Please do so in order to check out. Fresh Octopus, cucumber garnished with seaweed and homeade sweet vinegar sauce. Please login to your account to continue. Japanese soybeans, lightly salted in the pot, served warm. Tempura fish, cream cheese, crab stick, avocado, tobiko, wrapped with soy bean paper-topped with spicy mayo, and eel sauce. You have not selected anything from the menu. Fresh Salmon with avocado and home made sweet chili sauce. Finished with honey wasabi sauce and ponzu sauce an wasabi tobiko. Contains egg, cucumber, avocado, crab stick, masago, yamagobo and kanpyo. Crab meat, cucumber, seaweed salad, tempura flakes. 31 Oct 2020. rye whiskey citrus raw sugar angostura bitters. All entrees are served with steamed rice and a choice of vegetable tempura or Asian vegetable saute (except *). Steamed soybean and ... UNI SHOOTER* Fresh sea urchin served in a shot of cold sake with ponzu sauce. Tempura fish, cucumber avocado and crab stick inside topped with array of eel, drizzling eel sauce on the top. Fresh salmon, crab stick, avocado and mango inside, masago, tempura flake and mayo on the top with drizzle of raspberry sauce. 1410 k ave ste 1109b. Spicy crunch tuna roll inside topped with tuna and avocado, drizzling eel sauce, spicy mayo and masago. SUSHI MENU; DINNER / TAKE OUT MENU; CONTACT US . 10 pieces of assorted Sushi with rainbow roll. change address + new address + Delivery Date & Time.

Tempura lobster tail, fresh kiwi, spicy crunch tempura and avocado inside, topped with eel sauce and kiwi sauce. 2843 E Grand River Ave #180.

shrimp ▪ sirloin ▪ chicken ▪ onion ▪ mushroom ▪ bell pepper ▪ yakitori sauce ▪ grilled, chicken ▪ japanese breadcrumb ▪ jalapeño curry gravy, pan sautéed shrimp & scallop ▪ soy butter ▪ garlic ▪ jalapeño, chicken ▪ snow pea ▪ bell pepper ▪ carrot ▪ onion ▪ house chili sauce, shrimp ▪ scallop ▪ chicken ▪ tempura fried, shaved rib-eye ▪ avocado ▪ yam ▪ teriyaki glaze, petite cut sirloin ▪ soy ▪ garlic ▪ grilled, 1 piece each: tuna ▪ salmon ▪ escolar ▪ shrimp ▪ california kani kama roll (no substitutions). Japanese Wakame seaweed and cucumber on the bottom with homemade ponzu sauce. 1410 K AVE STE 1109B. Garden green topped with assorted fish with homemade ponzu sauce. Contains mango, crab stick, avocado inside, topped with tuna, salmon, drizzling yzu aioli, eel sauce and masago. Food visuals shown are for illustration purposes only, Deliver Today

Please note that minimum order for delivery is $30.00. Japanese udon noodles in a seasonal broth with shrimp, crab, scallops, mussels, squid, and white fish. whiskey & ginger beer. UNI. Uni Sushi will stay takeout only until further notice. Garden green with homemade creamy garlic dressing. A variant of Calfirnia Roll topped with assorted fish and avocado. reposado tequila triple sec citrus avocado soda. Our Ramen soups are also a crowd favorite. East Lansing, MI, 48823 517-332-8866 . rye whiskey maple syrup ginger beer lime juice. cucumberry blue.

Grilled salmon skin and cucumber inside, topped with masago and eel sauce. All bentos are served with steamed rice with furikake, vegetable tempura or steamed vegetables (except *), and miso soup or a lunch salad. Receive the latest updates on our promotions and events! Apportez votre vin.

