TV: But I’m in awe of Jeremy. Tim Vine turns interviewer and invites his chosen guest Sir Ken Dodd into the Chain Reaction hot seat. Being a stand-up comic – regularly holding huge live audiences enthralled – one imagines Tim would dominate the conversation. Cain and Abel, David and Ed... from the Bible to politics, the odds seem pretty much stacked against sibling success stories. (37), 20th-century English comedians They played four concerts before breaking up and were once called ‘The Most Unfashionable Punk Band in the Country’ by Smash Hits magazine.

When they were teenagers, growing up in Cheam, Surrey, Jeremy and Tim formed a band, The Flared Generation. TV: Well, neither of us were exactly babe magnets, were we? How about now – does the non-stop punning cause problems, Tim?

Those that succeed are often built on foundations made of chalk and cheese. JV: No, Tim. But when Jeremy and Sonya turn up, it’s a completely different atmosphere. JV: No bitterness, but I do have some guilt. TV: Looking back, I think my parents were a bit worried. Subscribe today and you’ll be eligible to join Saga’s free membership programme, Possibilities. Together they discuss Tim's teenage dreams of being a pop star, giant moths and the roots of Tim's act. Like to advertise with us? You’ve got to be in the top 15 comedians in the country. But at the same time you let stuff go more easily. JV: It must be great. Tim is the professional maniac, Jeremy the earnest journalist (though that view might possibly just have been overturned by his autobiography, TV: Most Sundays, I have lunch with Mum and Dad. And they did. Jeremy, the taller, darker and slimmer brother, holds an award oozing with gravitas: Speech Broadcaster of the Year 2011. Where does this desire to perform come from? Watch the king of quick gags Tim in action, To read more about Jeremy visit Wikipedia, visit Jeremy, the taller, darker and slimmer brother, holds an award oozing with gravitas: Speech Broadcaster of the Year 2011. Save on days out, gardening, beauty and much more with our exciting range of reader offers. TV: I was always impressed with that. TV: On the other hand, music brought us closer. (43), 21st-century English comedians Harry Hill turns interviewer and invites his chosen guest Tim Vine into the Chain Reaction hot seat. But with What’s Your Favourite Biscuit? Chain Reaction Series 12. (17), Officers of the Order of the British Empire If we’d become missionaries, they’d have loved it. JV (with a shiver): Not like me. JV: Of course! I never took anything very seriously. (3), Actors awarded knighthoods Tim was much more unconventional.

TV: You haven’t always wanted people to know you were in The Flared Generation, have you? Revered as one of Britain's funniest comedians, Ken Dodd has enjoyed a professional career spanning over 60 years during which he has received numerous awards and accolades. Somewhere not so buried within the Vine family, it’s safe to assume, is a rampant performance gene – the brothers also have an actress sister, Sonya. JV: But somewhere inside you there must have been this incredible ambition, Tim? It was only after the band stopped and Tim kept on writing  that I thought, ‘Ah, so he was the one with the talent’. Comedian, writer and actor Tim Vine chats to comedy legend Sir Ken Dodd in the talk tag show. JV: I felt more threatened. I was hopping mad and he couldn’t have cared less. They laugh at the same things, finish one another’s sentences and happily embrace when the photographer asks them to. And he still preaches in church. He has won the best joke award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, twice, and he's been the runner up many other times.

They had to stop the lift and throw us out. JV: True. By way of contrast, his younger brother has held the world record for the highest number of jokes told in an hour (499). And that Jerry had the front to phone up the local paper and say, ‘Come and take photos of us in our flares’. Harry can currently be seen on Alien Fun Capsule. Columbia Records artists, English male comedians TV: Not really. Episode 5 of 6 TV host and comedian Harry Hill chats to fellow comedian and actor Tim Vine in the talk tag show. John Cleese was first in the hot seat back in 1991 and since then, a procession of big names from the world of comedy and entertainment including Jennifer Saunders, Jarvis Cocker and Eddie Izzard have helped continue the chain. Chain Reaction is the talk show with a twist where one …

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