It always feels as if I were to enter a holy place to begin with. Or have an amazing peanut cake slice? V is this rustic-looking bar in the middle of one of Temple Bar’s alleyways. While not an entirely converted member of vegan restaurants, Blazing Salads is an amazing place where you can find fresh food, amazing, home-baked cakes and cookies, and the best hand-made hummus as well. If you’re interested in how to start being vegan, the healthy way? Do you know of any vegan restaurants in Dublin I’ve not included? Always nice service, always fresh stuff. When you see them, make sure to give them a go! They are called SushiHome, in case you’re wondering, and they are a happy bunch of people usually seen at vegfests and Vegetarian Society events too!

A Dublin institution since 1986, this whole foods and plant-based restaurant proves that while vegan cuisine might be on the uptick in Dublin, it is by no means “new.” COVID-19. I’ll never make it at home because I love dino kale fresh and juicy, but they know a great way to make warm food taste good too. Keep reading! But a small home business of vegan silent warriors deliver boxes every now and then. With that in mind, and with all the latest news on animal exploitation, sustainability questions and the impossible pressure our modern consumerism could have on our planet, more and more keep looking for good alternatives to our everyday burger. They’re simply the best with all kinds of variety and great ideas. Updating Map... Return to Map .

Cornucopia is usually the place I take my friends to, the first time, when they visit me, or show interest in the “V” way. It’s easier to spot if you’re looking at the right street. Want to get the latest news fast? If you google ‘vegan restaurants’, most are found sparsely spread out, and are more centralized in New York, London, Berlin, and similar cultural centers for the vegan mindset. First off, the service is amazing!

So how come we in Dublin have this title? A magnificent, legendary place for the weary veg-lover ( and nowadays they are 99% vegan!). Make sure to keep an eye out for the neon ‘V’ sign from any side of the alleyway. Or, are you running low on some of your cruelty-free ingredients? Fish and chips, with a thick dip of tartar sauce, please.

Your email address will not be published. They offer a lot of sambo melts (sandwiches with melted vegan cheese), desserts, and some simpler meals, like cauliflower wings and fries. Sure, you can get your avo roll and cucumber makis everywhere. Something went wrong. If you desperately need a good burger with chips, in a decent atmosphere from lovely people, make sure to try them! It’s worth it of course. If you google ‘vegan restaurants’, most are found sparsely spread out, and are more centralized in New York, London, Berlin, and similar cultural centers for the vegan mindset. Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Egg-free, etc… A myriad of allergies and preferences. After all, a vegan meal is 100% OK for the said diet’s followers. Give them a go, you won’t regret it! Map updates are paused. It’s really hard to stay away from a place like Govinda’s.

Say that again! A small stall that could be quite hard to find at first. Vish is a vegan ‘fish n’ chips’ place! You are guaranteed it’s entirely vegan though. I double dare you ***! Click here!

Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Dublin Filter and search through restaurants with gift card offerings. They are always there too! And if they don’t come around you soon, make sure to check a VegFest for their banners. You’ll leave it there. Always fresh, plant-based food, some vegetarian, but mostly vegan options. It doesn’t look like much at first, but will positively surprise you when you get in for a treat or two. They have an amazing variety of stuff that a normal chipper would get you. Why could that be though? Sova Vegan Butcher is kind of a legend in Dublin.

Building a business around such a small number of people could be challenging at first. (Don't forget the Spam folder, too. Please check your entries and try again. Wanna stock up good foods in troubling times, and you’re not sure where to start?

This is a good example for a cafe that is far from “just a cafe”. Zoom in to see updated info. Also, we’ve ordered a couple of local, freshly made baked goods. My favorite burger was always the classico. It hits a certain spot you might have put away forever, thinking it will never happen again since your transition to veganism. The Emerald Isle’s capital might not have as many, entirely plant-based joints as its bigger city counterparts. Fun tips and facts: Cornucopia is not a one story buffet! Look no further. If you’d like to try some more “real” burgers on the v-side that don’t necessarily bleed, or behave like meat, Shoots and Roots is a good choice. This is a normal order here, and no, you won’t be disappointed. That is also because Dublin is a flagship of the Irish warm-hearted attitude. Fish burger is amazing. However, the same study takes experimental vegetarians, and similarly related approaches into consideration as well. Two gentlemen started out with a fun-colored, small cafe in Greystones with amazing foods and charm. Their Airport joint (Terminal 1) also makes it a great go to place for a 100% vegan, stress-free option on the go. I’ve not yet visited it myself, due to distance but what my vegan friends told me are all good. Unfortunately they do not come out to the place I’m working at anymore. Required fields are marked *.

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