Using segmentation to better serve your best customers. (You can unsubscribe at any time. Due to its structure, the reliance on separate functional teams and the escalation process, the tiered support model is falling short in helping organizations effectively address the challenges just mentioned. Includes complex emotional and behavioural support for children with several challenges. Tier 2 support is suitable unless a child has several complex emotional and behavioural problems when Tier 3 is recommended. In times of … Do you have a triage manager?

These agents solve the simple requests that don’t require much time or energy, so they’ll spend anywhere from one to 10 minutes on the ticket. Tier 4 Once support agents had been on the job a while and amassed enough knowledge of the product to easily answer all Tier 1 questions, they were promoted into a Tier 2 role where, once again, they didn’t know the answer to any questions and had to start from scratch and learn much more about the product. None of the knowledge they are gaining during this process is ever filtered down to the Tier 1 technicians; the opportunity for education is lost forever. So, should your support team work in tiers?

Working together enables quicker access to the expert, thus reducing the cost per incident, hold times and resolution times. In organizations that work in the Tiered model, the Tier 1 support agents slog in the trenches until they start to be able to solve the problems and begin to feel that they are on top of the product and their customers. They use it all the time and have figured out a lot of the tips and tricks to make it work in their environment. The customer has an answer, and the support rep has been educated so that the next time that question comes in, he is equipped to handle it.

They’re often challenges that are one-offs with no precedent, and may require new products or … This has the potential to bring in the development and product management teams—and even senior management and other key decision makers—so they can stay apprised on what’s going on “in the trenches.”. Time spent on-site can vary depending on the amount of work to be done, but in most cases, they aim to finish their tasks within a minimum period. Here are the top mistakes companies make, and how to avoid them.

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Anything above their ability was moved up to a Tier 2 technician to address, and so on.

At this point, an issue tracking ticket is issued to the customer.

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