But there is now considerable debate about how teams will approach the new rule.

The difference is important. A player on the punting team who attempts to down the ball before it crosses the plane of the goal line must keep both feet outside the goal line. "The quintessential mortar is if, on the last play of a drive, if you had a personal foul-type penalty, you're going to kick off from the 50-yard line, you kick a high lob kick instead of getting a touchback to pin people there," said Mike Westhoff, a longtime NFL special teams coach who now consults for high-profile college teams. NFL footage © NFL Productions LLC.

In 2010, before the rule was changed, teams returned 80.1 percent of all kickoffs.

What is a touchback? If the returner catches it, he can either attempt to run the ball out of the end zone or kneel down and give himself up. . It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser in order to receive an optimal viewing experience. Charley Casserly provides scouting reports on eight notable players, including Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Ben DiNucci, who could be set for bigger roles in Week 8.

Which team would be a good destination for Cleveland's David Njoku?

Of all the rules changes that were deliberated this offseason, the change to the touchback might be the one that alters the game most noticeably, although the rule was approved only as a one-year experiment.

Ok, so we have worked to explain some of the. The ball (and the player) has to be ruled down in the end zone in order for it to be considered a touchback so the player will often times put his knee on the ground to signal he wants a touchback (if he is not already on the ground as would likely occur on an interception of fumble recovery).

In the NFL, a punted ball does not have to enter the end zone for a touchback to occur, though this is often the case.

owners voted during the NFL Annual Meeting to move the touchback to the 25-yard line, the kickoff was moved from the 30 to the 35-yard line.

If you get too under it, then the ball is coming down on the 6-yard line. In 2015, when teams started a drive on their own 20, their touchdown percentage was 17.9. With the NFL trade deadline nearing, Charley Casserly discusses potential buyers and sellers for four intriguing trade targets. The touchback rule only applies to American football. If he kneels, it is a touchback, and his team gets the ball at their 20 yard line. The best kickers will be able to get 4.4 to 4.6 hang time kicking it to the goal line.". Last year, just one team -- the Minnesota Vikings -- had an average starting position of drives outside of the 25-yard line (their average drive start was the 25.5-yard line).

Until then, the tweak to the touchback this season could be significant. The NFL rulebook explains that a touchback occurs when the ball's momentum, created by the opponent, carries it onto or inside the goal line, where it becomes "dead." But that means that four out of 10 kickoffs are still being returned -- and that is plenty of opportunity for serious injuries.

Touchback in the NCAA/College Football – If the touchback occurs after a kick-off or a free … How many great coverage guys do you think they have today?". No matter what people say, they'll eventually figure it out.

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A rule allowing two forward passes on …

So why is it there are times when the guy who receives the ball is content to just put his knee on the ground and stop where he is?

Jay Feely, who spent 14 years kicking in the NFL, said he has spoken to several current kickers and he expects the new rule to generate more returns because teams do not want the opponent starting on the 25.

If the touchback occurs after an interception, punt or fumble, the ball moves to the 20 yard line. If the offense fumbles into the opponent's end zone, a defensive recovery in the end zone results in a touchback.

McCarthy told reporters at the league meeting.

Touchback in the NFL/Professional Football –, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Football Expressions you can use everyday, - Football Terms, Penalties and Positions, - Football Expressions you can use everyday, Understanding Professional Football – the NFL. I just don't like ... Let's not reward a decision not to compete with 5 extra yards.". Despite a 1-5 start to the season, Kyle Rudolph tells Brooke Cersosimo the Vikings have the talent to fuel a winning streak that could put the team in the playoff race. You're asking them to kick into the corner and a little bit higher.

Well, there are many times this is the ‘best’ strategy.

Fox had turned a great scoring opportunity into a …

A ball that is touched by a punt-coverage player that then rolls or bounces into the end zone is also a touchback. Five years ago, the kickoff was moved from the 30 to the 35-yard line, to produce more touchbacks because the high-speed collisions that are part of kickoff returns make them among the most dangerous plays in the game.

So the Competition Committee came up with the idea of putting the receiving team that takes a touchback on the 25-yard line, instead of the 20. Ok, so we have worked to explain some of the basics of football. When it comes to NFL trade deadlines, the reality of what transpires often fails to match the breathless speculation of what could be. The Competition Committee had pondered the idea before, and there is little question which way the league is headed. If the returner catches it, he can either attempt to run the ball out of the end zone or kneel down and give himself up. Steve Smith Sr. reflects on his discussion with former teammate Darren Waller about the tight end's arduous battle with addiction.