Please do so in order to check out. sushi menu; dinner / take out menu; contact us . shrimp ▪ scallop ▪ soy butter ▪ garlic ▪ jalapeño, chilean sea bass ▪ braised leek ▪ crisped onion string ▪ apple-miso rémoulade, rib-eye ▪ tempura shrimp ▪ udon noodle ▪ carrot ▪ snow pea ▪ bell pepper ▪ onion ▪ olive oil soy, chicken ▪ chili sauce ▪ carrot ▪ snow pea ▪ bell pepper ▪ onion, NIGIRI (1 piece over rice) & SASHIMI (3 oz serving over ice), 1 oz each of salmon, tuna, escolar, yellowtail, shrimp tempura ▪ cucumber ▪ sprouts ▪ japanese mayo ▪ masago, softshell crab ▪ cucumber ▪ sprouts ▪ japanese mayo ▪ masago, kani kama ▪ cucumber ▪ avocado ▪ sesame seeds, snow crab ▪ cucumber ▪ avocado ▪ sesame seeds, smoked salmon ▪ avocado ▪ cream cheese ▪ sesame seeds, avocado ▪ cucumber ▪ asparagus ▪ yamagobo ▪ sprouts ▪ sesame seeds, salmon skin ▪ cucumber ▪ yamagobo ▪ sprouts ▪ bonito flakes ▪ sesame seeds, scallop ▪ japanese mayo ▪ masago ▪ green onion, spicy kani kama ▪ cucumber ▪ avocado ▪ masago ▪ soft shell crab ▪ sweet pepper paste ▪ eel sauce ▪ hybrid sauce, spicy tuna ▪ peppercorn tuna ▪ avocado ▪ sesame oil ▪ ponzu, spicy tuna ▪ softshell crab ▪ tuna ▪ salmon ▪ yellowtail ▪ cucumber ▪ sprouts ▪ avocado ▪ eel sauce sweet pepper paste ▪ japanese mayo, tuna katsu ▪ smoked salmon ▪ cream cheese ▪ jalapeño ▪ sweet pepper paste, american kobe beef ▪ crab ▪ asparagus ▪ negi ▪ kenobi yakitori sauce ▪ sesame soy paper, freshwater eel ▪ avocado ▪ shrimp ▪ sesame seed ▪ eel sauce, crab ▪ cucumber ▪ avocado ▪ assortment of fish, kani kama tempura ▪ avocado ▪ jalapeño ▪ cream cheese ▪ spicy salmon ▪ eel sauce ▪ sweet pepper paste ▪ tempura tidbits, tuna ▪ escolar ▪ salmon ▪ masago ▪ avocado ▪ flash tempura fried ▪ eel sauce ▪ japanese mayo ▪ sweet pepper paste, softshell crab ▪ cucumber ▪ tuna ▪ salmon ▪ avocado ▪ sweet pepper paste, smoked salmon ▪ shrimp tempura ▪ avocado ▪ cream cheese ▪ flash tempura fried ▪ eel sauce, tuna ▪ salmon ▪ yellowtail ▪ cucumber ▪ mint ▪ avocado ▪ chili vinaigrette ▪ rice paper (no rice or seaweed), shrimp tempura ▪ kani kama ▪ cucumber ▪ togarashi ▪ sweet pepper paste ▪ japanese mayo, smoked salmon ▪ jalapeño ▪ cream cheese ▪ masago ▪ flash tempura fried ▪ sesame soy paper, spicy kani kama ▪ tuna ▪ salmon ▪ escolar ▪ avocado ▪ sesame soy paper ▪ japanese mayo ▪ jalapeño purée (no rice or seaweed), spicy tuna ▪ salmon ▪ avocado ▪ sweet pepper paste, shrimp tempura ▪ peppercorn tuna ▪ jalapeño ▪ cucumber ▪ cream cheese ▪ avocado ▪ sriracha® ▪ 3 signature sauces, yellowtail ▪ jalapeño ▪ cilantro ▪ ponzu ▪ habañero-infused tobiko, shrimp tempura ▪ fresh salmon ▪ spicy tuna ▪ avocado ▪ eel sauce ▪ sweet pepper paste ▪ japanese mayo, lobster tempura ▪ cream cheese ▪ avocado ▪ escolar ▪ eel sauce ▪ spicy mayo ▪ sesame seed, cookie butter semifreddo ▪ diced apples ▪ caramel ▪ graham cracker crumbles, flavored rice cake ▪ ice cream ▪ edible orchid ▪ strawberry ▪ vanilla ▪ mango ▪ raspberry white chocolate ▪ green tea (other seasonal flavors available), egg custard ▪ caramelized sugar ▪ strawberry, coconut panna cotta ▪ mango sauce ▪ baked dried coconut ▪ baked almond shaving, premium ice cream ▪ pound cake ▪ strawberry ▪ sweet tempura batter ▪ chocolate sauce, cheesecake ▪ sweet tempura batter ▪ caramel ▪ edible orchid, tempura fried oreos® ▪ vanilla ice cream ▪ strawberry ▪ chocolate sauce ▪ powdered sugar, licor 43 ▪ whipped cream vodka ▪ orange juice, vodka ▪ ginger beer ▪ rosemary