According to the album booklet, Twain and Lange wrote and recorded in Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Paris, Avignon, Provence, Milan, Dublin, the Bahamas (at the famous Compass Point Studios), The Grenadine Islands, and Mumbai. More information on how to connect with producers can be found below.

However, a mood reel can also be sent.

(For example: “We are looking to hire a line producer to manage the finances of the film from start to finish.”) Please note that you usually do not send the script for the pitch unless it is requested after they have reviewed your submission.

This marks the first time the green version was released physically in Europe. As of 2007, Up! [15] The Rolling Stone review was positive, rating it four-stars out of five and saying that: "Up! [23], In 2007, the album's cover was listed on Maxim's Sexiest Album Covers.[24]. Or does your past experience and the quality of this particular project allow you to look for a huge producer to pitch your project for Broadway, network TV, or a major motion picture? Also, be sure to keep in mind what sort of financial agreement you are willing to come to. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a movie producer.

As for your project, be confident that it is in the best possible shape before trying to contact producers. This is Super-Size pop, as outsized and grandiose as good pop should be", he concluded. These types of conversations will come up during negotiations, so be prepared ahead of time. Why now?”). Here, we break down how to find a producer for the passion project that you are ready to bring to fruition. What is a producer, and what are the responsibilities involved? Learn about the job description, and review the step-by-step process to start a career in film production. If either of these options doesn’t pan out, you’ll have to try to find producers through networking. North America received a two-disc set, containing the red disc and the green disc. How do I determine how many producers my project needs?

How do I get a producer to read my script? So you’ve finally written that screenplay, found the perfect theater piece, or have an idea for a new web series. In its third week, sales were still strong enough to top both charts again, selling more than 317,000 copies and beating Tim McGraw's Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors, which held the No. Call this a guilty pleasure—pop, country, or somewhere in between."[9].

In terms of creating a list of producers, start by researching producers who have worked on projects in similar genres and within your target budget. All rights reserved. is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer Shania Twain. 2 spot for a second consecutive week. Meanwhile, a production company is a full business in and of itself that produces entertainment. ", "Dutch album certifications – Shania Twain – Up! debuted at No. It was further promoted with the successful Up! Rihanna and Bryson Tiller's Wild Thoughts, XXXTENTACION feat. Are you hoping to find a young and hungry producer to get you noticed at a small festival? All songs are written by Shania Twain and Robert John "Mutt" Lange. ", "Ultratop − Goud en Platina – albums 2002", "Brazilian album certifications – Shania Twain – Up! Twain launched an extensive promotional tour for the album, starting in October 2002. On November 6, she launched the US leg of the promotional tour by opening the 2002 Country Music Awards. What does the pitching process look like? is a sense of Twain trying – desperately trying at all levels – to touch everyone, to express universal truths by artificial means: beats, tempos, instruments, etc. debuted at No.

Music rated it six-stars out of ten, saying that: "'Up!'
[2] For the blue international disc, the pair enlisted British-Asian music producers Simon and Diamond Duggal for production collaboration. What’s the actual filmmaking process look like alongside my producer(s)? While this is definitely a significant part of what a producer does, it by no means is the only task that a producer handles. Writing and recording for the album took place across the world. You have to find somebody who has the same values. How many producers you require completely depends on your project.

A short statement from the director of their vision is also helpful. The red and green versions were released on vinyl in the United States and Europe on October 14, 2016. Typical pitch packets include items such as reels (a director’s reel, a reel of past projects, or a pitch trailer or a “mood reel”), a lookbook or mood board, director statement, brief biography of yourself or history of your company, and a synopsis of what your project is and what type of producer you need. On October 2, 2002, Twain performed on the Dutch program TROS TV Show. “Wanna Get to Know You” is a song recorded by G-Unit.

(For Makin' Someday Come So Soon), "Thank You Baby! IFP’s Project Forum is the oldest and largest forum in the U.S. for discovering new projects in development in the independent movie scene. On Septem… Seeing your passion project come to life will be well worth it. But it's always the creative and the business; there’s always this weird balance you have to find. An example of a production company is Lucasfilm, which is behind the “Star Wars” movies.

1 with sales of 874,000 copies. For instance, if you just have a line producer or project manager to help with financial decisions, they won’t be involved with the creative portion of the project. If your project is smaller, you may just need one go-to person who believes in you and shares your vision to help find backing and facilitate the logistics of the project from start to finish. The director is the ultimate boss on a film set and usually has final say calling the creative shots, but if they run into trouble, the creative producer can always help them out.

