Each of these pre-built websites is completely customizable. There is no need to worry about submitting a sub-standard product to a client. Using a WordPress theme that features pre-built websites, as shown in the following examples, tends to be far less expensive than using an online website builder or outsourcing a project. Im an Avid member of the Design/Development community and a Serial Blogger. Loreen is an avid writer of useful roundups for WP and web design blogs. BeTheme is indeed the biggest WordPress theme ever. Hours once spent creating a website’s conceptual design, wireframing, and coding, will suddenly become hours that you can use to take on additional work. I will certainly be using your services again in the future and would highly recommend them to others! It can be some of each. Geometry can tell a story. After watching the video, browsed through this quick overview of BeTheme, and seen what our customers have to say, we suggest visiting our website and viewing one or more of the free demos. This website projects a powerful message by means of slideshow format, where every image can be seen as a call to action. Website maintenance is about. BeTheme offers a selection of 155 pre-built websites to work with, a majority of which feature multiple pages. You can literally have a website up and running in a matter of hours instead of days. Another premium page builder, Visual Composer, is also supported; you can use either, or use both! Import, tweak and use! If you need extra images, words or pages, you can have that for an additional investment. She is a member of the-webdesigner.co Staff. Be’s customers are a happy lot, and we intend to keep it that way. Once you’ve done the 1-click installation, you can immediately begin editing with the intuitive Muffin Builder 3. Almost any corporate client would prefer this smart pre-built website with its modern design line, as opposed to one that projects a cold and formal corporate image. Be Theme/Be Theme WordPress Pre-Built Websites – Precisely What You Need to Build the Perfect Tech-related Website. This is in part due to the more than 150 pre-built websites, and the 40 powerful core features that make up as complete a website-building toolkit as you’ll find anywhere. Although you’re not likely to use every one of Be’s 40 core features for each website you create, you can expect to make good use of most of them. It’s a one page website that highlights everything a user needs to know. There are unlimited sidebar and menu possibilities, a selection of 5 different base grids, parallax and video effects, unlimited colors, and BeTheme is responsive, SEO, RTL, and multilingual ready, and much more. As the video below shows, it takes but a click. You'll get a call at your chosen time and I'll consult with you on your business and website goals and give you the right strategy for your success... You'll get a complete website success strategy, action plan and quote (no-obligation), for free. The following examples are indicative of the quality of support you can expect from Be’s customer support team. Having had this chance to browse these latest Be Theme releases, we suggest you click on one or more of them to see all that goes on behind the images shown here. You don’t have to go through a series of 10 “easy” steps, or enter the last four digits of your social security number to install a Be Theme pre-made layout. © 2020 Upward Creative ⋅ Web design and branding in Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Using a WordPress theme is an excellent approach, and using one featuring pre-built websites is even better. Be Theme’s pre-built websites provide innovative, straightforward, and affordable solutions to the challenge of producing a quality website while trying to meet a stringent deadline. Usage Policy | FTC Disclosure | Privacy Policy, Join the conversation via an occasional email, Why Pre-built WordPress Websites Have Become Popular, Why WordPress Knowledge Needs To Become Everyday Knowledge, 70% of WordPress Websites Vulnerable to Hacking, A Collection of Web Apps Built on WordPress, Eventum, the Ultimate Event/Conference Theme, 5 WordPress Mobile Design Trends that are Going to Stay. You can build on Be Lifestyle’s design elements to create a lifestyle-oriented online magazine or a blog about people, places, and adventures. With your included premium WordPress theme thats £209 worth of great products and services completely FREE! I will cut to the chase: launching a website is the tip of the iceberg. It all depends of course on how much material and how many pages are involved, but if you have the information you need close at hand, there should not be anything that will slow you down. It’s all in the video, and as you will see, the operation is straightforward and the action can be as fast as you choose to make it. This website shows a professional accountant doing serious work; which is what users will be looking for. Imagery like that shown here will to make a user want to get out and about. Founder and Web Designer, Stuart, will personally contact you. In fact, with BeTheme, the quality of your product will not only exceed client’s expectations, but the speed in which you are able to deliver it will be equally impressive. It also enables you to create websites that have a seemingly magical quality about them. Four additional releases are added to this collection every month. If your client is a music studio, this fresh & intense web design would be hard to ignore. The freelancer’s portfolio website projects a simple yet powerful opening message. Outsourcing is usually the most expensive approach; plus it places project control in the hands of others. One of the all time best selling creative wordpress themes that comes with 50+ pre-built websites 26500+ Customers – 4.83/5 rating ( 1236 reviews ) Checkout Oshine Selecting a WordPress theme that fits your brand is often times the problem. This friendly, and professional-looking e-commerce optimized website is an excellent example the clever use of space and content placement. The quality of online website builders can vary significantly, and using subscription-based tools of this type can sometimes be expensive. Once my schedule is filled, you'll miss your opportunity to professionally launch your pre-built, mobile-friendly, WordPress website design. Having done that, browse the library of 200+ pre-built websites to see why Be Theme is truly the biggest WordPress theme ever and according to its huge user base – the finest. This cat-lover’s website provides the basis of creating an awesome blog dedicated to our feline friends. Building a website from scratch is a pain! Visit our website and walk your way through our selection of pre-built websites, and you’ll see why. Contact, Click here to get your get your free website consult. This Be Toy website is an excellent example of how to create a professional-looking website that features just the right use of space and color throughout – and have fun doing so. Starter Templates are complete website templates built with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy and Gutenberg. The background imagery gives a hint of what lies inside. Wireframing and coding are not necessary, and website complexity is rarely if ever an issue. This warm and simple one-page pre-built website is ideal for a carpenter’s small business. When the Muffin Group authors created this web design, they had a cozy little tea shop in mind.

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