honey ▪ citrus, rye whiskey ▪ citrus ▪ raw sugar ▪ angostura bitters, reposado tequila ▪ triple sec ▪ citrus ▪ avocado ▪ soda, rye whiskey ▪ maple syrup ▪ ginger beer ▪ lime juice, blueberry vodka ▪ cucumber vodka ▪ lavender syrup ▪ lime ▪ cranberry juice ▪ soda, mango rum ▪ pineapple rum ▪ coconut rum ▪ sweet & sour, cucumber vodka ▪ cucumber-infused gin ▪ cucumber, pama liqueur ▪ vodka ▪ pomegranate schnapps ▪ cranberry juice, apple vodka ▪ sour apple liqueur ▪ sprite ▪ lime, raspberry vodka ▪ citrus vodka ▪ framboise ▪ simple syrup ▪ cranberry juice ▪ lime, hpnotiq liqueur ▪ citrus vodka ▪ pineapple juice, lemon vodka ▪ simple syrup ▪ lime ▪ sugar rim, vodka ▪ lychee puree ▪ lychee fruit ▪ peach schnapps, pear vodka ▪ hpnotiq harmony ▪ nigori sake ▪ lychee puree, white chocolate vodka ▪ hazelnut liqueur ▪ white chocolate liqueur ▪ chocolate syrup, mango puree ▪ mango vodka ▪ triple sec ▪ sprite ▪ lime, strawberry liqueur ▪ lemon rum ▪ strawberry puree ▪ juice, key lime whipped vodka ▪ lime juice ▪ pineapple juice ▪ lime, orange vodka ▪ triple sec ▪ simple syrup ▪ cream ▪ oj ▪ peach puree, Copyright 2020 © Handcrafted with love by, shrimp tempura ▪ peppercorn tuna ▪ jalapeño ▪ cucumber ▪ cream cheese ▪ avocado ▪ sriracha.
reposado tequila triple sec citrus avocado soda. Oik soy bean paper wrapped spicy tuna, crab stick, avocado ad seaweed salad, drizzling spicy mayo and honey wasabi sauce on the top. Top. Contains seared tuna, Jalapeno, asparagus an crawfish salad topped with tempura flake, spicy mayo and eel sauce. Tuna, cucumber, avocado-topped with salmon, lemon, and ponzu sauce. PLANO, TX 75074 (972) 695 - 2229. Shrimp tempura roll inside, topped with spicy tuna and eel sauce. blueberry vodka cucumber vodka lavender syrup lime cranberry juice soda Grilled fresh yellowtail jaw, with ponzu sauce. Contains crab stick, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, seaweed salad and masago mixed, topped with crab stick, eel sauce and pork sauce. Welcome to umisushi! Served with 2 pieces of Crab Rangoon and Soup. © 2020 Niwa Pte Ltd (A member of Neo Group) All Rights Reserved.
Spicy crab, cucumber topped with smoked salmon, spicy mayo and eel sauce. Lean pork mushrooms, tofu, egg and bamboo shoots in a rich soup, very popular. plano, tx 75074 (972) 695 - 2229. temporary hours. Shrimp tempura roll inside topped with eel and avocado drizzling eel sauce on the top. Tempura shrimp, smoked salmon, masago, tempura flakes, and cream cheese, eel sauce on the top. Terms and Conditions: Valid from Mon – Fri, 1pm to 5pm, exclude Public Holidays Sides 8 items. Spicy yellowtail, avocado, jalapeno roll in green soy paper with honey wasabi sauce and eel sauce. Japanese udon noodle in a seafood broth, with shrimp, and mixed vegetable tempura. tofu ▪ fresh seaweed ▪ mushroom ▪ green onion ▪ miso broth, chicken ▪ mushroom ▪ orzo pasta ▪ cilantro ▪ miso broth, chicken ▪ mushroom ▪ orzo pasta ▪ cilantro ▪ tomato basil soup, grilled shrimp ▪ onion strings ▪ grape tomato ▪ masago ▪ togarashi ▪ cilantro ▪ creamy avocado miso, field greens ▪ cucumber ▪ grape tomato ▪ carrot ▪ parmesan shaving ▪ crispy wonton ▪ choice of creamy miso or ginger vinaigrette, sesame oil-infused seaweed salad ▪ lemon ▪ onion strings, tuna ▪ salmon ▪ avocado ▪ fresh fruit ▪ mixed greens ▪ japanese salad dressing, sesame crusted tuna ▪ field greens ▪ cucumber ▪ grape tomato ▪ carrot ▪ parmesan shaving ▪ crispy wonton ▪ ginger