The Shinto religion has ancient origins on the Japanese islands, though its first recorded history began alongside the rise of early imperial dynasties there during the Medieval Period.
Political world map showing the countries of the world. However, the longest river in Asia is actually the Yangtze River, which runs from the southwest region of Tibet all the way to the Pacific coastal city of Shanghai and measures at 1,790 miles (2,880 kilometers) in length.

If Hong Kong and Macau are included as countries, then Macau (647 thousand people) becomes the third-least populous country in Asia. Asia is often divided into culturally and geographically similar regions.

The largest continent on Earth, Asia’s total size is roughly 17,212,048 square miles (44,579,000 square kilometers), or 30% of the planet’s total landmass.

It is worth reiterating that these regional borders are as porous as Asia’s continental borders, and some countries can be organized differently. Most of the world’s earliest belief systems trace their origins back to Asia. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads.

Pakistan can be West instead of South Asian, Afghanistan can be Central or South rather than West Asian, and so on. It is not a separate country, but rather called that because of its political, cultural and geographical blendings with Europe. A map of cultural and creative Industries reports from around the world. Advanced maps additionally utilize map projections to present information on a PC screen.

On the other side of the continent, the islands which separate Asia from Oceania can also be difficult to delineate. Islam is particularly popular in West Asia, where it is the sole official religion of many countries and is practiced by close to 100% of the populations of countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Opinions vary as to what countries make up the modern definition of Asia and the Middle East. For reference purposes it is shown above to the west of the dashed-line, however, the entire country (as a whole) is still considered part of the continent of Asia. Its North helps form part of the Arctic alongside North America and Europe.

West Asia has some of the highest temperatures on the planet as a result of its warm desert climate. The Syrian and Arabian Deserts of West Asia count among the world’s largest deserts, as does the Gobi Desert between China and Mongolia, in Central Asia.

Lastly, the Southeast Asian region defines the tropical and equatorial countries between South and East Asia to the North and Oceania to the South. Parshvanatha, the oldest historical leader of Jainism, was born in South Asia, as was Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. The West Asia was also home to the first known human civilizations, such as Ancient Sumer and the ancient Assyrian, Babylonian, and Akkadian empires.

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