Considering the importance of unstructured content in creating a comprehensive patient record, how can this information be harnessed to ensure it’s included in interoperability initiatives? 3M™ currently supports client sites with an NLP platform that processes more than 2.5 million clinical documents daily in the completion of computer-assisted diagnostic/procedural coding and clinical documentation improvement. For example, insurance companies required strict compliance by healthcare providers on how to submit claims for reimbursement This consistency makes structured data relatively easy to search and analyze.

As care teams assess, diagnose and treat patients, they are creating and adding to the patients’ medical record with a range of data such as discrete lab results, qualitative descriptions, transcripts of their opinions and decisions and more. It’s no surprise the industry is facing a monumental challenge: how to unlock all of these unstructured clinical data for new insights into innovation and improving patient care. Instead of relying on the exact phrase of “has social support,” the system will process a phrase like “brother at bedside” and know it means the patient has social support. Unstructured data is any information that isn't specifically structured to be easy for machines to understand. NLP leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help analytics systems understand and work with unstructured data.
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In healthcare, we are on the cusp of going mainstream with unstructured data. Visit this emerging tech mecca to see health products and solutions that haven’t yet hit the market.

Unstructured data is any information that isn't specifically structured to be easy for machines to understand. NLP gives analysts a tool to extract and analyze unstructured data (e.g., follow-up appointments, vitals, charges, orders, encounters, and symptoms), which some experts estimate makes up 80 percent of all patient data available.

The Challenges of Unstructured Healthcare Data, Structured Data Capture (SDC) standards initiative. All Rights Reserved. Use of this website and any information contained herein is governed by the Healthgrades user agreement. Differentiate, Ways to Four areas in which healthcare NLP can improve function—and, ultimately, care—include EHR usability, predictive analytics, phenotyping, and quality improvement: The typical EHR arranges information by patient encounter, making it difficult to find critical patient information (e.g., social history—a strong predictor of readmissions).

Results showed clear indicators of imminent suicide attempts by Twitter users who posted fewer emojis in text, limited emojis to certain types (e.g., blue or broken heart symbols), or increased postings of angry or sad tweets prior to attempting suicide (Figure 2). A key consideration of using a text mining engine effectively is giving users the ability to modify the “bag of words” as needed—with the right level of governance applied.

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In some cases, structured data proves to be a gold mine of data. A select committee of leading researchers and population health experts, funded by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), was recently tasked to identify these core domains to facilitate future use of EHR data for both care delivery and clinical research. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies.

When healthcare practitioners began storing and managing data digitally, they (like people in most industries) used structured data.

This article describes the potential of NLP to maximize the value of the EHR and healthcare data, making data a critical and trusted component in improving health outcomes. Are We Ready to Treat Patient-Generated Health Data? With these differences, analysts cannot run an NLP system trained on newspaper text on social media and expect it to extract the meaning. In the next 10 years, we will see real-time engagement where AI begins to interact with both physicians and patients to enable the accurate capture not only of basic concepts, but the context and insights necessary to provide a holistic understanding of the patient. Health Catalyst. With current NLP systems, these two phrases would bring back false positives for meaning the same as “brother at bedside.”.

adoption, and support, Explore resources to get the most out of your Healthgrades solutions and

It uses abbreviations and emoticons to express meaning (versus using words for the same concepts).

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