vinaigrette, chicken breast ▪ field greens ▪ cucumber ▪ grape tomato ▪ carrot ▪ parmesan shaving ▪ crispy wonton ▪ creamy miso, grilled scottish salmon ▪ field greens ▪ cucumber ▪ grape tomato ▪ carrot ▪ parmesan shaving ▪ crispy wonton ▪ creamy miso, cucumber ▪ sesame seeds ▪ sweet citrus sauce ▪ edible orchid, cucumber ▪ seaweed ▪ sesame seeds ▪ salmon ▪ tuna ▪ seabass ▪ kani kama ▪ sweet citrus sauce, shrimp ▪ kani kama ▪ mango salsa ▪ panko-crusted avocado ▪ asparagus spears ▪ grilled spiced prawns, yellowtail ▪ jalapeño ▪ cilantro ▪ parmesan ▪ ponzu, rare-seared beef ▪ daikon-carrot salad ▪ ponzu, american wagyu ▪ black pepper ▪ yakitori sauce (self-seared table side on a hot rock), yellowfin tuna ▪ salt ▪ pepper ▪ celery-onion salad garlic chip ▪ san baizu ▪ negi oil, yellowfin tuna ▪ garlic ▪ onion ▪ soy tobiko ▪ quail egg ▪ sesame oil ▪ wonton shell ▪ wasabi ranch ▪ rice, yellowfin tuna ▪ avocado ▪ goat cheese ▪ seaweed ▪ cucumber ▪ sweet citrus sauce, shrimp ▪ lobster ▪ macaroni ▪ white cheddar ▪ japanese breadcrumb ▪ parsley, kurabota pork belly ▪ japanese sweet bun ▪ cucumber kimchee ▪ hoisin sauce ▪ thai chili, avocado ▪ crab ▪ shrimp ▪ parmesan cheese ▪ ponzu ▪ spicy mayo ▪ negi ▪ masago, fried brussels sprouts ▪ fish caramel ▪ onion ▪ jalapeño ▪ herbs ▪ sweet bun crouton, fried tofu ▪ dashi ▪ grated ginger & daikon ▪ togarashi ▪ negi ▪ katsuobushi flakes, shrimp tempura ▪ mango pico de gallo ▪ flour tortilla ▪ miso guacamole, shaved rib-eye ▪ avocado ▪ japanese yam ▪ teriyaki glaze, pork dumpling ▪ negi ▪ sesame seeds ▪ lemongrass sauce (steamed or pan seared), sirloin ▪ mushroom ▪ onion ▪ bell pepper ▪ yakitori sauce, headless fish ▪ rice ▪ ponzu ▪ citrus ▪ cucumber, fried chicken bites ▪ herbs ▪ jalapeño ▪ onion ▪ thai chili vinaigrette, lobster ▪ shrimp ▪ crab ▪ negi ▪ cream cheese ▪ eggroll skin ▪ jalapeño purée ▪ tempura sauce. Soy bean broth with tofu, seaweed, and scallions. 29 Oct 2020. Crunch tuna, tempura and soft shell crab, mango, avocado, wrapped with soy bean paper-topped with spicy mayo, and eel sauce. Explore Our Menu of Sushi, Japanese Food, Ramen & More Dine-In or Take-Out in Chula Vista. Tempura tuna, avocado and cream cheese inside, toppped with spicy tuna and eel Sauce.

Tempura crunch, masago, cucumber inside topped with shrimp with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

We use only the freshest seafood for our Sushi, Nigiri and Sashimi. 1410 k ave ste 1109b. Spicy crunch tuna roll inside, topped with super white tuna, jalapeno, spicy mayo, eel sauce and poke sauce. Appetizer ... You have not selected anything from the menu. Tempura calamari, avocado, masago and crab stick inside, topped with super white tuna, spicy mayo and eel sauce. 12 pieces of assorted fish with daikon maki. blueberry vodka cucumber vodka lavender syrup lime cranberry juice soda The mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week. Please do so in order to check out. UNI Taking its name from the Japanese word for the sea urchin, a Japanese delicacy, UNI brings the vibrant colours, flavours and textures of Peruvian and Japanese fusion cuisine to the London neighbourhood of Belgravia. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you in our restaurant soon. 29 Oct 2020. Tempura fried cream cheese, crabstick with masago homemade honey wasabi sauce and eel sauce. sushi menu; dinner / take out menu; contact us .

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