No knock policies are undermining freedom & liberty in America.
He has been showing a so-called narco list with the names of politicians, police officers and even members of the judiciary allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade. Anyone with an IQ over 70, can use everything they have learnt to there advantage. Only got 15 mins into the doc and was totally disgusted by the way the police f*** people over, in my country Scotland btw that s*** is known as entrapment if a police officer offers you drugs (any kind) you cant get done (charged) for taking it. Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency director general Aaron Aquino has said that the PDEA is in the process of establishing a scientific method of collecting reliable data on drug dependents and users in the country. however, when you take a step back to look at the bigger picture and see the full spectrum of the consequences of criminalizing the non violent use of a controlled substance - hopefully one comes to the conclusion that the punishment is far worse than the crime. Indeed, there are many articles, documentaries, and series out there on the War on Drugs, but I’ve chosen a selection of just 4 to give you an overview of the broader picture in Latin America. My question is why, when there are alturnatives that work... Take my case for example. I don't think this will ever stop until, we have an all out war. anti-drug operations in the slums of Tondo, Manila, Chel Diokno: Drug War Film Can Be Used As Evidence Before ICC, eradicating the drug problem in six months, Saving the Future of A Nation: Countering Hard Drugs. Having problems seeing the article? Falção (falcon) is the name for the night guards, who stay up watching to see if any enemies or police are coming towards the drug trafficking headquarters. “We have four million (in statistics) but it is not really that scientific. Duterte had campaigned on a promise of eradicating the drug problem in six months. Including the time I have already spent in before granted bail on a section 32 i'm looking at 2 years, I live in Australia. Cocaine Unwrapped criticizes the brutality and indifference of the heavy handed methods implemented in the War on Drugs. The documentary was a project that aimed at telling the story of the inevitablitly of many young men entering into drug trafficking in Brazilian favelas. According to the U.S. Dept of Justice, the number of offenders under age 18 imprisoned for drug offenses increased twelve-fold from 1985 to 1997.

Watched 24 minutes of this and concluded the US government is creating crime on All levels.Basically these drug units are free to do whatever they want with blessings from the "system." Now,don't you think that person will be mighty tempted to commit another crime for money to get another vehicle?? Your the one they should lock up scum bag,shows how little you know.I don't think it's about race because are governments care less about any of us,but it's not put in rich hoods it's put in very poor and even middle class hoods were there is more people with dark skin.It's the same with jobs African Americans are much less likely even with laws put in place to act like they want to change things but are much more likely to be unemployed than a white our even asian person.No matter race the best man for that job should get it.Unlike Jews that sufferd in WW2 Blacks and latinos and others that sufferd as much our more don't get cry money from Germany and America and others for the crimes and suffering they went through.But even white people were slaves Irish people were done wrong and many others in history the Armenians don't get nothing only Jews WHY? This is a pretty specific list of documentaries on the War on Drugs, if you prefer some more light-hearted alternatives why not try Pixar’s Coco or Disney’s Rio. Get a job and act like a normal person. This mind you is without making any deals with the crown/DPP, because snitching where i'm from has a much better chance of getting you killed than prison does!!! “This is to clear things up especially on what our government has been doing in the last three years… we can also communicate the message of the President… that it is about saving the future of our nation, by countering drugs,” Andanar said.

Don't ever believe that politicians will, or want to, change the world for the better. continuing to use this site means you agree to our use of cookies. From July 1, 2016 to Nov. 30 this year, the Philippine National Police (PNP) reported that authorities have conducted 151,601 anti-drug operations, resulting in the arrest of 220,728 suspects. The first full-length documentary on the Duterte administration’s drug war, titled On the President’s Orders, was presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) before the body voted last July to adopt a resolution calling for the monitoring of the conduct of the drug war in the Philippines.
Not long ago mainstream news reported that Senator Mitch McConnell's father-in-law's cargo ship was detained, searched where officials (in some other country) found a cache of cocaine! Yet it's encouraging to see how many countries are decriminalizing personal quantities of drugs, and perhaps just because of the economy here in the US things may change as well - look at all the cities and counties that are trying to license marijuana production (in states where medical MJ is avaliable) both as an aid to quality control and as a much needed source of revenue.....eventually many substances may be available in a clinical setting as it will both save the cities money and reduce the rampant corruption and disrespect of law enforcement....let's hope so! Andanar expressed hope that the video documentary would help the international community understand President Duterte’s campaign. It is not that accurate and that’s the reason why the DDB is doing something to have a better and more accurate and more specific way of getting the figure,” he said during the briefing on the #RealNumbersPH this week. If reform is ever going to happen people need to become vocal, law makers need to be made aware that a large percentage of voters are dissatisfied with current drug policy and demand decriminalization so that drug use becomes purely a health issue.

