How do you get to second? The Giants won 5-2. Fred Lovell was in the Army with Mays and recalled his old buddy was magnetic not just on the field but off. I tried to see to that. May 3, 2020. If there was a catcher needed, I caught. I was just a guy who believed in doing things the right way, the simple way. This page was last edited on 14 February 2020, at 10:17. “Instantly, if you walked into a ballpark and didn’t know anything about baseball, your eye would go to Willie Mays. As I'm running -- I'm running backwards and I'm saying to myself, "How am I going to get this ball back into the infield?". “I just thought he was a great ballplayer, a great guy who deserved everything he got in the game,” Antonelli said. How do you get to third? He was more than a hitter, more than a fielder, more than a runner. Bob Cooke: “Giants Down Reds, 6-1, Lead by 3,”. The greatest challenge I think is adjusting to not playing baseball. Willie Howard Mays, Jr. (born May 6, 1931 in Westfield, Alabama) was a Major League Baseball player for 22 seasons, starting his career with the Giants in New York, remaining with the team during their relocation to San Francisco, and then ending his career with the New York Mets. BASEBALL DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Tigers hired AJ Hinch as manager, giving him a chance to return to a major league dugout after he was fired in the wake of the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. It was like my minor leagues. In New York, they ranked second in 1954 and 1955, Mays’ first two years out of the military. If you look at film and I’m throwing sidearm, nothing is happening in the game. Willie could’ve whipped the sergeant’s rear end. Interview with Willie Mays (February 19, 1996), "Sports of the Times: The Most Natural Ballplayer", "Say Hey, He's the One Who Called the Shots", "For Clemente After 3,000ː Saturday Cheers Linger", "Giants' Woes Mount--Mays Hurt; Pulled Muscle Forces Willie Out of Game",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Gee, I've been asked hundreds of questions about that catch in the first game of the World Series. On May 28, Mays lined out to shortstop Pee Wee Reese in his final at-bat of the season in a 6–2 victory at Ebbets Field. I would say the main thing in any young kid's life is education. Education plays a great role in all life, whether you're black or white. They thought I used to knock my cap off. We played some good ballclubs. I didn’t rebel. Reprinted with permission. He was more than a ballplayer. I go back, pick it up, and put it back on. To me, Willie Mays is the greatest who ever played. If I had a problem, I could sit down with someone and they would explain the problem to me, and the problem become like a baseball game. Well, this guy had his own style. You want him to mix it up. Nah. Instincts. San Francisco Giants outfielder Willie Mays, pictured in the early 1960s. You’ve got to serve your country, and that’s what I did. You’ve already got it where you need it. Willie Mays is the greatest ball player I've ever seen. MLB says Justin Turner ‘emphatically refused to comply’ with league security when he returned to the field after testing positive for the coronavirus. Who in the world thought he would hit a lottery? I never bragged. I tried to do something different at all times. Column: Resilient Dave Roberts is World Series winner again. Ernie Banks in the Polo Grounds and Donn Clendenon in Pittsburgh. The reason for that is that I had to come out of baseball and come into the business world, not being a college graduate, not being educated to come into the business world the way I should have. Your eyes are on the ball, and now you’ve got the ball in your glove. After the sergeant got to know Willie, they were the best of friends.”. They want to see the hat fall off. Willie had tremendous speed. People like that. Privacy PolicyTerms of ServiceSign Up For Our Newsletters, Copyright © 2020, The San Diego Union-Tribune |. That's the American Dream for him. That’s what I tell kids, over your head. Be yourself. Mays is considered one the greatest players of all time for his acrobatic fielding, steady hitting, and impressive baserunning. That’s how I got in shape, doing different things like that. For twenty days, they were in a tight pennant race and don’t know where they are. It doesn’t sound too good, though. But Willie would run faster and farther and make a great play. How about that arm? They wanted me to be an entertainer for the troops, and that’s what I did. And, I just felt that it was such a beautiful game that I just wanted to play it forever, you know. Make it fun. To succeed and survive in baseball, as Roy Campanella would remind us, “You’ve got to have a little boy in you.” That’s Mays to a T. Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre, who grew up in Brooklyn adoring Mays, said, “Willie thoroughly looked like he enjoyed himself when he played. Catchphrase for Willie Mays is a crossword puzzle clue that we have … A wave of layoffs will hit Sunday. In effect, Mays wasn’t in the big leagues, but he still was able to delight people through baseball. And, instead of people doing things for me, I had to do things for myself. If the guy is singing the same way every time, you’re not going to like that. Regardless, the trade significantly benefited the Giants, who swept Cleveland in the 1954 World Series. I was me at all times. Baseball is a fun game. I feel nobody in the world could do what I could do on a baseball field. The ball comes down quickly, so you’ve got to be ready, you’ve got to move your body to the ball. You’re ready to throw. If he was going to get the opportunity to play ball while serving in the military, he vowed to make the best of it. They hit the ball, I catch it.”-- Willie Mays #Sports #Inspirational Sports #Balls “I think I was the best baseball player I ever saw.”-- Willie Mays #Baseball #Thinking #Player “What you are thinking, what shape your mind is in, is what makes the biggest difference of all.”

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