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The French Connection (1971), Lowest Rated: Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, Based-on-Theatre  •  Black Comedy  •  Crime, William Friedkin Advertisement.  •  

A twisted, lurid, and joyfully deranged black comedy with an ominous Southern Gothic luster, Killer Joe delights in foul-mouthed men and women full of dysfunction and every conceivable form of incompetence.
Good Times (1967), Birthday: Famed for his boisterous talent and booming ego, Friedkin earned a reputation for drawing out brilliant performances from his actors - by whatever means necessary. 44%, Interview: Picking Up on William Friedkin’s Cruising, Media Bites: "Rambo 4," "Hostel 2," "Potter 5" & the "Almighty", RT Top 20 Halloween Movie Countdown, Part Three, Trailer Bulletin: William Friedkin’s "Bug", Poster Parade: "Zoom," "Bug" & "Guardian". One of the most powerful film directors of the 1970's, Academy Award-winning director William Friedkin was representative of Hollywood's first wave of hip, hot, young super-directors. Starring: Starring:  •   District Attorney David Corelli (David Caruso) is on the case of a murdered art deal of considerable fame, and the key suspect just so happens to be David’s steamy ex-lover, one Katrina Gavin (Fiorentino). Fans of clever crime-thrillers, take note. While a few of the director's notoriously manipulative tactics seemed questionable, no one could argue their effectiveness. Cruising represents a dark version of America, and a very cynical one, and the ending, which is shrewdly uncertain, further underscores these themes. While rather redundant of the Rambo films, what The Hunted lacks in strong character development and nuance it more than makes up for in tension-mounting narrative momentum and soaring set pieces. Certainly one of the director’s most misunderstood and most controversial films, Cruising presents an elaborate and intense psychological thriller framed amidst the violent S&M clubs in New York City. Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio Del Toro, Connie Nielsen, William Friedkin 0%

Starring: The gay club scene that’s presented here is one awash with irredeemable characters, including an ambivalent Al Pacino as Detective Steve Burns, who goes undercover in this leather attired subculture in the hopes of capturing a psychopathic serial killer who’s viciously murdering gay men.

Matthew McConaughey is the eponymous “Killer” Joe Cooper, a questionable cop who leads a double life as a hit man who all too easily agrees to kill the despised mother of Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch).

Starring: Starring: Starring: Al Pacino, Paul Sorvino, Karen Allen, Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Crime Drama  •  Crime Thriller, William Friedkin

“The cast played [The Birthday Party] to perfection,” Friedkin says, adding rather modestly: “With the exception of an occasional over-the-top directorial flourish, I think I captured Pinter’s world… The time I spent with [Pinter] and the many conversations we had were the most invaluable and instructive of my career.” Starring: Sign In Now ► Starring:  •  

Privacy Policy ( Theme by, Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, All 19 William Friedkin Movies Ranked From Worst To Best, “The cast played [The Birthday Party] to perfection,” Friedkin says, adding rather modestly: “With the exception of an occasional over-the-top directorial flourish, I think I captured Pinter’s world… The time I spent with [Pinter] and the many conversations we had were the most invaluable and instructive of my career.”, Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, 5 Reasons Why “The Conformist” is a Masterpiece of Italian Cinema.
 •   With a lovely lead performance from Britt Ekland, in what she’s said many times is her favorite film role, as Rachel Schpitendavel, she’s a naïve gal from the sticks, raised in a rather puritanical Amish home, her flight to the Big Apple to be a dancer is her dream coming true.


You bet your tanned and weather-stripped keister it does!

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All Reviews. Posted on August 21, 2017 August 21, 2017 by Shane Scott-Travis.

Starring: Cast and crew.

All 19 William Friedkin Movies Ranked From Worst To Best. Michael Shannon, Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Based-on-Theatre  •  Body Horror  •  Horror, William Friedkin 98%

Katrina is a psychologist who’s current squeeze just so happens to be David’s old BFF, Matt (Chazz Palminteri), and does a twisty web of dark secrets, far-reaching repercussions, and kinky sex lurk in the shadows?

Peter Falk gives a great performance as Tony Pino, a 1950s Boston-based petty thief who’s fresh from the pen and prepared to mastermind the robbery of the century. Movie Reviews Great Movies Collections TV/Streaming Features Chaz's Journal Interviews.

Killer Joe isn’t the type of film to sit well with many viewers, the lowlifes on screen are deliberate and devious caricatures, the sex, violence, and inhumanity they display is arguably off the charts––the film was granted an NC-17 rating in the US––and as a result this kind of cruel comedy detracts as many as it delights.

Cher, Sonny Bono, George Sanders, William Friedkin

Bonham, a instructor of military survival and combat training, and also a gifted tracker, who pairs up with Abby Durrell (Connie Nielsen), Assistant Special Agent for an FBI task force.

The 10 Most Overrated Actors Working Today. All rights reserved.

86%, Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles Taste of Cinema 2019.

or Create A New Account ►, William Friedkin

Sure, upon its initial release the film garnered mostly negative reactions (including a few Golden Raspberry nominations), this sordid tale of sex, and criminal corruption is a guilty pleasure that’s aged rather well, and, no surprise here, has become something of a cult classic.

 •   There’s much to admire in The Night They Raided Minsky’s, particularly from Friedkin, who gets to display a level of artistry and creativity (specifically in his slick use faux documentary and pseudo-1920s-newsreel footage) that was largely absent from his previous film, the aforementioned Good Times.

 •   92%, Friedkin Uncut Chevy Chase, Gregory Hines, Vince Edwards, William Friedkin



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