The evolution of drought policy in Western Australia. South West WA recorded some of its lowest rainfall in 2010. The 17 of June is designated as the World Day to Combat Desertification. There also haven't been any major feeds of Indian Ocean moisture from the north-west approaching fronts or east coast lows in the affected regions. Sustainable land management is defined as “the use of land resources, including soils, water, animals and plants, for the production of goods to meet changing human needs, while simultaneously ensuring the long-term productive potential of these resources and the maintenance of their environmental functions” (United Nations 2019). 2010. Water Erosion – the displacement of topsoil when water flows over the ground surface. "Since the start of this year, the dry conditions have spread to cover most inland parts of the state.". October 22. So how bad is the drought and why has it been so dry? 2019. Download PDF: ISPL Insight – Desertification & Drought in Australia. The only autumn on record drier than this one in southern Australia was in 1902, the year the Federation drought peaked, the Boer War ended, and women got the right to vote in New South Wales and federal elections. Slaughter, Andrew. Email:, ISPL Insight – Desertification & Drought in Australia. Interactive: 100 years of drought in Australia. Land affected by desertification cannot sustain agricultural activities and is linked to the loss of biodiversity. Heavy rain and flooding in 2010-2011 replenished most of the continent except for the southwest corner of Western Australia. Accessed May 28, 2019. He said another common theme in recent winters was a stronger than usual sub-tropical ridge over southern Australia. January 11. Desertification and drought are closely related, and measures to address one will help combat the effects of the other. EU Science Hub. "There was an event in March which produced a lot of rain on the coast from about Newcastle northwards. Blanch, Stuart, and Glen Morris. By 1902, Australia's sheep population dropped from its 1891 level of 106 million to fewer than 54 million. How to fight desertification and drought at home and away. Managing farm biosecurity following a fire, flood or dry season is a balance of caring for livestock and paddocks while limiting the introduction of new pests, diseases or weeds onto the property. The Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) program, in conjunction with the Working on Country Indigenous Ranger Programme, is one of the leading initiatives addressing environmental degradation in Australia. In Australia, we are particularly susceptible to desertification and drought because of our climate, landscape and dependency on natural resources. Dr Trewin said the dry conditions were due to what hadn't been happening, rather than what had.
Managing sheep in  dry spring: for agribusiness professionals event was held in Kojonup, Geraldton and Perth in 2017. Soil Fertility Decline – a lack of nutrients in soils, as a result of more nutrients being removed from the soil than can be sustainably replaced. Drought in Australia. In a dry season where feed, water and finances are limited, culling the less productive animals as soon as possible is a good option. Soil Salinity – One of Australia’s most significant problems, especially in South-West Australia. Future Policy. Ms Freud said she had been looking at 30 and 50 year trends in warm and cool season rainfall, going back 400 years. 2014. This page provides seasonally relevant information on conditions and management options for October 2020 – January 2021 in the agricultural areas of Western Australia. Dr Trewin said the east coast lows tended to be random. United Nations. The current dry is not as extensive as the long-term droughts of the past. When will we know the result? Find more information about the World Day to Combat Desertification here. Desertification is greatest threat to planet, expert warns. In Australia, the major factors creating land degradation, primarily arising from the removal of natural vegetation (Weebly 2019), include: From the mid-1800s onwards European commercial pastoral activities, and the introduction of feral animals, have placed strain on native vegetation levels and natural waters and contributed to land degradation in many areas. United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. … Accessed May 24, 2019. Drought can disrupt agricultural production, create economic downturns, especially in regional areas, increase the frequency of bushfires and dust storms and create serious environmental damage including desertification (Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development WA 2018). University of Melbourne PhD candidate Mandy Freud is studying past Australian climates, using corals, ice cores, tree rings and cave records to investigate what the climate was like up to 800 years ago. Desertification and drought. In Australia, we are not foreign to the word ‘drought’, but some of us may not be as familiar with the term ‘desertification’. Drought is a natural phenomenon identified as an extended period of dry weather, creating a scarcity of water in a particular region. Drought can disrupt agricultural production, create economic downturns, especially in regional areas, increase the frequency of bushfires and dust storms and create serious environmental damage including desertification (Department of Primary Industries and Regional … According to Blair Trewin, a senior climatologist at the bureau, the areas experiencing the most significant drought at the moment are in New South Wales, north-west Victoria and eastern South Australia. "But the lack of a major north-west feed [of moisture] is connected to sea surface temperatures in the Indian Ocean not being as warm as they were in 2016, for example.". There is still more that can be done to combat and prevent desertification and prepare for drought. "But that didn't really happen this year, all the rain stayed in the tropics this time round.". 2018. The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development provides data and information on seasonal weather through its network of automatic weather stations and seasonal climate forecasts through the Statistical Climate Information system. Showers and thunderstorms also developed near a trough along … 2019. Election day storms could bring giant hail and flash flooding to parts of Queensland, One of Australia's largest cattle companies, with nearly 300,000 head, sells for at least $500 million, Red dirt, open skies, crackling fires: Indigenous women's camp tackles mental health issues on country, Women dies in suspected stabbing murder in Bundaberg, Armenia and Azerbaijan promise to avoid shelling residential areas in fight over Nagorno-Karabakh, Missing men located but 'feeling the effects of three days in the bush'. ABC News. The programme has been recognised by the United Nations and awarded a Bronze Future Policy award in 2017 (United Nations Association of Australia 2017). Weebly.

Dr Trewin said the current conditions were the driest on record over a 14-month period for areas of NSW, including the upper Hunter, parts of the Illawarra and Southern Highlands, and an area in the central-west. There had been a number of years of below average rainfall across most of Australia before the drought. 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the implementation of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

This year’s theme celebrates the UNCCD’s 25th anniversary by reflecting on progress since the implementation of the convention and looking towards progress to land-based sustainable development in the next 25 years (United Nations 2019). But it had basically no effect inland and no effect south of Newcastle," Dr Trewin said.

Accessed May 29, 2019. The maps below show the impact of the drought on grain production in the region. Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. Accessed May 27, 2019. Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development WA. Drought can create both short and long-term economic and ecological issues for a region. Carrington, Damian. Voters are heading to the polls on Queensland election day. Sustainable Land Management is key to preventing and re-establishing land affected at risk of desertification.

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