In the US, Up! Canadian folk music group Leahy provided group fiddles throughout the album. ", " – Shania Twain – Up! You are entrusting your name, brand, livelihood, and all of the hard work and passion you put into your project with this person or production company, so do not necessarily jump at the first offer that comes along.

Try finding “speed-dating” events with directors and producers in your city. "[13] The PopMatters review was average, giving it six stars out of ten and saying that the album "got everything from dance numbers to ballads, and it's vintage Shania". 39. hét", " – Discography Shania Twain", " – Shania Twain – Up! A general producer handling all aspects of the project might be more involved from start to finish.

1 with sales of 874,000 copies. You should know what about the project you are willing to artistically compromise on and what you are not. Personal connections, word of mouth, and attending film festivals are good ways to do this.

Since the title of “producer” can mean many different things, we’ll define what different producing titles mean and what type of tasks they typically handle: A single producer will likely be more hands-on through every step of the process, as they will help with all the various aspects of producing as a whole. The album's five-week total alone stands at an estimated 2,646,000 units. ", Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers, "New Zealand album certifications – Shania Twain – Up! Perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself when looking for a producer is what values are important to you. Lastly, the good old-fashioned method of going to film festivals and meeting people face-to-face to have a better understanding of the industry can never hurt.

A lookbook or mood board is a collage of original photos, newspaper and magazine clippings, and archival photos meant to evoke the settings, characters, and even colors of the piece. It is OK to send a follow-up email after a couple of weeks if you do not hear back, but again, be sure to keep it simple and professional. Three versions of the album were released: a pop version (red disc), a country version (green disc), and a version in the style of Indian film music (blue disc); all three discs contain exactly the same track listing and feature distinctly identifiable picture labels (for example, Twain sports a cowboy haton the green country disc.) How do I prepare a pitch? For a pitch trailer, it can be a snippet of scenes from the script done on a lower budget with the actors you are planning to use for the film. It was released on November 19, 2002, by Mercury Nashville. Just be sure the director’s reel is of very good quality. Alternatively, you may end up working with a production company that already has its own departments and way of doing things, but is considered full-service and has a bunch of different producers built in instead of hiring each of the producers individually. He also complemented "the sheer exuberance and joy of craftsmanship in this double-Up!-manship don't feel like mercenary insincerity. On large films, there can also be producers for specific jobs or parts of the set known as co-producers.

Major events included the Super Bowl XXXVII halftime show, the 2002 and 2003 Country Music Association Awards, the 2003 American Music Awards, the 2003 Juno Awards, the 2003 ECHO Awards, the 2003 Billboard Music Awards, and the 2003 CMT Flameworthy Awards. So be sure to give yourself a leg up by doing your research, treating everyone well, and sticking to your gut.

"Wanna Get to Know You" is a song recorded by G-Unit. “Almost half of its 8,000 members are women, and they share their mistakes and advice to help other members advance in their own careers,” she says. With the sheer amount of people pitching projects, it is vital that your pitch be professional, creative, and thoughtful in order to be noticed. The album was promoted with interviews and television performances including the Super Bowl XXXVII. For films or TV shows, a link to a director’s reel (either your own if you are planning on directing, or that of the director you are planning to use) is always a good idea. ", " – Shania Twain – Up! Also, be sure to provide a clear explanation of what your goals are and what you are looking for in a producer—but be realistic. Upon its release, the album received positive reviews from most music critics, based on an aggregate score of 72/100 from Metacritic. 1 on both the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and the all-genre Billboard 200, selling 874,000 copies in its first week of release. As Mary Murfitt, creator and star of the acclaimed Off-Broadway musical “Cowgirls,” tells Backstage, “Finding a producer is almost like getting married. Taking your project to the next level by finding a producer that is the correct fit can be difficult. The specific tasks a producer handles can vary based on the medium of the project, as well as the size (and therefore budget) of the piece. pete rock did a really dope version tho:, I've always wanted to know what does the G-Unit one sings on chorus because there's so many things.. First, start by asking anyone with whom you might personally have a connection (perhaps you’ve worked together on a project in a different capacity before or are both alumni of the same school). There is one thing you need to know about negotiating involvement and responsibilities and that is: sign a contract beforehand. takes on its all-things-to-all-wallets mission with real appetite. Or perhaps your specific project finds yourself in need of multiple types of producers—someone to serve as more of a line producer to ensure your financials are in check and others to help in the creative sense.

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