What particular makes Nirvana so great is that they ended hair metal, and all those garbage 80s bands like U2 and Guns And Roses. American record label founded by Arab-American disc-jokey and record producer, DJ Khaled. But what about the artists themselves? He started more than only Rock and Roll worldwide. Markets' order within the tables is based on. Why He’s a Video Icon: At his peak during the late ‘90s and at the turn of the century, Eminem packed a special kind of attention-grabbing commercial prowess into his music releases and video accompaniments that few artists have been able to replicate. Their Blues and Rock music still soothes our ears. The MTV Classic: Opening with a long tracking shot of a naked Prince in a bathtub, the “When Doves Cry” video melds melodramatic scenes from the visually arresting Purple Rain film with kaleidoscopic performance footage of the Revolution for an indelible slice of ’80s visual splendor. Worth YouTubing: “Who Needs Pictures?” captures the soulful longing of a relationship undone. The MTV Classic: As inspired and expansive as recent clips have been, it’s still hard to beat Drake’s neon-backdropped dance moves in the “Hotline Bling” clip, the only music video of the last decade to inspire an actually funny ugly Christmas sweater. He created so many great sounds. Now imagine the World without some of the great music artists of all the time. — N.F. We played with the band at SXSW (having previously met them at a concert at Georgetown University), where they furnished us with a promotional cassette. The Kings of psychedelic rock! The MTV Classic: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” became instantly iconic with nothing more than three leotards, three pairs of pumps and a lot of hips and attitude. This cassette quickly became the most coveted item in the van, and we blasted its contents from sea to shining sea all spring. They were so interesting. The MTV Classic: We’re not saying “Gee” inspired the “Mannequin Challenge” — but it also may have inspired the “Mannequin Challenge”? He was also a great humanitarian giving large sums to charity and indviduals. Till this day, I don't know a more accomplished artist. The textures and use of noise creates a cohesive album, without losing the musicality aspects that make this band so unique. Including me. The MTV Classic: Stocked with actual young people and shot on the cheap in what looked like a high school gym, the barely contained anarchy in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” told you everything you needed to know about the band that was about to turn into global megastars: Their music was relentless, Cobain was a lung-busting matinee punk superstar and, like the kids in the bleachers, we were all about to lose our minds. Rest in peace, darling man. The album is hard. — B. Kaminsky. FAVORITE ALBUM: Drake’s Thank Me Later I always find it hard to pick my album of the year, but according to iTunes, this is the 2K10 album I listened to the most this year. Via two mesmerizing (and connected) performances, he drops a lot of tantalizing clues to his past personas, ensuring that we won’t forget him for a long time. It’s kind of tongue-in-cheek: I can’t tell if he’s being serious of if there’s another little dis in there. They need to be in top 15 at worst. And I love to see them unleash that gorgeous, pretty, ethereal music. brad is a way too underrated guitarist, and the other members, phoenix, rob and joe are underrated too.if you listen to their songs you feel the emotions they put into their art.In my opinion, they need to be at least in top 5.There are a lot of people who hate on them because they were nu metal, because of one more light etc.There is nothing wrong in trying different genres. I never rate musicians by my liking.. Cinematic but simple, the Homogenic video is oddly moving and empathetic as both androids have a sense of fluidity that blurs the line between human and artificial. I have heard them called “BBQ” albums, the sort of album you will put on ten years later and be amazed that you still know all the words. For example, "This Is What You Came For" and "Where Them Girls At" include Rihanna and Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj as featured artists respectively, so the certifications issued for these songs are added to the total amount of certified units for all involved artists. Worth YouTubing: With choreography from none other than fellow ’80s pop comet Paula Abdul, “Velcro Fly” manages to incorporate the trio’s lovably stiff dance moves with plenty of bikini dancers in an homage to the decade’s convenient zipper-replacement of choice. News AKMI is one of the Leading News Website in US, We are always happy to provide you Latest Updates of the US and World. Just a very simple structure, and a traditional arrangement. Worth YouTubing: Bad Bunny self-directed the mental health-themed homemade video for “Estamos Bien,” where he’s seen taking bathroom selfies with an old video camera, painting his nails purple, packing his swimwear, picking up some friends, road tripping in La Isla del Encanto, and hanging out with locals and tourists at the beach. , they've appealed to all generations of people for 4 decades now and are the best rockers out there. FAVORITE SONG: Meek Mill’s “Rose Red”He’s a rapper from Philadelphia and he had this street smash out this year. This is because Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and almost all other certifying bodies count streaming towards Gold and Platinum thresholds required for Digital Single Award certification. Bruno Mars (Bruno is only in his 30's and he already has so many hit songs that everybody knows. Can we ever forget the “King of Pop”? Iron Maiden built their success with barely any airplay, yet they're still regarded as one of the best bands of all time. I love bands like Green Day, or even Queen and the like, but they're not better artists than Ziggy Stardust himself. — GIL KAUFMAN. The requirements of certified units are designed to avoid inflated sales figures, which are frequently practiced by record companies for promotional purposes.

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