at either throwing my hands at the ball, throwing them behind, releasing early, releasing late, dragging them, flipping them. Developing a full-fledged short game is a good idea for any golfer, but how you do it is up to you. Also, record the break on the putts you face.

This will shift your eyes back over the ball, get your arms hanging freely from your shoulders, and help you regain your feel. “Some guys like to think of the body, like chest open [through impact].

It might seem tedious to spend time charting greens and the breaks of putts, but it's obviously crucial for tour pros. (You might need to grip the club a little tighter to accomplish this.)

“My goal is to roll it to a makable distance, unless I’m lucky enough to hole it.”, Tiger Tips: Play the chunk-and-run (November, 2009). While the greens at your home course might be slower than the ones on tour, that doesn't mean your grip pressure should be different. “Do I grip down or not grip down? We’ve all been there. “I’ll spend hours hitting different shots and seeing what works and what doesn’t,” says Tiger. Woods has developed his own technique for navigating thick rough around the greens. Gain confidence on these little shots by setting up with the shaft more upright, your wrists arched upward, so it feels like the toe of the clubhead is down. “The key,” Woods says, “is increasing your clubhead speed through impact.

According to Tiger, the key to hitting this shot is keeping the face open through impact. “I play it kind of like a bunker shot in that I hit behind the ball an inch or two, depending on the severity of the lie and how far I want to carry the ball,” Tiger says. Instead of getting frustrated, focus on letting your right wrist hinge naturally on the backswing and then keeping everything moving together as you swing through. Over time, you’ll reduce your guesswork, which should be minimal if you’re playing the same course over and over. Woods used this fix back in 2007, and said at the time: “It makes hitting it solid contact easier, especially on dicey lies. "You'll be more comfortable on the greens—and make more putts.”. With Tiger's expertise, you'll be able to spin your sand shots close. Tiger Woods’ short game is perhaps the greatest of all time—his ability to turn a tough greenside shot into an unforgettable moment is unmatched.

We’ve all watched in awe as tour players turn a short-sided bunker shot—an automatic bogey for most of us—into a makable putt for an easy up and down. With your chips rolling out more consistently, you can start reading these shots like you would a putt to get the ball close. Try Tiger’s technique on these little touch shots: Take an open stance, play the ball forward, and rotate the clubface open until it’s pointing at the target. Try Tiger’s quick fix and stand more upright at address. Whatever the issue, there’s a good chance the inconsistencies are coming from something small and more importantly, easy to fix.“ Proper posture and good eye alignment are two of the most important elements of a consistent putting stroke. “I enjoy rolling it out, hitting it high, hitting it low, making it do different things. My hands are what I contact the club with, so I see shots with my hands.”, RELATED: My Game: Tiger Woods—Shotmaking Secrets, Ultimately, it’s about putting in the time to find out what’s right for you through trial and error. Fortunately he has shared some of his best secrets with Golf Digest through the years. Tiger Tips: Posture, eyes key your putting (November, 1999). Borrow one of Woods' tips on short putts by using a light, consistent grip to help you feel more relaxed over those tough testers. This is one time when I think the flip is good,” Woods says. Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or use a "Make sure your hands and arms continue through the shot,” Tiger said. One common fault is setting up too far from the ball and extending the arms. Be honest: When you miss a green, do you grab your favorite wedge without even looking at the shot you’re about to hit? To see more on Tiger’s phenomenal short game, check out Episode 4. Keep in mind, it's important to get comfortable with any grip change, including your tension level, before using it one the course.

Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or use a And it can help you shave strokes off your game, too.

The running chip is a shot every golfer should have. Tiger says the secret is self-discovery. It also helped me improve my bump-and-run.” Keeping the toe down will allow you to swing on a straighter path and get the ball rolling more quickly. You’re in the midst of your round and suddenly you lose your touch. That’s a major difference between pros and average golfers, and one that's easily fixable. I’m terrible at it,” he says. different web browser. Tiger Tips: Finding the feel (August, 2007). Standing over an important putt can put pressure on your game—and your grip. Down and through, the club will slide through the grass because of the open face. Tiger Tips: Bump your chips (December, 2007). A softer grip will let you release the putterhead, which Woods says is a critical factor on super-fast greens. You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. Then you can go do what Tiger would do: Roll in the putt. Whenever I’m struggling on the greens, I can usually trace the cause to a mistake in one or both of these areas,” Woods says. © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Tiger Woods’ chipping secret is simple enough for you to copy, Tiger Woods says in Episode 4 of his new 12-part video series “My Game: Tiger Woods,”, To see more on Tiger’s phenomenal short game, check out Episode 4, Enjoy the entire “My Game: Tiger Woods” series by clicking here for Golf Digest Schools, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. Tiger Tips: How to Spin it from the sand (October, 2008), RELATED: Golf equipment truths: Why you should consider a higher-lofted fairway wood. As Tiger suggests, being comfortable will bring out your best putting. Going back to my open-mindedness—it has allowed me to pull some shots off that, quite frankly, most people didn’t see. If you find yourself chunking or skulling these important shots with some regularity, you might be flipping your wrists at impact. Tiger Woods’ short game is perhaps the greatest of all time—his ability to turn a tough greenside shot into an unforgettable moment is unmatched. But I did.”, RELATED: How Tiger hits a bomb when he needs one.

Tiger says he sets up to the ball like a normal chip, but then takes a more vertical backswing to avoid the thick grass. Woods uses lead tape on the bottom of his putter when facing slower greens.

RELATED: Sign up for "My Game: Tiger Woods" for an exclusive inside look at the game's greatest player.

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