Canada’s famous constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, also made the important point that Australia and New Zealand do not have a Bill of Rights to protect their citizens against government abuse of power.

Melbourne has long been regarded as Australia's sporting capital due to the role it has played in the development of Australian sport, the range and quality of its sporting events and venues, and its high rates of spectatorship and participation. The city has hosted a number of major international sporting events, most notably the 1956 Summer Olympic Games, the first Olympic Games held outside Europe and the United States. [121] Contemporary Melbourne authors who have written award-winning books set in the city include Peter Carey, Helen Garner and Christos Tsiolkas. [25][26], The first British settlement in Victoria, then part of the penal colony of New South Wales, was established by Colonel David Collins in October 1803, at Sullivan Bay, near present-day Sorrento. The city was also home to the largest number of Holocaust survivors of any Australian city,[186] indeed the highest per capita outside Israel itself. [59] The post-war period also saw a major renewal of the CBD and St Kilda Road which significantly modernised the city. For sport fans and enthusiasts there is SEN 1116. In Nichols, David; Perillo, Sophie (ed.). [84], Melbourne's urban area is approximately 2,453 km2, slightly larger than that of London and Mexico City,[89] while its metropolitan area is 9,993 km2 (3,858 sq mi)–larger than Jakarta (at 7,063 km2), but smaller than New York City (at 11,875 km2). In fact, the entire STATE of Victoria is mentioned in this list of CITIES as a member. [105][106] The extensive area covered by urban Melbourne is formally divided into hundreds of suburbs (for addressing and postal purposes), and administered as local government areas[107] 31 of which are located within the metropolitan area.[108]. [97] [50], Melbourne's land-boom peaked in 1888,[48] the year it hosted the Centennial Exhibition. Melbourne also is the home of the Royal Children's Hospital and the Monash Children's Hospital. [115] Very little remains of Melbourne's pre-gold rush architecture; St James Old Cathedral (1839) and St Francis' Church (1845) are among the few examples left in the CBD. Erica Garcia is a freelance writer from Southern California who is very much in love with music, literature, and coffee. The Formula One Australian Grand Prix has been held at the Albert Park Circuit since 1996. September 12, 2020 In the 2018 Global Financial Centres Index, Melbourne was ranked as having the 15th most competitive financial centre in the world. [48] The establishment of a hydraulic facility in 1887 allowed for the local manufacture of elevators, resulting in the first construction of high-rise buildings[49] such as the 12-story APA Building, among the world's tallest commercial buildings upon completion in 1889. [36] The British Colonial Office appointed five Aboriginal Protectors for the Aborigines of Victoria, in 1839, however their work was nullified by a land policy that favoured squatters who took possession of Aboriginal lands. Major road projects including the remodelling of St Kilda Junction, the widening of Hoddle Street and then the extensive 1969 Melbourne Transportation Plan changed the face of the city into a car-dominated environment.

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