Download card games, build-a-word worksheets, poems, and more! With this short story, kids practice reading skills. Be inspired by great ideas for children learning activities.

For example: "r__n" is "run.". Classroom Tips Site Design and Hosting by.

Word Families Books. A short story to read and practice -at word family.
Mini books are educational and fun. This page has a listing of numerous other word family units, including: -ack, -ad, -all, -an, -ap, -ate, -aw, -eal, -ed, -end, -est, -ew, -ing, -oat, -ore, -ow, -ub, and -unk.
Using word families can help teach beginning spellers that words contain and share patterns. Beginning readers and writers can increase their repertoire of known words through their knowledge of word families (e.g., if you know “cat,” you also know “hat”). Learning short ă words in your class today? Second Grade Words: bun, nun, fun, run, sun. Preschool Reading All Rights Reserved.

Check out this worksheet full of hands-on activities! Science, Teaching Tips For example, at, cat, hat, and fat are a family of words with the "at" sound and letter combination in common.

Looking for some FREE printable word family books to use with your child at home or students in your classroom? bun fun gun nun pun run shun spun stun sun: unk.

Beginning readers can benefit greatly from learning and implementing word families. This worksheet has eight spots for students to write any word ending with "-un" that they can think of.

He was just about done putting all of the snow in a nice Here is what I share regarding phonograms (the fancy word for word families) in my I Can Teach My Child to Read eBook: “Another strategy that has proven … It was freezing out and a man was shoveling the snow outside.

Please login to your account or become a member and join our community today to utilize this helpful feature. ★ available in black-and-white and color. Kindergarten kids master their phonics skills, expand their vocabulary, learn to read the AN word family.

Encourage your child to practice writing by tracing the words first, then writing the words themselves. The -un word family includes the words: spun, bun, run, stun, fun, and sun.

Use this word family list to introduce the sound of words ending with -UN.

Books. Get access to exclusive worksheets and our newsletter. The illustrations on the left will help students find which "-un" word needs to be found in the row of letters. Third Grade, Math Use letter stampers and an ink pad to make the following words: stun, bun, run, sun, and fun. Preschool and Kindergarten Math Curriculum. ©2020 My Teaching Station.

This am word family worksheet, is great to reinforce the reading and spelling skills for your kindergartener. Includes: spun, run, stun, fun, sun, and bun.

Please Log In to Super Teacher Worksheets. Help your child get confident with her reading skills. The am word family story designed to reinforce reading skills. Use this word family list to introduce the sound of words ending with -AIN. Words: bun, fun, gun, sun, nun, pun, run, spun, stun, home, shun, rerun, begun, outrun, honeybun, homespun. The UN Word Family Flash Cards Alesia 2020-06-12T12:13:08-04:00. Challenge your preschooler or kindergartner with these "which one is different" worksheets as they practice reading the words. Write in the missing letters for each word. Here is a great practice for your students.

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