Have you recently added a feline friend to your family?

Purina | Home. The genetic profile of a cat though often determines the quality of life. Make sure the post has a sturdy base to keep it from tipping over. They are very playful as kittens but as they get older that need seems to disappear.
There are many owners that allow them to come in and out at their leisure. Text STOP to opt-out, HELP for more info. Many cats also like scratching pads. To pick up your cat, place one hand behind the front legs and another under the hindquarters. The domestic cat has been part of households for more than 4,000 years.

The food you choose should be balanced for the life stage of your cat or kitten. When a cat scratches, the old outer nail sheath is pulled off and the sharp, smooth claws underneath are exposed.

Owners often find that they need to try out various foods though before they get one that their cat will like. Factors such as age, activity level and health make a difference in what and how much a cat should eat. Cats require taurine, an essential amino acid, for heart and eye health. They use a range of methods to mark their territory, including scratching, spraying urine and depositing faeces.

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Line your cat's bed with a soft, warm blanket or towel. Outdoor cats do not live as long as indoor cats. Never pick up a cat by the scruff of the neck or by the front legs.

Those that have loving owners that attend to their needs can easily live for 15 years. In a multi-level home, one box per floor is recommended. Please visit our Spay/Neuter Your Pet page to learn more. Coyotes are known to eat cats.

They often purr which is a sound that their owners come to take as meaning they are very relaxed. Please keep your cat indoors.

Privacy Policy  Legal Info. The post should also be stable enough that it won't wobble during use, and should be covered with rough material such as sisal, burlap or tree bark. Be sure to wash the bedding often. They are fast and agile animals with the ability to climb and to jump. Your veterinarian will be able to assess your new cat or kitten and determine the best diet. And for both indoor and outdoor cats, an ID tag or an implanted microchip can help ensure that your cat is returned if he or she becomes lost. Dump everything, wash with a mild detergent and refill at least once a week; you can do this less frequently if using clumping litter. Adjust the amount of food according to the needs of your cat. Your veterinarian will be able to assess your new cat or kitten and determine the best diet. All indoor cats need a litter box, which should be placed in a quiet, accessible location. It also depends on the location and the type of diet that is offered. Many of them have a tendency to suffer from ailments including arthritis, loss of hearing, or loss of sight. The domestic cat is the only member of the feline family that doesn’t survive only on meat that it hunts. Your cat should see the veterinarian at least once a year for an examination and annual shots, and immediately if she is sick or injured. Treats should be no more than 5-10% of the diet. Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets page.

It should be at least as tall as the cat so he can stand on his hind legs and get a good stretch while he's scratching. A safety collar with an elastic panel will allow your cat to break loose if the collar gets caught on something. Factors such as age, activity level and health make a difference in what and how much a cat should eat. Please visit our Pet Vaccinations page to learn more. They do well in all types of climates. Sometimes refusal to use a litter box is based on a medical condition that required treatment. You will need to provide fresh, clean water at all times, and wash and refill your cat’s water bowls daily.

Many say that the domestic cat has the life that we all dream of.

Your veterinarian will make recommendations based on your cat's age and health. Your cat(s) might not need all these features to get along, ... As an owner one of the most important things you can do for you cat is to educate yourself about feline idiosyncrasies. Frequent brushing helps keep your cat's coat clean, reduces the amount of shedding and cuts down on the incidence of hairballs.

You will need Adobe Reader to download and view documents. Please visit our Cat Grooming Tips page for more information. 1. The domestic cat typically has a long and lean body. We'll help you find the perfect match. Please visit our Litter Box Problems page for more information. In fact, there are plenty of organizations that continue to educate about the importance of having domestic cats neutered.

Cutting your cat’s nails every two to three weeks will keep them relatively blunt and less likely to harm the arms of both humans and furniture. Many domestic cat owners have found them to capture mice or birds. In fact, many people have their beloved cats around to help reduce the chances of them experiencing problems with rodents. Take your pet to your veterinarian if signs of anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting or lethargy continue for more than two days. It may seem hard to believe that your loving domestic cat is related distantly to the cats of the wild.

Cat bed or box with warm blanket or towel. They scavenge for food and they find various areas that they can use for shelter. They are more common than dogs due to the fact that they are easier to take care of. If a cat eats more food than they need they will become overweight and may suffer.

There aren’t any conservation efforts in place for this type of feline at this time. Most domestic cats are very independent and they spend a great deal of time relaxing in the sunlight or napping. There is an abundance of them out there that end up being strays or that are in shelters because there isn’t a home for them.

The diet of a cat can vary significantly. Lift gently.

Some of them only life a couple of years due to injuries or disease. Don't use ammonia, deodorants or scents, especially lemon, when cleaning the litter box. Still, the instinct is there. Congratulations! Retreating is very common when they sense fear. They can be very finicky and turn up their noses and not touch something they aren’t happy with.

The domestic cat is able to live just about anywhere. With very good vision and hearing the domestic cat is easily able to recognize what is going on in its surroundings. A cat's territory is an area that is defended, aggressively if required, against other cats. Many owners love the loyalty from their cat and the fact that they don’t make lots of noise. Many of the foods offered do  have some forms of meat in them.

We recommend purchasing high-quality, brand-name kitten or cat food. Exclusive Subaru VIP offer for ASPCA Guardians & Founders. Outdoor cats are more likely to become infested with fleas or ticks, as well as contract infectious diseases. To enrich the lives of indoor cats, we have developed this "resource checklist" and some suggestions for making changes.

The food you choose should be balanced for the life stage of your cat or kitten. Nearly half of all domestic abuse victims delay leaving because they don’t want to leave their pet behind, ... Purina offers formulas designed for your cat's unique needs and products that fit within your lifestyle.

Many people feed baby food to a cat or kitten who is refusing food or not feeling well  Please read labels carefully: If the baby food contains onion or garlic powder, your pet could be poisoned. Most domestic cats are very independent and they spend a great deal of time relaxing in the sunlight or napping. All rights reserved.The ASPCA is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization. Cats require taurine, an essential amino acid, for heart and eye health. The risk of disease is very high among such populations with is why many are worried about it. Most cats stay relatively clean and rarely need a bath, but you should brush or comb your cat regularly. Message and data rates may apply. These resources will help you do just that. The lifespan of the domestic cat can range significantly. If you suspect that your animal has ingested a poisonous substance, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for 24-hour animal poison information at (888) 426-4435.

The young are weaned at about 6 weeks of age. They can have sharp claws which is why many owners have those that live indoors declawed by a veterinarian but that’s incorrect and is against their nature. Keep in mind that cats won't use a messy, smelly litter box, so scoop solid wastes out of the box at least once a day. Female cats should be spayed and male cats neutered by five months of age.

Outdoor cats are at risk of trauma from cars, or from fights with other cats, raccoons and free-roaming dogs.

Some of them are indoor cats and others live outdoors.

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