Nope! Grâce à sa configuration flexible à l'infini, Trello s'adapte à vos méthodes de travail. Intégrez-le à vos apps Atlassian préférées et à bien d'autres encore. Un outil visuel et facile à utiliser. When your email domain is claimed, the administrator of the organization then has the power to deactivate or delete yours and/or any other Trello accounts with a primary email address matching the claimed email domain. Du kannst es in deine Lieblings-Apps von Atlassian und in viele andere Apps integrieren. Will migrating to Atlassian account impact how other people access shared boards? Continue.

Always In Sync. At this point, you will be required to authenticate with Trello using your new Atlassian account only. Cette adresse e-mail est déjà utilisée par un autre compte Atlassian. Powered by Help Scout, is a software organization that provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential.

With an Atlassian account, you can use just one account to log in to any Atlassian products, such as Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, Statuspage, or Trello. Anyone can make an Atlassian account for free and this process is the same as doing that, but with the added step of linking your already-existing Trello account to it.

You won’t lose access to your team as your account will still be a member on them and your boards. Collaborating with team members on boards will work the same after you connect your Trello account to your Atlassian account. Will migrating to Atlassian account cause me to lose access to my boards or Trello content? Atlassian accounts consist of one email address per account and it's important that your primary email address is appropriate for the content inside of your account. Many other Atlassian products have free versions as well, and this migration will allow you to try those out all from the same place! We roll out these changes to a percentage of users on an incremental basis, so we can monitor for possible issues and incoming feedback/questions. Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications to meet your team's unique business needs. On, enter your email address. Since 2017, Trello has been working diligently to integrate with Atlassian systems and now we’re ready for Trello accounts to get an Atlassian account. Vous devez vous connecter avec Atlassian pour utiliser Trello. If you're already logged into Trello, you can check this by going to your profile page at Work smarter with Trello . If you become managed, we will automatically create an Atlassian account on your behalf and link it to your Trello account. Disponible sur ordinateur et sur vos appareils mobiles (même hors connexion). The changes made will only apply at the account level and have an effect on where management of your account is located, such as changing your profile information. So I added the URL of this page to my favorite and now I just need to enter the password (I mean, trigger the password filling from my password manager of course).

Merci d'utiliser l'application sur votre appareil portable pour générer un code. Et, il est entièrement gratuit ! « McCorvey, un spécialiste du papier depuis 60 ou 70 ans, a opéré sa transformation digitale en une nuit grâce à Trello. However, we strongly recommend following this migration process so you can ensure the correct email is associated with your account and can better react to a possible future email domain claim. Sign up for free. Sign up for free. Und noch dazu kostenlos! Découvrez qui a créé une page et à quel moment. Will the migration of my account to Atlassian account somehow impact my Gold, Business Class or Enterprise subscription?

This will only impact your login experience as you’ll be asked to log in via your Atlassian account instead of your Trello account.

Visual and easy to use.

Trello Over the course of the next year, all Trello accounts will get an Atlassian account. Why are you asking us to migrate to Atlassian account now? Organisez les informations essentielles de toutes vos apps grâce aux Power-Ups. Trello ist der angenehme und flexible Weg zu produktiverem Arbeiten. You can also use your Atlassian account to log into our Atlassian Community and Atlassian support and billing systems. Click the "Log in with Atlassian" link to login. Can’t you merge the user database with Atlassian without users having to take action? ». Not an Atlassian user? The integration of an Atlassian account with your Trello account is currently in progress, which means that your Trello account will soon be linked to Atlassian account.

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