It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. it perpetuates the cycle of a "criminal race" - especially considering the fact that youths of color are busted and convicted of criminal drug charges in a disproportionate rate to their white counterparts even though minority youths are no more likely to use drugs than caucasian youths.... i'm not crying conspiracy here, i'm just saying - eventually we need to sit down and really think about whether criminalizing drug use is an effective way to eradicate it. Think about whom the welfare state hurts.

It is perpetuated by greed, corruption and racism and for the sake of society it has to stop. My friend’s brother was shot in the hip crossing the legal Mexican boarder to the USA by mistaken identity. Before hopping on a plane don’t you check the destination language, currency and weather? so as to be rewarded for "helping" the government.Because these units are not paid directly by any municipality---who controls them??? It's so sad how so many people are in jail for drugs. “We will continue to implement strong law enforcement with consistent adherence and observance of human rights and dignity through rescue, rehabilitation, reformation, and ridding drug war operations of corruption,” he said. The documentary shows how police officers conduct anti-drug operations in the slums of Tondo, Manila. They make money off of everything...but there is a deeper agenda..depopulation and total control. It doesn't matter if you are black or white, green or yellow. Enough with these weak and soft liberal documentaries. Drugs run rambit through the system anyway, so all they do is move the problem from one place to another in a bid to raise revenue. After the original documentary the group evolved into an organisation that produces highquality documentaries on an array of issues usually centred around those that plague Latin America. jason (10/21/09) - i don't think the point is to say that parents shouldn't be put in jail. be blessed. I am writing a lesson to address this subject with high school students. The group most affected by this propensity for incarceration is African-Americans.

He eventually changed his tune and admitted that the drug menace would be around even beyond his presidency. They have asked on websites how people would feel about guillotines and there is legislation in the u.s. to bring it back. Sadly these morally corrupt/soulless beings are calling themselves HUMAN. DON'T SELL DRUGS and you won't have these problems. Although the overall theme is football, it is a fantastic documentary for a history of Colombia and to catch a glimpse of the terror that compelled the country. Hell no...we are in Afghanistan (again) to protect and export them! This documentary entwines the life of 2 famous Colombians, Pablo Escobar (drug lord) and Andrés Escobar (football player). The documentary was directed by James Jones and was shown in the Philippines in September. Does anyone know of some good materials for educating youth about the bad things government is doing? I didnt like the twist in the later parts of the movie about children of convicts, it seems like they are trying to say that putting parents in prison is wrong...which is total bs. Nowadays there are powerful vested interests who want the drug war to continue. Besides that the longer you lock someone up for the less chance they have to get back on there feet, plus adjusting to life outside isn't as easy as you may think after a long lagging. America wake up...terrorist killed over two thousand 9/11 not all u.s citizens but you went and still are at war because of it but your politicians have killed and done much more damage in the name and for the love of money with pen and paper,

There needs to be a broader and more humanitarian way to address the production of cocaine in order to reduce the quantity. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Footloose Lemon Juice | All Rights Reserved. definately going to watch a couple of these!

Do you even realize how bigoted that makes YOU sound? Marijuana is only a gateway drug in as much as it puts you in contact and buying from the same person who wants to sell you harder, lethal drugs. Legalization of marijuana and decriminalization of drugs will decrease drug consumption and the number of drug related convictions.

A husband’s beheading of his own wife in front of their young daughter and other gruesome crimes related to drug abuse are among the scenes featured in a documentary titled Gramo, produced by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). The war on drugs has been going on for more than three decades. Bad news for the officer I’d been to the Amazon and not paid for laundry since. Andanar said the administration supports the promotion of human rights, contrary to how Duterte is portrayed in the media here and abroad. Millions of Americans like me have no clue just how messed up this "war on drugs" really is. This doc is broadcast by Dutch channel VPRO, and was part of the series "De Nieuwe Wereld", the predecessor of "Tegenlicht". It is so diff.

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