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There are those who think this latest effort will backfire and give the NFL exactly what it doesn't want: more hits, but without the thrill of a Devin Hesteresque return.

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The league will get what they want.

Follow Judy Battista on Twitter @judybattista. Touchbacks occur in the end zone and result in the offensive team beginning play from their 20 yard line. "I think it will have the opposite effect than the Competition Committee expects," Feely wrote in a text. Not enough, Westhoff argues, because there are already so many touchbacks that rosters are no longer constructed to hold on to top special teams players. "It's not as easy as you think," Westhoff said.

Cam Newton had his worst performance of the season, as he was benched three quarters into New England's 33-6 loss to the 49ers. Some people, if they have a good coverage team and a good kicker, they'll hit the regular kickoff, but they'll take a little off it and try to pin inside the 25.".

Last season, 41.1 percent of kickoffs were returned. A member of the punting team who touches the ball with a foot on or inside the goal line, even though the ball may not have entered the end zone, causes a touchback.

Bobby Turner has played an instrumental role in some of the most impressive rushing performances of the last 25 NFL seasons. Once the ball goes out of bounds in the end zone, it is a touchback.

Jim Trotter examines what the lopsided win means for Pittsburgh, Cleveland and the rest of the AFC.

The decision to trade electrifying returns for fewer collisions seems to have been made back in 2011. But Jim Trotter says two young quarterbacks could spice up this year's proceedings.

It is also a touchback if the offense fumbles and the ball goes out of bounds in the opponent's end zone. Westhoff, who has long been convinced that the league is slowly squeezing special teams out of the game, does not agree. The rules are intended to produce more kick returns and dissuade teams from punting by moving the ball to the 35-yard-line on a touchback. Still, it is hard to imagine the league going back on an initiative that is billed as very much about player safety. The NCAA made a further rule change effective in its 2018 season, treating a fair catch on a kickoff, or free kick following a … Safeties and touchbacks both occur in the end zone, but a safety is a defensive play and rewards the defense with two points for their team. The Steelers let loose an all-around dominant showing in their 38-7 win over the Browns on Sunday. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Judy Battista details why it'll be up to the legendary QB to ensure that the troubled receiver's arrival pans out for all parties involved.

By rule, a fumble that goes out of bounds through a defensive team’s end zone is a touchback, and the defensive team gets the ball. Brandon Mendoza dives into five overreactions from Week 6, including a major sign of distress for the Patriots and a Titans offense that is gaining steam. New York Giants president John Mara, a member of the committee, said last week that if the league could figure out what to do with the onside kick for end-of-game situations, the league would likely seriously consider getting rid of the kickoff entirely. Of all the rules changes that were deliberated this offseason, the change to the touchback might be the one that alters the game most noticeably, although the rule was approved only as a … So, why ‘take a knee’ instead of running the ball after one of these situations down the field towards the goal? The spot is the 25-yard line in both college and professional football on kickoffs and free kicks after a safety, with the NCAA having changed from the 20 in 2012 and the NFL making the same change in 2018. The team that concedes the safety must then kick off to their opponent.

When Can a Soccer Goalie Pick Up the Ball. If he is tackled behind the goal line, it is a safety. He'd supplement this with a rule that, if the ball goes past the 50-yard line on the fly, it would be treated like a punt, and could be downed where it landed. Jeffri Chadiha digs into the Miami Dolphins' decision to hand hotly anticipated rookie Tua Tagovailoa the starting quarterback job.

NFL and the NFL shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League.The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated.

This step, it seems, is merely the next incremental one in the league's effort to all but eliminate kickoff returns. Green Bay Packers head man Mike McCarthy blasted the rule just before it was approved. His work on sports and other topics has been published on various websites. In standard outdoor American football, the team awarded the touchback receives possession of the ball at either its own 20-yard line or 25-yard line, depending on the specific type of play. Smith details Waller's hardships and triumphs on the way to a second chance in the NFL and at life. After this season, the NFL might know if the kickoff is worth saving at all. He can also let the ball go through the end zone. That is why many coaches resisted the change. The only exceptions to this are missed field goals and touchdowns. It is a radical idea, but one that is clearly on the horizon.

Brandon Mendoza runs down five overreactions from Week 7 -- and explains why Baker Mayfield vs. Joe Burrow will be the next dominant QB rivalry of our time.

Jeffri Chadiha explores the escalating concerns around the QB and what it means going forward. All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League. Don’t expect the NFL’s new touchback rule to stick around, since it appears to be having the exact opposite of its intended effect.

This new rule change went into affect during the 2016 NFL season. It's not hard to do at all. You will see less returns.

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